A Family Event In The Mountains The Overlook Brasstown Music And Arts Festival

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					    A Family Event In The Mountains The Overlook Brasstown Music And
    Arts Festival

How can a picture postcard, handcrafted North Carolina community fit so much into one
day? To find out, attend the free Overlook Brasstown Music and Arts Fest, coming alive
on Saturday, June 27.

Overlook Brasstown is the sister community to Overlook Martins Creek.

This first-ever family event will run from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm on Jason Mason Road,
about three miles from the world famous John Campbell Folk School.

Event coordinator Jamie Keener said, “This family-style fun day will feature not only
incredible food, live music by the fabulous Barker Bothers and breathtaking work by local
artists and crafters, but by artisans from as far away as Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.

“There are no vendor entry fees. Generous donations from local and area businesses that
recognize the value of the arts in our busy lives will help defer expenses,” Keener

Classifications include painting, jewelry, photography, wood carving, small furniture,
pottery, scrimshaw, gourd art and glass art.

Arts Fest committee officials have named art glass creator David Goldhagen honored
guest; he will display his world-renowned works. His genius - from small scale sculptured
glass to tables, candlesticks, Menorahs and ornamental glass - is shown in many private
collections as well as in corporate collections, museums and foundations.

Goldhagen said, “This first-of-a-kind event is most exciting and surely portends more
festivals in the years ahead. I feel fortunate to be included in this initial Fest, and am
especially delighted to know the recipients of the day will be Cherokee and Clay County
Food Banks.”

Area developer Blake Twedt, creator of Overlook Brasstown, conceived the idea of a
Music and Arts Fest in support of his devotion to the ecology of the land, and in order to
return to nature some of what the community has been given.

As Twedt said, “Local businesses and arts-interested residents have caught hold of the
vision to launch this day-long homage to artists, musicians and craftsmen of this area and
Proceeds from this inaugural Music and Arts Fest will be primarily donated to Cherokee
and Clay Counties’ Food Banks as well as other charities. Since admittance to the Fest
is free, visitors are urged to bring some extra canned goods from their grocery list as a
donation. Ingle’s Food Store also is cooperating as a collection point.

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