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                                      True or false

                             True                        False
Tar is a black and sticky    T
Low tar cigarettes are not   T
Smoking is not addictive     F
Smoking destroys the air     T
sacs in the lung
Nicotine affects the brain   T
Smokers take more sick       T
days off work
In the UK about 250          F 450
children start smoking
every day
Cigarette smoke causes       T
unpleasant odours
Smoking can give you         T
Smoking does not cause       F
yellow fingers or teeth.
Tar in tobacco can cause     T
many forms of cancer
Smoking causes 120,000       T
deaths per year in the UK
Passive smoking does not     F
cause cancer
People do not die from       F
passive smoking
The Government earns         F 1915
$500 million on tax from
tobacco products
One person dies every week   F every day (lung cancer)
from passive smoking
Smoking is an attractive     F
Insurance premiums for non   T
smokers are lower
Carbon monoxide is not       F
Smoking can make you         T
Heavy smokers may have       T
the oxygen carrying
capacity of their blood
reduced by 15%
Tobaaco smoking accounts        T
for 20%of all heart disease
Smoking by the mother is        T
responsible for 25% of all
cot deaths
You can begin smoking at        F
the age of 16

1. How much do a pack of cigarettes cost?
2. Work out how much a smoker of 1 pack per day spends in one year?
3. Work out how many cigarettes they smoke in one week, one month, 6 months and one
4. Now can you work this out over a 20 year time frame
5. What could you do with all this extra money????
Present your findings in a poster


In groups of 4

1. George is a secret smoker. His best friend is an asthmatic who catches him smoking
behind the bike sheds and tries to get him to give up. George does not want to give up, as
he thinks he is cool! What happens???

2. Lucy is the non smoker of the group and is being pressured by the others to try a
cigarette for the first time. She does not want one but is afraid of loosing all her friends.
What happens next?

3. Cathy’s mum and Dad both smoke. She is worried that they will die of lung cancer.
Her parents have been smoking for 10 years and have tried to give up before. What
happens now?

4. Jon’s sister is expecting a baby and is a smoker. Jon wants her to give up but Jessie
does not understand why she should. She feels smoking calms her down when she is
looking after the other children. What happens now?

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