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Head Office:
No. 165 EO. Blvd Preh Norodom, SK Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamcar Mon Phnom Penh
Field Offices:
Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province
Anlong Veng District, Otdar Meanchay
Phsar Prum Village, S.K. Stoeng Kach, Khan Sala Krao, Pailin City
Kampot Field Office:
Kompong Trach district, Kampot Province
c/o Cooperation Committee for Cambodia
Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P.O. Box 885, Mail box: 217 CDRCP
Ph/Fax/E-mail: none
Director: Ms. Leng Sothea                                         012651123
Administration Officer: Mr. Khim Bona                             012669488
Accountant: Mr. Sakun Sovann                                      none

Employees: 16 including 5 in HIV/AIDS/STD program in Kampong Trach and Dang Tung Districts
Founded: 1996
Organization Type and Origin: Cambodian NGO
Mission: CDRCP is dedicated to improving the living standard of the poor and to reduce their
joblessness, as well as to prevent migration from rural to urban areas.
Funding Sources: KHANA, Cambodia/Canada Health and Nutrition Initiative Fund, Care
Current Project Phase: 2003 - 2005
Project Title and Identification Number: HIV/AIDS Prevention Program
Project funded by KHANA: July 1998 – June 2004, total villages = 39
Project funded by H&NIF: 2003 – 2005, total villages = 20
Project funded by Care International: July 2003 – June 2005, 5 garments factories in Phnom Penh
(reproductive health)
Project Objective: To reduce HIV/AIDS/STD transmission; To increase knowledge and awareness
on HIV/AIDS/STD; To reduce discrimination for people living with AIDS.
Target Group: Male and female youth in the community, married male and female
Operation Sites: Kampong Trach and Dang Tung Districts
Health Services: Education on primary health care, hygiene, birth spacing, reproductive health, and
child health care.

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   1                                By Lao Chantha
Head office:
House #20, Street 590, Boeung Kok II
Toul Kork, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: PO Box 119,
Ph/Fax: 023 885 169
Executive Director: Dr. Chiv Bynthy

Kampot Province Office:
Kampong Trach East Commune
Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province
Mailing address: Kampong Trach East Commune
Ph: 012 820 372
Director: Phanara
          Ung Chhoun                                           012 654 943
Employees: 15
Founded: 1998
Organization Type and Origin: Cambodian NGO
Mission: CHC is working to promote reproductive health among women in the community.
Funding Sources: RACHA Partnership, JICA, ICCO, Cambodia-Holland Partnership
Current Project Phase: 2001 – 2003
Project Title and Identification Number: Reproductive Health Promotion, HIV/AIDS Prevention
and Support, Community Participation
Project Objective: To improve knowledge in reproductive health, communicable disease e.g., TB,
Target Group: women in all villages
Operation Sites: 136 villages of Kampong Trach District
Health Services: Health education and provision of HIV/AIDS/STD care
Promotion of home birth kits
HIV/AIDS orphans support and home-based care
TB prevention and cure
Micro-credit and micro-finance schemes

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   2                            By Lao Chantha
Head Office:
23 street 294/57, Boeung Keng Kang I
Phnom Penh
Mailing address: PO Box 5,
Ph: 023 216-369/ 023 216 495
Field Representative: Mr. Chamroeun Mudita
Administration Officer: Ms. Kong Naren

International Contact: CIDSE CLV Program
c/o Broederlijk Delen, Huidevettersstraat 165
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Kampot Province Office:
Chumkiri district, Kampot Province
I COM: Channel 6, call sign: 240
Mailing address: none
Ph/Fax/E-mail: 012 793 743
Team Leader (ICD Program): Mr. Lim Pharoeun
Assistant Team Leader: Mr. Em Samol                        012 967 690

Employees: 70, 9 assigned in Chumkiri district, Kampot Province
Founded: 1993
Organization Type and Origin: International NGO, Belgium
Mission: CIDSE's mission in Cambodia is to support the rural poor, especially the poorest and
marginalised, in their efforts to meet their own needs and to support activities which promote peace,
freedom, social justice and civil society through working in solidarity and partnership with Cambodian
Budget and Funding Sources: CIDSE Member Organization, European Commission, DGSI
(Belgian government, CCDP (Canadian government)
Current Project Phase:2003 - 2005
Project Title and Identification Number: Integrated Community Development Program (ICD) and
Partnership Program. (C1241)
Project Objective:
1) Integrated Community Development Program
To achieve sustainable improvement of quality of life of the rural poor, of village institutions and
associations; To improve food security, access to education and health practices.
2) Partnership Program
To strengthen the emerging civil society by building the capacity of Cambodian NGOs, especially
those that address the needs of the rural poor.
Operation sites: Chumkiri district (24 villages)
Target Group: The rural poor (22 828 persons) including women-headed households, the disabled,
and victims of natural and man-made disasters
Health services: Health education on HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and dengue, diarrhea and hygiene,
immunization, nutrition, and birth spacing

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   3                                   By Lao Chantha
Head office:
17, Cambodian Red Cross Street (180), Phnom Penh
Mailing address: PO Box 620 (c/o IFRC&RC Societies)
Ph: 023 212 876/362 876 Fax: 023 212 875/362 140

Kampot Province Office:
Kampong Bay District, Kampot Town (by Kampot River)
Mailing address: none,
Ph: 033 932 915 Fax: none
E-mail: none
President: Ms. Bun Rany Hun Sen                                       N/A
Director: Mr. Prach Phon                                              none
Deputy Director & Development Officer: Mr. Oum Samreth                012 929 873
Chief, HIV/AIDS/STD Program: Mr. Uk Lay                               012 928 458
Secretary & Tracing Agency: Mr. Vong Van                              none
Founded: 1955

International Head Office:
Blegdamsvej 27
DK – 2100 Copenhagen
Tel No.: +45-352-59-200
Fax: +45-352-59-350
Phnom Penh Address:
# 17 Red Cross Street (#180)
Phnom Penh Cambodia
Telephone No: +855-23-210773
Fax: +855-23-210163
Email address:
Mailing Address:
Cambodia Delegation
Central Post Office
P.O. Box 620
Phnom Penh Cambodia
Chief Technical Advisor: Merete Laubjerg, MPH (Primary Health Care Advisor)
Field Coordinator Kampot: Mr. Uk Lay
Kampot Province Office:
Kampong Bay District, Kampot Town (by Kampot River)
Mailing address: none,
Ph: 033 932 915 Fax: none
Organization Type and Origin: Independent agency auxiliary to Cambodian Royal Government
Mission: The Cambodian Red Cross implements humanitarian activities to assist the most
vulnerable people, victims of mines, armed conflicts, and all kinds of disasters.
Budget: N/A
Funding Sources: Danish Red Cross
Current Project Phase: 2003 – 2006
Project Title and Identification Number: Community Based First Aid (CBFA) and Community
Based Disaster Preparedness Program (CBDP), Primary Health Care Programme
Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province 4                               By Lao Chantha
Project Objective: To reduce disease and death rate in the community
Target Group: Vulnerable groups
Operation Sites: 8 districts
Health Services: HIV/AIDS education; CBFA and CBDP training for volunteers, villages within
Trapeang Lapov Health Center catchment area

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   5                               By Lao Chantha
Head Office:
Chief Technical Advisor:
Field Coordinator Kampot:
Kampot Province Office:
Organization type and origin:
Budget and Funding Sources: United Nations Fund for International Partnership
Current Project Phase:
Project Title and Identification Number: UNFIP-WIN Project (FAO-INT-99-0461)
Project Objective:
The project's overall objective is to ensure the sustainability of irrigation development and its positive
impact on household food security and nutrition and the health situation of the local population, as
well as regional and national food security.
The immediate objectives of the project are to:
    1. Increase women's capacity to participate in and influence irrigation and water resources
        management and increase their access to productive resources;
    2. Assist poor households in increasing and diversifying agricultural production for auto-
        consumption and increased farm income, introducing time-saving and income-generating
    3. Incorporate public health considerations in the design and development of irrigation and rural
        water management projects, including safe domestic water supply and preventive measures
        against water-borne diseases, at household, scheme and community level
    4. Strengthen the local and national capacity to effectively assist in the incorporation of gender,
        household food security, nutrition and health into irrigation and water management projects
Target Group:
Two categories of beneficiaries will gain from the project:
    - The food-insecure households and women in the project sites of the Special Programme for
        Food Security (SPFS). The direct beneficiaries for each site will be on average 100 women of
        which a significant proportion of women are heading the household.
    - Staff from different sectors at provincial and district levels (government and NGOs). They will
        receive training and assistance in order to ensure that they can adequately incorporate
        gender, nutrition and health considerations into their activities on the project sites.
Operation Sites:
Siem Reap Province: O Village, Prasat Bakong District, Don Keo Commune, Pouk District
Takeo Province: Khna Roung, Samrong District, Prey Khdan Commune, Prey Kbas District
Kampot Province: Mleach, Chumkiri District

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   6                                      By Lao Chantha
Head office:
31 Street 388, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey I
Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P.O. Box 140,
Ph: 023 362 145/215 046 Fax: 023 215 047
Country Director: Mr. Mark Wilson
Program coordinator: Mr. Rikio Kimura

International Headquarters:
7807 East Greenway Road, Suite 3
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, USA

Kampot Province Office:
Chhouk district, Kampot Province
Mailing address: none
Ph/Fax/E-mail: none
Director, Child Development Program: Ms. Pailin ("Pik")
Health Advisor: Ms. Francine Mach, Child Development Program

Angkor Chey district, Kampot Province
Mailing address: none
Ph/Fax/E-mail: none
Director, Water & Sanitation Program: Mr. Bun Sophat                      012 937 956

Employees: 70 including 11 expatriates
Founded: 1990
Organization Type and Origin: NGO from USA
Mission: Food for the Hungry International is a Christian non-profit organization committed to
equipping people and their community to move beyond meeting their basic needs through integrated
self-development and where necessary, emergency relief program.
Budget and Funding Sources: FHI (Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, UK), DFID, CIDA, Rotary Club
Current Project Phase:
Project Title and Identification Number:
Child development program (NCD/980138/26)
Farmer-led experimentation program (NCD/980134/26)
Water and sanitation program (NCD/980135/26)
Leadership development program (NCD/980136/Z6)
Samaritan Strategy
Project Objective:
To equip children and their community to progress beyond meeting their basic needs; To help them
break the mental attitude and practical skills and knowledge that keep them from achieving
sustainable benefits from holistic self-development;
To contribute to long-term alleviation of food shortage;
To reduce water-borne diseases through clean water and hygiene education;
To help empower people to begin to solve their problems;
To decrease the amount of time people spend fetching water;
To build strong leaders by providing holistic training to local leaders and group members directly and
supporting their attendance of training opportunity offered by other organizations;
To build the capacity of local church to meet physical, social and intellectual needs of their own
communities using their own resources.
Target Group: The poorest in Chhouk, Angkor Chey and Bantey Meas districts
Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   7                                   By Lao Chantha
GERMAN TECHNICAL COOPERATION (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische
Head Office:
c/o National Institute of Public Health
Street 289, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: PO Box 1238
Ph: 023 884 476 Fax: 023 884 976
Team Leader and Senior Advisor: Dr. Gertrud Schmidt-Ehry
Technical Advisor to NIPH: Dr. Paula Quigley-Glueck
Project Management Assistant: Dr. Chhom Rada

National Institute of Public Health:
Street 289, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1300, Phnom Penh
Ph: 023 880 345/881 345 Fax: 023 880 346
Director: Sam An Ung, MD, MPH

Kampot Regional Training Center
Kampong Bay District, Kampot Town
Mailing address: none
Ph: 033 932 930 Fax: none
Regional Training Center Advisor: Ms. Erdmuthe Gravenhorst                     012992684

Kampot Provincial Health Department
Kampong Bay District, Kampot Town
Mailing address: P.O Box none
Ph/Fax: 033 932 309
Provincial Health Advisor: Dr. Yolanda V. Bayugo                               012832105
Safe Motherhood Advisor: Ms. Francesca Harris                                  012653912
Hospital Advisor for Kampot Province: Dr. Sabine Heinrich                      012388541

Employees: 2 seconded experts, 6 expatriates from CIM, DED, VSO, UNFPA, 10 local staff
Founded: 1995
Organization Type and Origin: Bilateral organization, Germany
Budget and Funding Sources: Government of Germany (BMZ)
Current Project Phase: March 2003 – Feb 2006 (first phase of three)
Project Title and Identification Number: Support to the Health Sector Reform (2003.2065.5-
Overall Goal: "Selected institutions at different levels of the health sector – public and private – fulfill
their roles according to the quality demanded by the sector reforms"
Goal for first phase: "Selected public institutions at different levels of the health sector start to apply
quality principles of sector reforms"1

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province    8                                       By Lao Chantha
Key Results
    1. Structures for quality assurance are introduced at Central level with clear role and function
    2. Health care providers are able to apply service quality standards (in Kampot and Kampong
    3. The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) fulfill its tasks related to training, research and
       policy advise according to the national requirements
    4. Quality standards are implemented in Kg Thom as a model province and later in Kampot to
       increase responsiveness of health services to the population needs, especially for the poor,
       women and children
    5. Community based Health Insurance schemes are introduced in Kampong Thom and Kampot
       as part of the National SHI Master Plan with specific focus on the poor households

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   9                                       By Lao Chantha
Head Office:
c/o National Institute of Public Health
Street 289, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1226
Ph: 023 881 683 Fax: 023 881 683
Team Leader: Angelika Heddermann                                    012 815 801

Kampot Province Office:
c/o Kampot Department of Rural Development
Kampong Bay District, Kampot Town

Health Component at Kampot Provincial Health Department
Mailing address: none
Ph/Fax: 033 932 835
Health Advisor: Ung Kim Heang/ Dr. Philippe Longfils       012 949 050 / 012 838 739

Employees: 2 (health component)
Founded: 1996
Organization type and origin: Bilateral organization, Germany
Mission: GTZ RDP aims at improving food security (qualitative and quantitative) for poor
households through integrated project approach.
Budget and Funding Sources: German Government
Current Project Phase: Jan. 1999-Dec. 2001-Dec. 2003
Project Title and Identification Number: Integrated Food Security Program
Project Objective: To assist in the development of integrated strategies in nutrition education,
promotion of family planning services, and other services, such as ante-natal care, safe delivery,
health education; To improve health of population at the most peripheral level of health system i.e.
the health centers and villages in target areas.
Target Group: Mainly women and children in villages covered by IFSP target areas.
Operation Sites: Chhuk Operational District: Dang Tung Health Center (17 villages) and Trapaing
Raing Health Center, and Angkor Chey Operational District: Champey Health Center (15 villages)
and Dang Kaum Health Centers.
Activities: Skills training, health and nutrition, community development, infrastructure rehabilitation,
and agriculture development.
Health Services: Health education; health screening; nutrition; birth spacing; ante-natal care; safe

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   10                                    By Lao Chantha

Head Office: House # 13, Street 113 Sangkat Boeung Prolit Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh
Executive Director: Sum Satum                      012-86-66-17
Field Coordinator Kampot: Lim Lin                  012- 58-68-74
Kampot Province Office: House # 35, Phum 1 Usaphea, Kompong Kandal Commune, Kampong
                             Bay District, Kampot Province
Employees: 4 staff
Founded: April 2002
Organization type and origin: Local non-profit organization
Mission: Education for Health
Budget and Funding Sources: Family Health International and Impact Cambodia
Current Project Phase: 2002 - 2005
Project Title and Identification Number: 83541 Sex Workers' Self Responsibilities
Project Objective: Reduce HIV/AIDS/STD among direct and indirect sex workers in Kampot and
                     Chhouk Districts
Target Group: Sex Workers, Beer Promoters, Karaoke Workers, Staff in Massage Parlors,
                 Freelance Sex Workers, Beer Garden Workers, Restaurant/Coffee Shop Workers,
Operation Sites: Kampong Bay – Kampot and Chhouk Districts

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   11                         By Lao Chantha
Head office:
Ministry of Education Youth & Sports
Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Russian Federation Street, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: none Ph/Fax: 023 884 275
E-mail: none
General Director: Mr. Pich Sophoan                                          012 822 101
Director: Mr. Roath Bunla
First Deputy Director: Mr. Lao Heum                                         012 855 530
Second Deputy Director: Mr. Hem Chantha

Kampot Province center:
Kompong Bay District, Kampot Town
Mailing address: none
Ph: 033 932 860 Fax: none
Director: Ms. Nou Neath                                                     012 837 667
Deputy Director: Mr. Seng Sotheara                                          016 883 496
Chief, Administration Office: Mr. Tien Hien Pak                             none

Employees: 12
Funding Sources: Asian Development Bank (ADB) and National Training Fund Office of the
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Organization Type and Origin: Government institution
Mission: The Provincial Training Center offers a wide range of basic technical and vocational
courses specifically designed to meet the daily needs of the community.
Current Project Phase: 1999-2001
Project Title: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project
Identification Number: ADB loan No. 1368CAM(SF)
Project Objective: Vocational training for jobless people from18 years old
Main Activities: Basic training for auto repair, electricity repair, motor repair, sewing, masonry,
welding, small engine repair, wedding outfitting, silk worm raising, food processing, livestock raising,
mushroom growing, and hair cutting.
Target Group: Widows, drop-out of school students, the disabled, demobilized soldiers, orphans,
and women with more than 7 children.

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   12                                    By Lao Chantha
Head Office:
# 160 St #71 Sangkat Tunle Basac, Khan Chamcar Morn, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: PO Box 2471, Phnom Penh
Ph: 023 213 724/745/721 441/361132 Fax: 023 213 725
Program Manager: Dr. Richard B. Sturgis

Kampot Provincial Branch:
Kompong Bay District, Kampot Town
Mailing address: none
Ph: 033 932 639 Fax: none

Provincial Coordinator: Dr. Sol Sowath                                        012 822 584
Employees: 5
Founded: 1997
Budget and Funding Sources: USAID, David and Lucille Packard Foundation
Organization Type and Origin: Cambodian NGO (since 2003)
RACHA works to increase the supply of, the demand for, and access to quality of reproductive and
child health services. The three main programs: safe motherhood, child survival, and birth spacing.
RACHA uses a comprehensive, whole health approach to improving reproductive and child health.
This entails working closely with the Ministry of Health to build its capacity and with non-government
provider of services, from community level to referral center level.
Current Project Phase: 1997-2004
Project Title and Identification Number: Reproductive health and Children health
Project Objective: To improve women and children health;
To establish public and private partnership in health sector.
Target Group: Women in reproductive age group and children
Operation Sites: Angkorchey, Kampong Trach, Chhouk and Kampot districts
Health Services: Voluntary surgical contraception; Community Based Services: birth spacing; home
birth kit program; life saving skills; antenatal care training; health promotion, quality improvement
(COPE, SIS), community DOTS

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   13                                  By Lao Chantha
Head Office:
11, Street 75, Sraschark quartier, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P O Box 176, Phnom Penh
Ph: 023 426 214/5/426 283/427 957/8 Fax: 023 426 284
Officer in Charge: Mr. Guido Cornale

International Headquarters:
220 East, 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017-5880
Ph: 1(212) 297 5071 Fax: 1(212) 297 4903
Phnom Penh Office:
164 E1, Street Pasteur (51), Boeung Keng Kang I
Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: c/o UNDP, P.O. Box 877, Phnom Penh
Ph: 023 215 519/216 295/362 611 Fax: 023 211 339
Core Personnel:
Deputy Representative: Ms. Alice Levisay
National Program Officer: Mr. May Tum
National Program Assistant: Mr. Khiev Vicheanon
Administrative Assistant: Mr. Livan Sophoan
Finance Assistant: Mr. Rieng Pon
Office Clerk: Ms. Srey Vanthan

Founded: 1998 (in Kampot province)
Budget and Funding Sources:
Organization Type: United Nations agency, funding body
Mission: The United Nations Population Fund is the UN agency specialized in population policies
and activities.
Current Project Phase: 2001-2005
Project Title and Identification Number: Reproductive Health: birth spacing and sexual health;
Midwifery Training; Technical Assistant.
Operation Sites: Kampot Provincial Health Department; Kampot Regional Training Center,
Kampong Trach District
Services: Reproductive Health: birth spacing, sexual health, harmful practices, family planning, safe
motherhood, abortion, infertility, HIV/AIDS/STD; Population and Development Strategies;
Kampot Province Office: none

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   14                                 By Lao Chantha
International Headquarters:
Via Cesar Giulio Viola68-70,
Parco de Medici
00148 Rome, Italy
Ph: 3906 6513 Fax: 3906 6590 632/7
E-mail: N/A
Executive Director: Ms. Catherine Bertini

Phnom Penh Head Office:
250, Street 63, Boeung Keng Kang I, Chamcar Morn, Phnom Penh
Mailing address: P.O. Box 937 Phnom Penh,
Ph: 023 210 943/212 137/8 Fax: 023 218 749
Representative/Country Director: Ms. Monika Midel
Deputy Representative: Mr. Ken Noah Davies
Program Officer: Mr. Jean-Yves Lequime
Program Officer: Mr. Peter Guest

Kampot Province Branch:
Kompong Bay District, Kampot Town
Mailing address: none
Ph: 033 932 646 Fax: none
Director: Mr. Prak Hounnarith                                                012 886 686
Deputy Director: Mr. Chea Kosal                                              016 876 832

Employees: 2
Founded: 1979
Budget and Funding Sources: US, EU, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, France
Organization Type and Origin: United Nations agency
Mission: The WFP is the Food Aid organization of the United Nations System. It is the principal
international channel for the provision of relief food aid and a major supplier of food aid in support of
development activities, particularly economic and social development.
Current Project Phase: 2001-2003
Project Title and Identification Number: Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (Cambodia
Project Objective: To build and rehabilitate essential assets, facilitate reconciliation and promote
self-reliance among the poor; To contribute to improving the quality of life; and, To provide
immediate relief from hunger among specific groups, temporarily unable to meet their basic food
Target Group: Food insecure groups of the province; Orphanages; Handicapped rehabilitation
Services: Tuberculosis Control Program; Food for work; Social sector activities; Emergency relief

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   15                                     By Lao Chantha
International Headquarters:
4f, No. 97-1, Jen-AI Road, Sec. 2, Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: 886 2 3393 1815
Fax: 886 2 3393 1850
Executive Director:

Phnom Penh Head Office:
Deputy Representative:
Kampot Province Branch:

Founded: 2001 January
Budget and Funding Sources:
Organization Type and Origin:
Mission: TIMA strongly believes that the "enjoyment of the highest standard of health is a
fundamental right of every human being regardless of nationality, gender, race, religion, political
belief, economic or social condition. Health promotional through international collaboration has been
the philosophy of their work.
Budget and Funding Sources:
Current Project Phase: 2003
Project Title and Identification Number:
Project Objective:
Target Group:
 Operation Sites:

Partners in Public Health Sector, Kampot Province   16                                 By Lao Chantha

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