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                                       September 2010
           From the Pastor’s Pen
       Shut-ins for September 2010
              “God Is Enough”
              Thank You Pages
             Upcoming Events
          Fall Ministries/Activities
                Secret Pals
        “ … the Earth is the Lord’s”                                   From the Pastor’s Pen …
          Cambodian Connection
           Labor Day / Meditation
         A New School Year Begins
              Children’s Pages                    September is always one of the biggest months in the life of
                   Recipes               the church as far as activity goes. All the various activities for almost
                                         every age start up again plus we have Visitation Week scheduled.
               Schedule Page
        Birthdays and Anniversaries      These are all great things and keep us connected as a church. But
                                         as we head into a programming year, we have to remember that the
                                         church is not the sum of its programs. Our mission and goal is the
                                         glory of Christ Jesus! Sure programs are a means to carry out that
    September                            mission and fulfill that goal. So, as you are considering what to be
                                         involved with – and there is plenty to choose from – look for what is
      2010                               going to challenge you to grow in Christ, not just fill up another hour
                                         in the week. As you are weighing your options, consider what Paul
                                         says in Philippians 3:8, “I count everything as loss because of the
                                         surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”
                                                                                                    PASTOR CHAD

                                             In our lives, Lord, be glorified, be glorified.
                                                In our lives, Lord, be glorified today.

                                            In our homes, Lord, be glorified, be glorified.
                                               In our homes, Lord, be glorified today.
   “Summer and winter
and springtime and harvest                In Your church, Lord, be glorified, be glorified.
… Great Is Thy Faithfulness,                 In Your church, Lord, be glorified today.
     Lord, unto me!”
                                           In Your world, Lord, be glorified, be glorified.
                                              In Your world, Lord, be glorified today.
                    Shut-ins for September 2010
August 20 – September 4                              September 19-25
    Effie De Fouw                                     Agnes Elsinga
Appledorn Living Center D4                       Appledorn Living Center D3
    727 Apple Avenue                                 727 Apple Avenue
    Holland, MI 49423                                Holland, MI 49423

     September 5-11                              September 26 – October 2
      Mel Dekker                                      Lucille Brower
  710 Ottawa Beach Road                           1652 Cedar Creek Drive
    Holland, MI 49424                               Zeeland, MI 49464

      September 12-18
Chet and Dorothy De Frell
    46 Old Mill Drive #17
     Holland, MI 49423

                Thank you for Your beauty, Lord.
                     At times I don’t look out.
                    I only look within and see
                  my shades of pain and doubt.
                   But if I looked at You, Lord,
                  amidst Your clouds on high,
               my worries would become as clouds
                       and softly drift on by.
                             Margaret Peterson
                               Upcoming Events

                                                       Central Avenue Tailgate Party
                         will continue through the
middle of September following the morning worship
  services. We have coffee outside if the weather
permits; otherwise we meet in the Fellowship Room.                    Young Couples/ Singles are planning
         September 5– Fellowship Group #1              another Tailgate Party on Thursday, September 2.
        September 12– Fellowship Group #2               Holland Christian at West Ottawa football game.
        September 19 – Fellowship Group #3             Dinner at Bushouses with subs, table service and
                                                        drinks provided. RSVP by Tuesday, August 31,
       September 26 – Fellowship Group #4
                                                            to Rachel Steenwyk or Anne Bushouse.
                                                               SEE BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT

                                                     The Middle School ETC and High School
                                                      Youth Group kicked off their new season
                                                        together yesterday, August 28, with a
                                                      Canoe Trip on the Muskegon River. They
                                                       will have their first meeting on Sunday,
       We will be celebrating                                 September 12, at 7:15 p.m.
THE LORD’S SUPPER on Sunday morning,                    We meet one Sunday night a month.
        September 19, 2010.
                                                      The HIGH SCHOOLERS ONLY BIBLE STUDY
                                                      meets one additional Sunday evening a month.
   Young Couples/Singles                                Their first meeting will be on Sunday night,
                                                         September 19, at the Steenwyk’s house.

                                                                 ADVANCE NOTICE:
                                                        Church Picnic/Fall Festival/and Pastor
                Watch your bulletins for an            Appreciation on Saturday, September 25,
   October get-together being planned!                2010, at Drenthe Grove. Activities will start
                                                       at 4 p.m., supper at 5 p.m., and kickball
                                                     game at 6 p.m. Watch for a sign-up sheet in
                                                      the narthex soon. More details later – but
                                                               mark your calendars now!
                     Single Ladies’ Night Out
All single ladies are invited to join for a night out
over dinner together on the third Thursday of every
month. Be watching the bulletin for information for
time and place. The ladies usually meet at 5:00
p.m. at the chosen location. Mary Van Hof is the
contact person for this fellowship ministry.
                                                                Mission Chapel Service
                                                         The next Mission Chapel Service is scheduled
                                                        for Thursday evening, October 28, 2010 at 6:45
                                                         p.m. at the Family Hope Center on Fairbanks
                                                            Fellowship Group #5 will be in charge.
                                                                      Elder: Tom Rozema
                                                                      Deacon: Steve Buter
Seniors’ September Outing                                 Please join as a group to share the evening
                                                           with the residents and to offer love and
  The Central Avenue Seniors will be touring                 encouragement in the name of Jesus.
    LOVE, INC. in Hudsonville on Thursday,
  September 9. They will leave the church at
   10:00 a.m. for a morning tour and then be
served a luncheon at noon. You need to sign-
 up on the sheet in the narthex if you plan to
attend. More detailed information will come to
    you as the date gets closer. Mark your
                calendars now!

                                                                                    Please note that
                                                          the Central Avenue Quilters will meet
                                                             again for the first time this fall on
                              Any and all are               Wednesday, October 6. Anyone is
invited to “bowl for fun” every Thursday at             welcome to join to help with the making of
                                                        the quilts – whether you choose to cut, or
Century Lanes at 1:00 p.m. If you have any
                                                           pin, or sew, or iron, your help will be
questions, please see Floyd or Bertha Maat.                   welcomed and appreciated. The
                                                         fellowship enjoyed by the ladies is also
                                                           reason enough to become involved!
    It won’t be long and all of our fall ministries and
  activities will begin again. Following you will find a
                schedule of start-up dates
        so that you can plan ahead and be aware!

Sunday School Kick Off will be on Sunday,
September 12, 2010, with lessons beginning on the
following Sunday, September 19, for ages 4 through 5th
                                                                           After a summer off, Chancel Choir begins
Catechism will begin on Sunday, September 12 this                     rehearsing on Wednesday evening, September 8,
fall. Teachers for this year are as follows:                          at 6:30 p.m. We invite all to come and join with us
Sue Zwiep – 6th and 7th grade –                                         as we prepare music for our worship services.
Study of Heidelberg Catechism lessons and topics that                 Chancel Choir is not just about singing. We are a
relate from “Walk With Me” Series                                     special fellowship group desiring, above all else, to
Harwyn Berens – 8th and 9th grade –                                       honor and praise our great God, but also to
Study of Belgic Confession                                                support and encourage one another in our
Pastor Chad – 10th -12th grade –
Study of 2nd half of Heidelberg Catechism
                                                                        Christian walk. We are blessed by the time we
       Craig Yonker – serving as sub for 6th – 7th grade                  spend together, and hope you will consider
       Loyal Vannette – serving as sub for 8th and 9th grade          becoming a part of our family too! If you have any
       Stacy Jackson – serving as sub for 10th – 12th grade            questions about choir, please contact Rich Cory.
                                                                          Please note that we will not meet on
Afterglow will begin on Sunday, September 19, and will                   September 15 due to House Visitation,
meet as usual at 10:45 -11:30 a.m. in The Gathering Room. For             but will resume as usual on the 22nd.
our new members, Afterglow is a very informal time of
discussion and sharing reactions and responses to the morning
service. It is generally led by Pastor Jim. Coffee and cookies
are available.

Children’s Worship will meet for the first time again
on Sunday, September 12. All children ages 3 through 5 are
invited to come. The children are dismissed at an appropriate
time during our morning order of worship as indicated each

Sunday Night Fellowship begins again on Sunday,
September 26, 2010 following our evening worship service.
Anyone is invited to join downstairs in the Fellowship Room to
enjoy informal fellowship together. You are asked to bring a
snack to share with the group. This first meeting will be to plan a
bit for the upcoming year and for those who are willing to sign
up to serve as hosts and hostesses for future meetings.
   Please be reminded that Sunday Night Fellowship
       meets every fourth Sunday of the month.
                                                                     DISCIPLER’S BIBLE STUDY GROUPS

                       Tuesday Afternoon Bible School
We will meet for the first time this fall on Tuesday, September
28, 2010. Be reminded that the children meet from 4:30 to 5:30
p.m. Perhaps you could be thinking ahead about how you might             The Men’s and Women’s Discipler’s Bible study
be of help for Tuesday Bible School. We always need cookie           groups will be starting up for the season the week of
bakers! And we would like to have a better list of possible subs    September 20 with the study of Acts. The women will
when our regular teachers are gone or ill. If you have any         be meeting on MONDAY EVENINGS AT 7:00 p.m. in the
questions about Bible School, please contact Sue Zwiep at 396-         library this year. Please note the day change from
6908. NOTE TO TEACHERS: THIS FIRST MEETING OF                       Tuesday nights to Monday nights. The men will meet
BIBLE SCHOOL WILL BE VIDEO NIGHT FOR THE                                  on Thursday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.
CHILDREN.                                                           The first session will start at 6:00 a.m. and will end at
                                                                      6:55 a.m. with the second session following at 7:05
                                                                                    a.m. and ending at 8:00 a.m.
                                                                    The Discipler groups are open to everyone. We have
                                                                     been blessed with a wide age range in our groups in
                                                                   the past and hope this continues. We have discovered
                    Ladies’ Wednesday Morning Bible                  that whether we are well established in our Christian
                        Study Group                                   walk or just starting out on the journey, we all have
 The Wednesday Morning Bible Study for ladies will begin               things to learn and all can contribute to the group.
  the new season on Wednesday, October 6, at 9:30 a.m.              If you have any questions on the groups or the study,
This year we will be continuing our study of the letter to the       feel free to contact Pastor Chad, Nan Mulder or Mary
Romans with the Disciplers’ Bible Study series at Lessons           Cory. We hope to see many of you in the fall in one of
     7 and 8 and Romans 4-5. The group meets in The                                         the groups.
Gathering Room on the first and third Wednesdays of each
month. We begin with coffee and fellowship, then a time of
   prayer, and then the Bible Study. We dismiss by 11:00
 a.m. and new members are most welcome! If you wish to
  join, contact Mary Vander Linde to receive copies of the
  current lessons. Previous members who might not have
 the study guides should also contact Mary. Note: We do
take an offering that is dispersed at the end of the year
for a cause to be determined by the ladies at that time.

        Labor Day – September 6, 2010
       Patriot Day – September 11, 2010
  Remembrance of 9-11 - September 11, 2010
   Grandparents Day – September 12, 2010
  First Day of Autumn – September 23, 2010
   will take place on the second and fourth Wednesday
 evenings of each month to help accommodate for school
 events and holidays. Wednesday Activity Night will begin
               this fall on September 29, 2010.
            The schedule for 2010 is as follows:
                          September 29
                       October 13 and 27
                          November 17
                           December 1
     Dinner will start at 5:45 p.m. like last year                      COLLEGE STUDENT MINISTRY NEWS
        and all activities will follow dinner.                     As September begins, we want to remember that college
                                                                   students are beginning to get acclimated to their classes.
                                                              Central Avenue members may also notice some visiting student
GEMS / Cadets , both for 1st – 8th grades, starts on             worshippers from Hope College or other local colleges. The
Wednesday, September 29, meeting from 6:45 – 8:30 p.m.          college student ministry committee has prepared a welcoming
This year, both groups will be meeting every                    gift for these students and also in encouraging them to stop at
Wednesday night of the month. Kathy Kuipers, Tami               our table in the foyer to receive the welcome gift. We have all
Bouma and Bev Bareman serve as GEMS leaders; Bob                been encouraged by receiving person greetings when visiting
Kuipers, Jr., Paul Sterenberg, and Casey Rozema serve          other churches. Let’s not forget to extend hospitality whenever
as Cadet leaders.                                               we see we can and thereby extend the love of Christ to these
KID’S ACTIVITIES in the Library will offer lesson and craft      We are also planning a cookout for our member students on
for our little ones ages 3 through Kindergarten and will      Sunday night, September 5, after our evening worship service at
                                                              the Roossien’s house. This is a way for us to connect with each
meet from 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. HELPERS will be needed
                                                                 other as the college year begins and the students take many
for this ministry to our little ones. Please sign up in         different paths. Below is a list of the Central Avenue students
the narthex.                                                    and the colleges they will be attending this year. They would
                                                               appreciate your prayers as they take up their work of education
KIDS’ QUEST CATECHISM CLUB for grades 3 through 5
will meet again this year from 5:45 – 6:30 p.m. and will be             Jadon Bouma – Grand Rapids Community College
                                                                         Ashley Hoekstra – Grand Valley State University
led by Mary Teerman.                                                   Brittany Yonker – Trinity College in Palos Heights, IL
                                                                          Christian Staat – Grand Valley State University
MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP BIBLE STUDY will meet for the                Jacob Rozema – Universal Technical Institue in Glendale Heights, IL
                                                                       Samantha Ellerbroek – Kendall School of Art/Design
first time on Wednesday, September 29, from 6:45 to 7:45                           Josh Yonker – Calvin College
p.m. Pastor Chad Steenwyk will be leading Mid-Week
Fellowship as we begin our new season of study with                  COLLEGE STUDENT MINISTRIES COMMITTEE
“Hot Topics in the CRC” – covering some of the big                               Mark Beckman
items being discussed in our denomination these days                            Joyce Roossien
such as children at the Lord’s Table, the Belhar                                  Hillary Zwiep
Confession, etc. There will be just the one session
                                                                  “Work, for the Night is Coming”

“As Stewards of a Vineyard” by F. De Vries
    As stewards of a vineyard and keepers of the land,
   We wish to serve our Maker and follow His command:
    To ever love our neighbor and justice to maintain.
     If in the Lord we labor, our work is not in vain.                Work, for the night is coming,
                                                                      work thro‟ the morning hours.
                                                                      Work while the dew is sparkling;
    We search in new directions for justice and for peace,             work, „mid springing flowers.
   Rejoicing in our labors: God’s blessings will not cease.          Work, when the day grows brighter,
  We wish to heal what’s broken; we seek to ease the pain.               work in the glowing sun;
       If in the Lord we labor, our work is not in vain.               work, for the night is coming,
                                                                        when man‟s work is done.

                                                                        Work, for the night is coming,
                                                                         work thro‟ the sunny noon;
                                                                        fill brightest hours with labor,
                                                                           rest comes sure and soon.
                                                                            Give every flying minute
                                                                          something to keep in store;
                                                                        work, for the night is coming,
       In the harvest field there is work to do,                          when man works no more.
      for the grain is ripe, and the reapers few;
     and the Master‟s voice bids the workers true
           heed the call that He gives today.
                                                                       Work, for the night is coming,
                                                                            under the sunset skies;
   Crowd the garner well with its sheaves all bright,                 while their bright tints are glowing,
       let the song be glad, and the heart be light,                        work, for daylight flies.
    fill the precious hours, ere the shades of night                   Work till the last beam fadeth,
             take the place of the golden day.
                                                                           fadeth to shine no more.
        In the gleaners path may be rich reward                       Work, while the night is dark‟ning,
     tho‟ the time seems long, and the labor hard;                        when man‟s work is o‟er.
      for the mater‟s joy, with His chosen shared,
         drives the gloom from the darkest day.

     Lo! The Harvest Home in the realms above
  shall be gained by each who has toiled and strove,                   For the gift of labor given, we offer
    when the Master‟s voice, in His words of love,
               calls away to eternal day.
                                                                thanks to God, and celebrate on Labor
                                                               Day, September 6, 2010, the privilege of
  Labor on, labor on, keep the bright reward in view,
   for the Master has said He will strength renew;
                                                               being a part of the work to be done in this
             labor on till the close of day.                         world until Jesus comes again.

                                                                 “May the favor of the Lord our God
                                                                rest upon us; establish the work of our
                                                              hands for us – yes, establish the work of our
                                                                         hands.” Psalm 90:17
                            We offer our sincere Christian sympathies to …
Barb De Groot in the passing of her mother on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. We praise God with you for the comfort God gives in the
       death of His saints and trust that His grace will sustain you in your loss and sadness. May you find peace that passes
  understanding in Him. And to Jennie Ten Brink, Bernie and Dina Klompmaker, and the family and friends of Henry Ten Brink
   who went to be with the Lord on Friday, July 23, 2010. We praise and thank God for the faith and testimony of Henry and now
 rejoice in the precious gift of eternal life he enjoys as one of God’s children. We pray that those who will miss him will find joy and
 comfort in the promise of life everlasting for those who live and die in the Lord. And to the family and friends of Harriet Steigenga
 who passed away on Monday morning, July 26. May the God of all comfort who understands our sorrow and grief grant you peace
that passes understanding in your time of loss. And to Roland Navis and the family and friends of Audrey Navis who went to glory
   on Friday, July 30, 2010. We give thanks to God for the life and testimony of love for the Lord of Audrey and trust that she has
  heard her Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant …” May God who understands our sorrow and grief sustain you all in
His arms of love and comfort. And to Cheryl Keuning in the passing of her mother-in-law, Viola Keuning (94), on Sunday, August 8,
                 2010. We trust that God will grant an extra measure of His comfort and peace in this time of sorrow.
                         “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

                                                  Professions of Faith
        We give thanks and praise to God for the working of His Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of six
of our young people who have made their professions of faith. Devan Hoekstra, Jonah Jackson,
Jessica Rozema, Ellie Sterenberg, Hope Yonker, and Josh Yonker gave testimony to their love and
commitment to the Lord before Council on Monday evening, August 16, 2010. They were received as
professing members into the family of believers at Central Avenue CRC on Sunday, August 29, 2010.
To God be all the glory for the wonderful gift of faith given to these covenant children and for His
faithfulness to all of His promises for them.

Congratulations to Great-grandma June Knoper who celebrated the birth of a new little great granddaughter and
  a new little great grandson! Twins born on July 22 to Jeff and Amanda Huisman! Little Vivienne Johanna and
Zachary Joshua weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 7 pounds 9 ounces respectively! Mom and babies are doing
 well for which we give thanks to God. May God richly bless so that these little ones grow in the knowledge and
                                         love of Him as their Lord and Savior.
 Congratulations as well to first-time grandparents, Dick and Pauline Hengst, who celebrated the birth of Naomi
 Yuna born to Steve and Cindy Hengst on Tuesday, August 3, 2010. Steve and Cindy live in Elmhurst, Illinois, but
Dick and Pauline were able to be there to share the joy and excitement of the day’s events! Naomi was 8 pounds
  and 14 ½ ounces and measured 21 inches long. We praise God with you for this new little blessing to love and
                                  enjoy and to help nurture in the ways of the Lord!
                            Thank you for the many cards I received during my recent surgery and time of recovery. They
             were all appreciated so much and brought encouragement through everything. Carolyn Schreur
We would like to thank all those who remembered us with cards and other expressions of congratulations on our recent 55
wedding anniversary and birthday occasions. Each was very much appreciated. Thank you, too, for your prayers amidst our
                                 continued circumstances of life. Ted and Lucille Brouwer
               Many thanks for the many birthday cards and good wishes that I received for my 85 birthday.
            Your kindness was much appreciated and I was truly blessed by your thoughtfulness. Millie Geurink

                                                Central Avenue Church family,
          Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of sympathy. Thank you to Pastors Chad and Jim for your
visits. They have been very special to our mother. Thank you, Pastor Jim, for the service you put together and performed – it
                               was truly special and certainly a celebration of our mother‟s life.
                         Thanks again, Daniel Steigenga and Sally De Wit, family of Harriet Steigenga

          I would like to express my gratitude to the Central Avenue “family,” to Bill and Norma Bruinsma, and to Pastor Chad
for their calls, prayers, and other expressions of concern during my second surgery. Once again God has been so faithful in
seeing me through yet another surgery and therapy. And even though this one was more difficult, God never gave me more
    than I could handle and when I felt like I couldn‟t do any more He helped me over the hurdle once again. We have an
             awesome God Who is always with us – no matter what our trials. Thanks to everyone. Ellen Walters
        We would like to thank our Central Avenue friends who remembered us on our 54 wedding anniversary with cards,
                   calls, and best wishes. All were very much appreciated. John and Hermine Meier

        A very heartfelt „thank you‟ to the congregation for all of their cards, visits, and expressions of sympathy in memory of
 our father, husband, and brother, Henry Ten Brink. A special „thank you‟ to Pastor Jim and Pastor Chad for their visits and
  words of comfort and also to the women who helped in the kitchen. We are comforted in the fact that Henry is now in the
                                          Lord‟s presence receiving all of His promises.
                                     Jennie Ten Brink and family, Bernie and Dina Klompmaker
                   Thank you so much for all of the beautiful cards and well wishes I received on my 87 birthday.
                          It means so much to be remembered by my church family. Elsa Vander Ploeg

         Thank you to everyone who remembered me over the last few months with prayers and calls, and with greetings of
concern and care. Each one was appreciated so much and offered encouragement along the way. A very special thank you
to Pastors Jim and Chad for their many calls and visits – they too were a great source of strength and encouragement during
    some very difficult weeks. To be lifted up in prayer before the Lord by so many was truly a blessing. Harley Berens

          Once again I have been greatly blessed by your many cards, visits, calls and your faithful prayers for me during my
 extended illness. What a bright spot in the day to get a card and know another person is bringing my needs before the Lord
in prayer. Prayers have been answered in abundance! Special thanks go to Pastors Chad and Jim for their faithful calls and
              also to Elder John Meier, who came with some of his wonderful Krakelingen cookies he had baked.
              “My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19
                                                          Mary Van Heuvelen

             Dear Central Avenue friends, I would like to thank all of you for the many cards, phone calls, prayers, and
           expressions of sympathy in the passing of my sister and my mom. They were very much appreciated.
                                                           Barb De Groot
                Thank you to one and all who remembered our 64 wedding anniversary with cards and well wishes.
                                              God is good! Floyd and Bertha Maat

        Dear Central Avenue family, Once again we thank you so much for the many cards – and they are still coming – the
 hugs, and the prayers you have given us this past year! Dave‟s recovery from his aortic valve replacement has been great.
 He is now doing cardiac rehabilitation which is going well and he does not see the doctor again for a year - although he is a
very impatient patient and wants to do everything NOW. We still struggle with Eric‟s death and we were very much dreading
  July 16. We see God‟s hand in the timing of my illness which first showed up in May. It gave us something to focus on
besides Eric‟s death. I will be having a double mastectomy on September 20, and know God will be with us and be in control
whatever the outcome. Again, or maybe still, we are realizing the value of the support from all of you and will continue to rely
on your prayers. Special thanks to Pastor Jim for being there when we needed him, and to Pastor Chad for listening. Dave
                                                    and Karen Vannette

          Thank you to so many people for all of the birthday cards I received! I was overwhelmed and deeply appreciated
                         every one. I am so blessed by all of you. Sincerely, Mary Vander Linde

          I wish to say „Thank You‟ to the many, many members of Central Avenue who have sent cards and made phone
calls. Thank you to all who promised to remember me in their prayers. All, or many, of those prayers have been answered.
A special thank you to the Kuipers‟ children, and their parents, for each personal card. Recovery and rehab are progressing
                                   nicely and ahead of schedule. Sincerely, Ella Groman

 The peace lily plant in the window of the north side staircase leading downstairs to the Fellowship Room has been placed by
the family in loving memory of Audrey Navis. They offer thanks to Pastor Jim for the lovely memorial service given at the time
  of Audrey‟s death and to the ladies who prepared and served the luncheon following the service. Thanks are expressed as
     well to the church family who supported Roland through everything. Roland Navis, Reed and Pat Navis and family
Children’s Pages – Time for School!
  Here are some puzzles for you to do to help you get ready for school again.
      CHERRY RECIPES                                      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Ina saucepan
                                                      combine filling ingredients and cook, stirring until
                                                     bubbling and thickened. Pour into an 8-inch square
                                                     baking dish. Meanwhile, stir together flour, sugars,
                                                     baking powder and cinnamon. Cut in butter until it
                                                             is crumbly. Mix together egg and milk.
                       Cherry Clafoutis               Add to flour mixture and stir with fork, just until
  2 T. unsalted butter, thinly sliced, plus more       combined. Drop topping by tablespoonfuls onto
                   for the dish                       filling. Bake for 25 minutes or until browned and
       1 pound (2 C.) fresh cherries, pitted                                bubbly.
 (Or one 10-ounce bag frozen cherries, thawed
                 and patted dry)
                   2 large eggs
              1 1/4 C. half and half
            1/2 C. 4% cottage cheese
              1/2 C. plus 2 T. sugar
             1/2 C. all purpose flour
           Powdered sugar for dusting

 Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Butter an 11-inch           Italian Donuts with Cherry Sauce
round baking dish and spread the cherries evenly              1 12-ounce package frozen cherries –
 over the bottom. Whisk the eggs, half and half,                      thawed, liquid reserved
cottage cheese, ½ C. sugar and the flour in a bowl               ¼ C. sugar, plus 1 Tablespoon
    until combined. Pour the batter over the                        1 Tablespoon lemon juice
 cherries, sprinkle with the remaining 2 T. sugar                 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
       and scatter the sliced butter on top.                         2 C. canola oil, for frying
 Bake until puffed and golden around the edges,                    2 C. all purpose baking mix
                 about 40 minutes.                                           ½ C. milk
  Cool slightly, then dust with powdered sugar.                              1 large egg
                                                                       ½ C. powdered sugar

                                                          In a saucepan over medium heat, add the thawed
                                                       cherries with their liquid. Add 1 T. sugar, the lemon
                                                     juice and cinnamon. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5
                                                       minutes. Remove from heat and cool. In a cast iron
                                                         skillet, heat he oil over medium high heat until it
                                                        reaches 350 degrees. While the oil is heating, make
                                                      the batter: In a large bowl, whisk together the baking
                                                     mix and remaining ¼ C. sugar. In another bowl, whisk
                                                       together the milk and egg. Pour the wet ingredients
                                                         into the dry ingredients and mix until completely
                                                       incorporated. When the oil is hot, carefully drop the
                                                     batter, by the Tablespoonful into the oil. Fry, turning
                Cherry Cobbler                            them once, until they are golden brown. It takes
       Filling: 6 C. tart red cherries, pitted         about 1 to 2 minutes on each side. Drain on a sheet
                                                         tray lined with paper towels or a brown paper bag
                     1 ¼ C. sugar                       while you repeat with the remaining batter. Lightly
                      ¼ C. water                          coat the donuts with powdered sugar. Serve the
                   4 t. cornstarch                          donuts in small bowls over the cherry sauce.

                Topping: 1 C. flour
                     ¼ C. sugar
                 2 T. brown sugar
                1 t. baking powder
                   ½ t. cinnamon
                     3 T. butter
                   1 egg, beaten
                       3 T. milk
                                                                    Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Coat a 9-inch spring form pan with cooking
                                                                      spray. Place ricotta in a food processor and process until smooth and
                                                                    creamy. Add sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla, lemon
                                                                    zest and salt. Process until well-blended. Pour into the prepared pan and
                                                                  bake until the center is just set, 50 to 55 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to
                                                                    cool, then cover and chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Put the
                                                                   cherries, honey and lemon juice in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil.
                                                                  Remove the pan from the theat. In a small bowl stir the gelatin in the warm
                                                                  water until dissolved then stir the dissolved gelatin into the cherry mixture.
                                                                   Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours, stirring once or twice, until
                                                                              the mixture is thickened but not yet formed to the pan.
                                                                  After the 3 hours of chilling, top the cheesecake with the cherry mixture and
   Breakfast Bread Pudding with Cherries                              then serve, or keep in the refrigerator, covered, for up to three days.
                    5 extra large whole eggs
                     2 extra large egg yolks
                      2 ½ C. half and half
                          1/3 C. honey
                         1 ½ t. vanilla
                        2 t. orange zest
                            ½ t. salt
                          Brioche loaf                            Don’t forget about the little “cherry” tomatoes we
                   ½ C. sweet pitted cherries                               love so much with this recipe!
                          Maple syrup
                                                                             Cherry Tomato and Watermelon Salad
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In medium bowl, whisk
                                                                                                 2 T. balsamic vinegar
     together whole eggs, egg yolks, half and half, honey,                                       1 T. fresh lemon juice
 vanilla, orange zest, and salt. Set aside. Slice the brioche                                  ½ C. extra-virgin olive oil
loaf into 6 1-inch thick pieces. Lay half of the slices flat in        2 beefsteak or other large variety tomatoes, stemmed, washed and dried
a 9X14X2 inch oval baking dish. Spread the cherries on top                       1 pint cherry tomatoes, stemmed, washed and dried
  of the slices and place the remaining slices on top. Make                                  1 T. chopped tarragon leaves
                                                                            4 strawberries, hulled, washed and cut into very small pieces
  sure the raisins are between the brioche or they will burn
                                                                                                         Sea salt
  while baking. Pour egg mixture over bread and allow to                                              Black pepper
 soak for 15 minutes, pressing down gently. Bake 55 to 60                                            1 to 2 t. sugar
  minutes or until the pudding puffs up and the custard is           6 ounces cold watermelon, rind removed, seeded and cut into bite-size cubes
   set. Remove from oven and cool slightly before serving.           In a bowl, whisk together the vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil.
                                                                      Taste for seasoning and set aside. Place the tomatoes on a flat
                                                                   surface. Cut the smaller ones in half and the larger ones into slices.
    Cherry Ricotta Cheesecake                                     Arrange all of them in a single layer, flesh side up. Season them with
                                                                  salt, pepper and sugar. Drizzle the tomatoes with the dressing. Toss
                              Cooking spray
                                                                     them with the tarragon and strawberries. Arrange the tomatoes
         1 16-ounce container of part-skim ricotta cheese
                                                                   down the length of 6 rectangular plates. Drizzle with the remaining
                    ½ C. reduced-fat sour cream
                                                                        dressing and top with the watermelon. Serve immediately.
          4 ounces of reduced-fat cream cheese, softened
                                                                  FOR BEST RESULTS WITH THIS SALAD: MAKE THE SALAD WITHOUT EVER
                                3 large eggs
                                                                  REFRIGERATING THE TOMATOES BUT WITH THE WATERMELON COLD FROM
                                 ¾ C. sugar
                                                                    THE REFRIGERATOR. THE CONTRAST OF TEMPERATURE WILL GIVE THE
                                 ¼ C. flour
                                                                                         SALAD AN EXTRA FRESH TASTE.
                            1 t. vanilla extract
                     1 t. finely grated lemon zest
                                  ¼ t. salt
             2 C. fresh or frozen pitted sweet cherries
                                 1 T. honey
                             1 T. lemon juice
                        ½ t. unflavored gelatin
                             1 T. warm water
                                                                   SEPTEMBER USHERS
                                                                         Bill Beckman
                                                                     Samantha Ellerbroek
                                                                      Adriane Ellerbroek
                                                                      Nathan Ellerbroek
                     SEPTEMBER NURSERY                                        P.M.
                   SCHEDULE                                              Jerry Mannes
September 5                                                              Shar Mannes
A.M.   Anne Bushouse                                                    Jacob Rozema
       Kris Bruinsma                                                   Jessica Rozema
On Call: Shelley Plaggemars
P.M.   Velva Yonker                                                SEPTEMBER GREETERS
       Joan Nyhof                                   A.M.    Ken and Ruth Postma
September 12                                                Jerry and Joan Stryker
A.M.   Jennifer Peters                              P.M.    Henry and Arlene Bloemendal
       Tami Bouma                                           Hugh and Lois Slenk
On Call: MaKenna Hoekstra
P.M.   Ann Telgenhof
       Pauline Hengst
September 19
A.M.   Sue Hoekstra
       Devan Hoekstra
On Call: Linda De Wys
P.M.   Kaylene Johnson
       Mary Dreyer
September 26
A.M.   Kelli Rozema                                         SEPTEMBER VISITOR ASSISTANTS
       Hilary Rozema                                        A.M.    Floyd and Bertha Maat
On Call: Bev Bareman                                        P.M.    Lou Riemersma
P.M.   Stacy Buter                                                  Karen Nealssohn
       Ashley Hoekstra

                                                           SEPTEMBER BULLETIN ASSEMBLERS
                                                    September 2 and 9
                                                    Lisa Rich, Raelle and Ethan Wenger
                                                    September 16 and 23
SEPTEMBER COLLECTION SCHEDULE                       Floyd and Bertha Maat
September 5                                         September 30 and October 7
A.M.  Special Mission Commitment                    Yet to be determined
P.M.  CRWRC Food Aid for Pakistan Flood Survivors
September 12                                        SEPTEMBER JUNIOR GREETERS
A.M.  Christian Schools                             September 12 Bushouse family
Second Offering: Pastor Appreciation Offering       September 19 Buter family
P.M.  Lakeshore Pregnancy Center                    September 26 Jonathan Baker
September 19
A.M.  Central Avenue Christian Education Expense    SEPTEMBER COFFEE SERVERS
Second Offering: Central Avenue Charity Fund        September 5 Fellowship Group #1
P.M.  Holland Deacons‟ Conference                   September 12 Fellowship Group #2
September 26
A.M.  General Fund                                  SEPTEMBER CHILDREN’S WORSHIP
P.M.  Cary Miss Christian Center                    September 12, 19 and 26
                                                    Teacher: Stacey Buter
                                                    Helper: Stacey Jackson
                                         A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS …
As you receive this month’s newsletter, your school age children are only hours away from beginning a new
    year in their lessons and studies! Some of them may be so excited that they will hardly be able to sleep;
                 while others you may have to pry off the sheets to get them out the door on time!
        The summer has quickly slipped away and we will slowly get back into the fall routine once again.
 I do hope that you along with your children had a really great summer and that you were able to share time
   together, to enjoy outings together, and to pack away some wonderful experience memories to recall and
                                              remember one day together.
     The time we have with our children is so precious, but we sometimes don’t appreciate it as much as we
  should until they leave the nest to go out on their own. Sometimes the quiet of the house is deafening, the
   busyness that nearly drove you crazy becomes something you seem to long for, and the little routine that
     seemed so tedious at times is dearly missed. Parents are so busy when their children are young and all
children – no matter what their age – are always busy with something! You often wonder how you are going
    to fit in everything for every kid and still be able to enjoy each activity and event. It simply is not always
        easy and life can become a real challenge that can become frustrating and that is often exhausting.
         Maybe you might consider taking some loving advice from someone who has been in your shoes!
  Your kids just have to come first for awhile. What they are involved in, what they want to share with you,
 when they need to cry, when they need to talk, when they need help with homework, when they have a bad
  day and cannot wait to get home where they are loved no matter what, when they cannot wait to get home
                   because they didn’t have quite enough lunch and they are eager for a snack –
                            all of these things have to become priority for you for awhile.
   The house may not be in perfect order; every piece of laundry may not be done; you may have to pull pot
   pies out of the freezer one night or order pizza; and you may fall into bed yourself just plain weary of the
                  day - but you will have made your kids feel important. Why? Because they are!
    They need you more than they need a perfectly kept house. They need your time more that they need to
 know that all of the drawers and closets in the house are spotless. They need to look out from the ball field
  and see you cheering for them and their team. They need the time to sit with you so that they understand
  their Math problems and can go to school the next day confident and comfortable that you helped them to
                                           prepare – or that at least you tried!
             You will have invested in the one of the greatest gifts God has given to you – your children!
             Trust me when I tell you that even when they’re gone you will still have to do the laundry,
                  shop for groceries, prepare meals, clean closets and cupboards, and mop floors.
 But the kids will be gone! You’ll find that you miss the ball games and the choir programs and the days you
 helped in their classrooms and even sitting and making piñatas for art class! You may still pull pot pies out
                       of the freezer or order pizza just because it beats cooking for a night –
                   but it won’t be because your kids and their schedules have made you so busy.
  Moms and dads, try to enjoy every minute with your kids even when you have no idea how you’re going to
    do it all. Somehow things just get done; sometimes you make a list and do what you can – happy for any
  item you can cross off at the end of the day. But try to remember that your kids and their needs right now
  should always be first on that list. Oh, and by the way, this part you may not really want to hear – I know I
       didn’t – but my mom told me long ago that many of my needs had to be put on hold for a little while
    and most of my wants needed to be set on a shelf ‘til much later; and if I was able someday to take a few
 wants off the shelf and enjoy, I would find greater blessing having known my kids and family had come first
   when that was so important. I hope that you had a great summer, but I pray that your school year will be
     equally great so that those memories will be just as much fun to take out some day to share – together.
                                                       Sue Zwiep
                      “ … the earth is the Lord’s …”
                                                                 For the excitement of a challenge, the love of
                                                                 a dream, and with a heartfelt commitment,
                                                                 Don Klaasen has amazingly utilized his gifts
                                                                 and talents with woodworking to create a
                                                                 masterpiece to the glory of the Lord. Never
                                                                 mind a slump in the economy and a bit of a
                                                                 down time in his Treads „N More business,
                                                                 Don has worked diligently with a focus to
                                                                 create what he has named “The Master‟s

                                                                 When I was invited to go and see the „globe‟
                                                                 Don had made and asked to write this article
                                                                 for The Channel, I really had no idea what it
                                                                 was that I would find. The globe is 6 feet in
                                                                 diameter. It weighs 1, 000 pounds and in its
                                                                 stand measures 9 feet tall! It was very
                                                                 impressive to say the least!

The day I was able to go was a very exciting day in the life of this undertaking. We watched nervously as
they hoisted with a forklift the massive orb to its standing position for the first time. It was a tedious,
painstaking process that called for a great deal of patience and tender loving care, but after an hour there it
stood in all of its grandeur! Thirty minutes later with a few little tweeks here and there and a bit of oil,
much to Don and Ruth‟s delight along with their son, their daughter, and one of their co-workers, this
amazing globe was set in motion and seemed to come to life as it rotated slowly – just as the earth does! It
was beautiful and I was happy to share the moment with all of them.

After eight months of meticulous work and a vision, Don‟s dream became a reality for him. This one-of-a-
kind creation is made completely of wood. Every country was measured and cut to size and shape for the
dimension of the globe – the computer prints generated by Bruce Okkema from Eagle Design and
Technology. Each country has been cut with a scroll saw from different species of wood from around the
world. The countries have been fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to form each of the continents. 2/3 of the
globe is painted blue to represent the oceans and seas that surround each of the continents. Just as a small
globe of the earth turns on a stand, the stand for this replica is made of hardwood as well and houses a
motor that turns the globe at different speeds. It really is amazing and very difficult for me to aptly
describe on paper. In order to truly appreciate the work involved and the artistry and design that make it
such a lovely piece of art, the globe should be seen in person.

This artistic creation is to be Don‟s entry in the September 2010 Art Prize Competition in downtown Grand
Rapids. It will be moved to The B. O. B. and will be on display for the public to view from September 12 to
October 10, 2010 - after which judging of all entries will take place. Don and Ruth hope to sell the globe
when the competition is over. It is their desire that the globe find its „home‟ in a setting where it can make
its intended impression to as many people as possible. It is also their desire that the globe reflect to all who
see it the truth that the creation of the earth is truly The Master‟s Piece in all of its awesome beauty.
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory!” – Isaiah 6:3b

I think that the most beautiful part of the project for me is knowing that Don was concerned that the title
clearly pointed to God and to His artistic creation and design of the wonderful planet we call earth – where
all of what we see and know about the earth reflects His glory and His power.
There are so many things Don could probably have been doing with his „spare time‟ over the last year, yet
he chose to be productive with the gifts and talents God has given to him in this very special undertaking to
the glory of God. If you missed seeing the globe at Treads „N More on August 28, take advantage of the
opportunity to go and visit the Art Prize Contest in September. I am quite certain you will not be
disappointed with the many entries and will find special pleasure in knowing that you will be able to
personally relate to the man who put so much of himself, his time, and what he believes into this particular
project. What a joy it is to know that Don‟s intention in making this globe was to witness to the world the
love he has for the Creator!

                                                                                                  Sue Zwiep

                                 God is Enough
                                            By Steve Canfield

                                        In times of disappointment,
                                           In times of asking why,
                                       When tragedy is commonplace,
                                             When all I do is cry;

                                        When life becomes a struggle
                                        And the pieces just don’t fit,
                                        When life has lost its beauty
                                             And all I do is sit;

                                      When clouds roll in like oceans
                                     And I seem to have lost my way,
                                  When the sun is blocked and shadows fall
                                      And life’s more night than day;

                                         I’ve finally learned a lesson
                                     Which has come to be my hope –
                                    He gives me strength and grace to do
                                       Much more than simply cope.
                                          The answer’s not in people,
                                     Though their love has meant so much;
                                  I’m grateful for the strength they’ve shown
                                         As I’ve felt their caring touch.

                                        But I’ve found I don’t need money
                                         Or things … and all that “stuff.”
                                      I’ve learned through disappointment
                                             Simply, “God is enough.”

                                                  submitted by Willie Pelon

                                   Cambodian Connection
    Pastor Mark and Debra Wilson along with their son Zachary will be moving to Cambodia in January. They are
members of the Christ Memorial Church here in Holland. They have been attending the Cambodian Fellowship
church regularly over the past two years. They have lived in Cambodia before. Debra worked for ten years in
Cambodia, for CRWRC. Mark recently graduated from Western Seminary and will be a teacher at the Phnom Penh
Bible School in Cambodia.
   The Cambodian Fellowship church had their annual campout on August six, seven and eight. It was held at the
Calvinist Cadet campgrounds on Ransom Street. Every year there is a good turnout, with good food, fun and
fellowship. The outing is attracting people from around the world. Lim and Sarun Ear, former members of the
Cambodian Fellowship flew in from Australia! They have been living in Australia with Lim’s daughter for the past
four years. Lim and Sarun know several of our church members, they came to visit our church Sunday morning.
    A special family with three adopted daughters came again this year. Their oldest daughter is from Peru, their
middle daughter is from Paraguay and their youngest daughter is from Cambodia. Both parents are teachers in a
Christian School in Chicago. They enjoy taking their daughters to events where they can meet people from their
former homelands, and learn more about their native cultures.
    On August fifteen Karen Genzink the daughter of Dave Genzink gave a slide show at the Cambodian
Fellowship church. Karen spent a year internship for International Justice Missions in Cambodia. IJM is a human
rights organization that rescues victims of trafficking and violent oppression. They work directly with local
officials to ensure immediate rescue and aftercare.
    Karen will be going back to Cambodia in September. She plans to work for the Yejj Group (
an organization that helps people find decent employment or internship opportunities in Cambodia. She would also
like to work part time for Future Now Enterprises an organization run by a Christian Australian couple. Future
Now provides business development and training programs to help young people improve their existing
businesses. They also help young people with start-up ideas for starting new businesses.
    Future Now Enterprises already has a verity of new ventures that employ Cambodian young people. Jars of
Clay Coffee Shop is one of their ventures, employing eight ladies who are now able to support their families.
Another venture was started by an Australian lady with a desire to help the landmine victims in Cambodia.
Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit is now a very successful fruit-drying factory in Phnom Penh. And for the
tourists visiting Cambodia, Inside Out-Cambodia is a Tuk Tuk & Vans-for-Hire service in Phnom Penh. The
ideas are good and the list goes on, check out their Website at; (
Submitted by Ed Sterenberg

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