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									Be sure when you offshore

Sometimes, it feels like offshoring is a dirty word. That by choosing to develop software in
another part of the world you are compromising the quality of the work for a cheaper

It’s true that the poorly written, scattergun email marketing campaigns we all receive
from some overseas companies do tend to give people the wrong impression - that an
offshore team can’t be trusted with your work and in receiving these emails at least twice
per day, I understand the frustration and poor impression this gives when landing in your

The reason I originally became involved with GödelTech was due to my previous
experience of dealing with third-party software development companies and being
repeatedly left thoroughly underwhelmed with their project approach, bad communication
and quality assurance. I wanted to form a software development company renowned for
doing software development properly.

When done properly, with the right company, offshoring a software development project
can result in a better job overall – faster, more efficient, higher quality work with less risk
and better support. It’s just a case of working with the right partner.
When you partner with the right company, you get all the benefits of offshoring and none
of the hassle. You just have to make sure they have the credentials – how long has the
company been working in this field? What’s the MD’s history? It’s amazing how much
information a quick online trawl will turn up. The right company will do their utmost at
every stage of a project to make sure you are confident and comfortable with team
communications and management style.

Your chosen organisation’s investment in offshore staff and working environment must also
be investigated too. To retain high quality staff they need to feel valued and have a
suitable working environment. It’s a fine line between providing cost-effective services to
a client and treating your overseas staff well, however, without this investment you will
not get the service you need.
Another frequently heard gripe is that many offshoring companies have directors based
abroad – meaning that time differences, travel and even cultural approaches to business
can all get in the way of good communication.

For the best service, make sure the management team is UK-based so they understand the
way you want to do business. It is also helpful if offshore staff are fluent in spoken and
written English, although it is management team that should be doing most of the talking.
By drawing on our own experiences as business owners, we know what to recommend to
make dealing with other companies as smooth and efficient as possible.
One point we would stress is to look closely at costs. Too cheap, and it probably means
worker exploitation. Too expensive and they are ripping you off.
I consider us proof that outsourcing and offshoring can be as painless and rewarding an
experience as any other business transaction.
So, the next time you receive that dodgy looking email from a company offering cheap
outsourcing, don’t write off the industry entirely.
Take our word that, done properly, you can be sure about offshoring.

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