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									CCF Guide
to Effective
The California Community Foundation
recommends these nonprofits for their
outstanding performance, impact and
financial efficiency.

Corporation for Supportive Housing
Children’s Bureau
                                        … plus 15 more
 We recommend the following CCF grantees
 for your support.
 Each organization has undergone a rigorous and comprehensive review
 by our Program staff and board to ensure that we maximize the social
 return on our investment. To make a grant, call our grants coordinators
 at (213) 413-4130.

 SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center)
 Produces and preserves community
 based public art works
Preserving History

                                                                 Photo courtesy of SPARC

 Current project: Preserve the Great Wall   Glen on Coldwater Canyon Avenue, it
 of Los Angeles, a ½-mile-long mural and    stretches from Oxnard Street to Burbank
 one of Los Angeles’ cultural landmarks     Boulevard in a flood control channel. The
 representing the history of ethnic         first sections of the mural are 30 years
 peoples of California from prehistoric     old and have been damaged by sun and
 times to the 1950s. Located in Valley      water.

 $100 will preserve a square foot of the wall
 $2,500 will support a youth conservator for the summer
 To help restore the Great Wall, contact:   685 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291,
 SPARC, Debra Padilla, Executive Director   P (310) 822-9560,
Corporation for
Supportive Housing
Trains nonprofit housing developers that
provide supportive housing and services
Every $1 leverages an additional $5 in affordable              Positive Ripple Effect
housing investment. Of 250 tenants who live
in supportive housing, 81% or 204 remained
housed for at least one year and during that time
they experienced a:

58% decrease in emergency
     room visits
57% drop in the number of
     inpatient days                                  Before                      After

100% drop in use of residential                     Lyndon Hotel before/after renovation:
                                                    CSH helps create permanent housing to
     mental health facilities                       end homelessness. Photo courtesy of CSH

To contribute to supportive housing,        800 S. Figueroa St., Suite 790,
contact: Corporation for Supportive         Los Angeles, CA 90017,
Housing, Ruth Teague, Associate Director,   P (213) 623-4342, ext. 103
Southern California               ,

Children’s Bureau
Strengthens at-risk families and children through
parent education and early childhood development

Children’s Bureau runs Magnolia Place                          Keeping Families Safe
Family Center, a community hub for at-risk
families, providing preschool and early
education services. The center, in the West
Adams district of L.A., serves 2,000 infants,
toddlers, preschoolers and parents annually.

                                                Photo courtesy of Magnolia Place Family Center

$500 provides a parent and child with a month of enrichment
     classes or a child with a month of preschool
To support a child’s education, contact:    1910 Magnolia Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Children’s Bureau, Carmine Salvucci,        90007, P (213) 342-0141
Chief Development Officer         ,
More Top CCF Grantees that Need Your Support
Here are 15 more nonprofits deserving of your attention.
To make a grant, call our grants coordinators at (213) 413-4130.

                               Health Care                      Neighborhood
Arts                                                            Revitalization
Arts for LA                   Asian Pacific Health Care        Abode (formerly Los Angeles
P Box 71574                   Venture, Inc.                    Community Design Center)
Los Angeles, CA 90071         1530 Hillhurst Ave., Suite 200   701 East 3rd St., Suite 400
(213) 225-7580                Los Angeles, CA 90027            Los Angeles, CA 90013             (310) 644-3880                   (213) 629-2702
Khmer Arts Academy
375 Redondo Ave., Suite 156   Los Angeles Free Clinic          Coalition for Responsible
Long Beach, CA 90814          8405 Beverly Blvd.               Community Development
(562) 472-0090                Los Angeles, CA 90048            3101 South Grand Ave.      (323) 653-8622                   Los Angeles, CA 90007
                           (213) 743-6193
Robey Theatre Company                                
514 S. Spring St.             The Children’s Dental Center
Los Angeles, CA 90013         300 East Buckthorn St.           Union Rescue Mission
(213) 489-7402                Inglewood, CA 90301              (also operates Hope
www.robeytheatrecompany.      (310) 419-3000                   Gardens Family Center near
com                         Sylmar)
                                                               545 S. San Pedro St.
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                                               (213) 347-6300
Education                     Human                  
Koreatown Youth and           The Alliance for
Community Center              Children’s Rights
3727 West 6th St.,            3333 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550
Suite 300                     Los Angeles, CA 90010
Los Angeles, CA 90020         (213) 368-6010
(213) 365-7400      
                              Los Angeles County Education
Mar Vista Family Center       Coordinating Council
5075 South Slauson Ave.       500 West Temple St.,
Culver City, CA 90230         Room 745
(310) 390-9607                Los Angeles, CA 90012            (213) 974-5967
Urban Education     
315 West Ninth St.,           Partners in Care Foundation         445 S. Figueroa Street
Suite 1110                    732 Mott St., Suite 150                          Suite 3400
Los Angeles, CA 90015         San Fernando, CA 91340             Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 622-5237                (818) 837-3775
                                                                     Tel : 213.413.4130
                                                                     Fax : 213.383.2046

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