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									                                    Seminar Announcement

             Seventh International Seminar on Participatory
                         Irrigation Management
                  Enabling Sustainable Water User Associations
             Sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Albania and the World Bank
              Organized by the INPIM and the Project Management Unit, Albania

                                  Tirana, Albania, June 13-18, 2004

The Seventh International Seminar on Participatory Irrigation Management, sponsored by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Food and the World Bank and organized by INPIM and the Project Management Unit
(SIDRP), will be held in Tirana, Albania from June 13-18, 2004. The theme of this seminar is “Enabling
Environment for Productive and Sustainable Water User Associations” and will highlight the diverse
experiences of both the host country of Albania, other nations in the Eastern European and Central Asian
region, as well as select nations with best practices in water user association sustainability throughout the
world. The seminar offers participants the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in irrigation
reform, network with irrigation professionals, policymakers, and donors from around the world, and see
firsthand Albania's approach to improving irrigation services. The program includes three days of
presentations and meetings and a day of field visits and interaction with water user associations in Albania.

Call for Papers / Poster Session
Papers and posters are invited on (1) project or country case studies, (2) conceptual issues, or (3)
methodological issues relating to enabling the sustainability of Water User Associations (see detailed
discussion of the topics below).

Paper abstracts and poster proposals should be submitted to INPIM as soon as possible and no later than Friday,
April 30, 2004. Abstracts must be submitted in the following format:
   1. Length: no longer than 1 letter size (8 ½ inches by 11 inches) page;
   2. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point;
   3. Margins: 1 inch around the entire page.

Papers accepted for presentation must be submitted by email by May 14, 2004. Papers must be submitted in the
following format:
    1. Length: no longer than 10 letter size (8 ½ inches by 11 inches) pages;
    2. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point;
    3. Margins: 1 inch around the entire page.

Background Information
This seminar is being organized by International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management (INPIM)
and the Project Management Unit (SIDRP), Albania and being sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and
Food of Albania and the World Bank. Additional support is being provided by the Government of the
Netherlands, GTZ, and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Given the context of Countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the Seventh Seminar will highlight the
need for water user associations in irrigation management. Most countries in the region are in various stages
of implementing rehabilitation programs in which the participation of water user associations is essential. The
need to explore policy options which will ensure the sustainability of WUAs has emerged as a major issue in
this region.

In the example of Albania, the state adopted a participatory approach to irrigation management after a period
of civil unrest following the collapse of the central government in the early 1990s. By 1994 when civil order
was reinstated in Albania, most of the country’s irrigation infrastructure had fallen into a severe state of
disrepair. The Government launched an irrigation rehabilitation program with World Bank assistance, whose
foundation was the transfer of irrigation system management to water user associations. Rehabilitation of
irrigation systems was linked with the formation of water user association who play a decisive role in planning,
supervising rehabilitation and collection of water charges. Albania has 404 water user association and 22
federations covering an area of 169,550 ha. Albania is actively considering transforming the erstwhile water
enterprises into Drainage Boards. These new sets of challenges threaten the sustainability of Albania’s WUAs
which are now so vital to the healthy management of Albania’s irrigation systems. The seminar will provide
participants an excellent opportunity to visit irrigation projects and interact with water user associations.

Seminar Program
Besides offering the opportunity to review state-of-the-art thinking on irrigation reform, the international
seminar offers the opportunity for networking with irrigation professionals from around the world. The
seminar will be conducted in English, with simultaneous English/Albanian translation. The seminar program
is briefly outlined below. Note that one and one-half days are allotted for visits to field sites, as well as one day
to enjoy the sites of Albania.

  06/13   Participants Registration (afternoon), Inaugural Session, & Welcome Dinner (evening)
  06/14   Keynote Address & Presentations
  06/15   Field Visit – Interaction with Water User Association.
  06/16   Group work, Presentations on country experiences
  06/17   Group Discussions, Presentations, & Farewell Dinner
  06/18   Presentations (morning), Valedictory Session, & Participant Departure (afternoon)

Seminar Fee, Payment, and Travel
INPIM offers a pre-arranged package including all meals, lodging, local transportation, and field visits at
US$1,100. Payment of the seminar fee can be accepted in the following forms: (1) Certified Check drawn on
an account held in US dollars/US Bank, (2) a bank/wire transfer directly into INPIM’s bank account. The
information required to initiate a wire transfer is listed below:

        Bank:                   SunTrust Bank
        Address                 300 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington DC, 20003 USA
        Account name:           International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management
        Acct. No.:              206 652 674
        ABA Routing No:         061 000 104
        Participants should also specify their names and mention “Seventh International Seminar.”

The seminar venue is under finalization and will be intimated to all registered participants. Participants are
asked to begin checking in to the hotel at 12:00 hrs local time on Sunday, June 13. Participants should also
check out of the hotel no later than 12:00 hrs local time on Friday, June 18. If you wish to arrive before, or stay
after, the above mentioned dates and times you should arrange for accommodations at your own expense.
Each participant must arrange to obtain his or her own visa for entry into Albania. Participants are advised to
contact the Albanian embassy to ascertain procedures for obtaining a visa. A letter of invitation by the
Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Food will be made available to all participants for securing a visa from
their respective country. INPIM will facilitate the issuance of letters of invitation upon receipt of the
registration forms. Participants passing though more than one Schengen Country are also required to ascertain
from travel agents on the requirement of a Schengen transit visa.

Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Tirana. Please note that there are a
relatively limited number of airlines that fly to Tirana. Well known hubs that operate flights to Tirana are
Frankfurt, Rome, Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul. Participants should make their airline reservations as soon as
possible. Participants are advised to intimate the arrival and departure plans to enable reception and send off at
the airport.

INPIM is a global network dedicated to making irrigation systems sustainable by implementing institutional
reforms that promote greater involvement and increased capacity of farmers, Water Users’ Associations, and
other private stakeholders in irrigation management. INPIM is a non-profit, non-governmental organization
(NGO) based in Washington, DC, which works closely with the World Bank and other development
organizations, both public and private, which are active in the irrigation sector.

The International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management has been conducting a series of policy
seminars on PIM since 1996 with the World Bank Institute. The aim of the PIM policy seminars has been to
promote dialogue of policy options and best practices for bringing irrigation water users into the mainstream
of irrigation system management. Furthermore the seminars have been promoting dialogue on bringing
irrigation users into the decision-making process at the sectoral level, including decisions about infrastructure
investments and water allocation. The First International Seminar on Participatory Irrigation Management was
held in Mexico City, Mexico in February 1995 and was co-sponsored by Mexico's National Water Commission
(CNA) and the World Bank Economic Development Institute (EDI). Since then, seminars have been
conducted in Anatalya, Turkey (1996), Tokyo, Japan (1997), Bali, Indonesia (1998), Andhra Pradesh, India
(1999), and Beijing, China (2002).

Further information

 International Inquiries:                             Inside Albania:
 INPIM                                                Mr. Ylli Dedja
 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Suite 340,              Director of SIDRP/Project
 Washington, DC 20003, USA                            Management Unit
 Telephone: +1 202-546-7005                           Ministry of Agriculture and Food
 Fax:         +1 202-318-0215                         St. “Muhammet Gjollesha” No. 56
 Email:                                Institute Ushqimit, Kati 3-TE                        Tirana, Albania                             Telephone: + 355 42 23 825
 Internet:                              Fax:        + 355 42 23 825

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