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The Women’s International Group of Cambodia (WIG) welcomes all women as members. WIG is
a non-profit organization with no religious or political affiliation. WIG does not allow any of its
members to use WIG meetings, or any or its activities for commercial purposes, or to promote any
religious or political group.

• To provide a venue for women to meet and get acquainted with each other and support each
• To bring a diversity of resources together for social, educational and cultural enhancement
• To promote an awareness of our cultural differences and similarities and learn about the culture
of our host country
• To provide, by sharing information and experiences, an introduction to living in Cambodia
• To support community projects that benefit primarily women and children of Cambodia


a) Membership
(i) Membership of the WIG is open to all women who pay the annual membership fee. This
amount is decided by the membership at large.
(ii) Since 8th February 2010 the fee is US$25.00 for one calendar year. Membership is renewable
every year.

b) General Meetings
(i) General Meetings for all WIG members are held on the first Wednesday of each month
throughout the whole year.

(ii) The time and location of meetings will be determined each year by the WIG Executive


a) Election of Executive Committee Members
(i) The election of Executive Committee members takes place annually at the General Meeting in
(ii) The elected members are President, Co President, Vice President, Co Vice President,
Treasurer, Co Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Secretary, Social Activities Coordinator, Co
Social Activities Coordinator, Project Support Coordinator, Co Project Support Coordinator,
Newsletter Editor and Website Coordinator.

(iii) Executive Committee members are elected for one year at a time.
(iv) If an elected member wishes to resign during the year, she should inform the committee in
writing at least one month in advance when possible.
(v) A member replacing a member on the committee retains all the rights and responsibilities,
including voting rights, of the member she replaces.
(vi) Before the annual election at the preceding General Meeting in November or December, WIG
members are asked to select a small group of fellow members to handle the nominations and the
election process. The serving Members will assist this Nominating Committee in recruiting WIG
members to fill their vacancies once their term of office is over.
(vii) When the members arrive at the entrance to the General Meeting for the election of the New
Executive Committee, they have to sign in a Register in front of their names and only those who
have paid the subscription fee can receive a ballot before entering the room.

b) Executive Committee
(i) Executive Committee members are required to attend all Executive Committee Meetings and
General Meetings, and to participate actively in WIG affairs. They should make every effort to
seek input from all members and encourage their involvement in WIG events.
(ii) If an Executive Committee member is not able to fulfill her duties as an elected member, she
should inform her colleagues on the Executive Committee and, with their assistance, try to
identify another WIG member to help her for a period of time.
(iii) If, after informing her colleagues and seeking assistance from other WIG members, an
Executive Committee member is still not able to fulfill her duties effectively, she may be asked to
consider resigning her position.

c) Executive Committee Meetings
(i) WIG Executive Committee Meetings are held monthly.
(ii) The Executive Committee may invite members of WIG Sub-Committees to join Executive
Committee Meetings for special purposes.
(iii) Meetings are open to any WIG member who would like to attend. WIG members are kindly
asked to notify the president in advance if they plan to attend an Executive Committee Meeting.
(iv) Only elected members cast their vote in a secret ballot voting. The majority vote will prevail.
In case of stalemate the president has the last word of say.


a) Sub-Committees
(i) Members of the Sub-Committees are not elected. Any WIG member, new or old, can join a sub
committee. WIG members are strongly encouraged to volunteer to join the Sub-Committees.
(ii) The Sub-Committees report to the Executive Committee through their elected officers.

b) Project Support Group
(i) This group consists of volunteers from among the WIG membership.
(ii) The Project Support Coordinator chairs the group.
(iii) The group produces each year guidelines, which are updated regularly and approved by the
project team.

c) Social Activities Group

(i) This group depends on volunteers to host events and suggest new activities for the benefit and
enjoyment of members. These may include coffee mornings, book, and discussion groups, games,
outings, lunches, dinners etc.
(ii) The Social Activities Coordinator is in charge of this group.

d) Bridge Club

(i) This club can give quarterly reports of their progress and activities.

e) Book club
(i) This club can give quarterly reports of their progress and activities.

a) Finances
(i) WIG maintains its own bank account at a reputable bank in Phnom Penh. Two signatures are
required to sign a check.
(ii) The Treasurer, or in her absence the co-Treasurer, maintains the account records and collects
the WIG monthly bank statements.
(iii) Receipts must be submitted for all reimbursements.
(iv) A qualified person preferably a member, due to cost will be asked to audit the accounts before
the General Meeting and new elections in February.

b) Fund Raising
(i) Funding for WIG charitable projects derives from the income from membership fees and WIG
sponsored fund-raising events such as the annual Christmas Fair.
(ii) Fund-raising for purposes other than the support of WIG-approved projects requires prior
approval of the executive committee members.

c) Administrative Costs
(i) Expenses incurred for WIG activities such as photocopying, supplies, printing, gifts to guest
speakers and similar direct expenses will be reimbursed from petty cash. The amount of money
for gifts for speakers will be decided upon annually.
(ii) WIG does not as a general rule compensate its members for the indirect costs of volunteering,
e.g. for the use of telephone, email or own car.

d) Communications Policy
(i) All items published in the name of WIG must have prior approval of an Executive Committee
Member or the President.

(ii) WIG may announce business and income generating activities of its members but it is not
responsible for these activities (e.g. aerobic, dancing lessons, etc).
(iii) WIG records and the Member Directory are for the sole use of the WIG; and will not under
any circumstances be passed on to any other organization for any reason whatsoever, or be used
for any other purpose than WIG business.

ARTICLE 5     Support Group Guidelines

a) Guidelines for WIG charitable grants:

WIG has distributed Grants to NGO’s, villages, schools, shelters, training centers, orphanages and

    1. WIG supports Projects which target the disadvantaged women and children in Cambodia.
         These Projects should also include plans which will benefit the local community.
    2.   All proposals presented to WIG’s Project Support Group must be accompanied by a
         completed Application Form before they will be considered.

    3. If the Project is managed by an NGO, please provide your registration number.
4. Where Government Funding is available for a Project, WIG funding will NOT be

5. Support for Projects or organizations will usually be within a 100km radius of Phnom
     Penh. Projects further a field will be considered if a local representative (approved by
     WIG) is willing to monitor the purchasing /funding for the project.

6. Emergency requests will only be considered from disadvantaged groups that may
     unexpectedly suffer catastrophic losses from fire, floods etc. Funding will not exceed
     US$1000 (One thousand).
7.   Any application for funding over US$ 2000 (two thousand) will not be considered.

8. If money is requested for training, please ensure that training modules and the name of
     the Institute of training are provided. Funds will be performance related.
9. Where possible, WIG will buy the equipment/materials requested by approved proposals.
     If a Cheque is issued, the items must be bought within one month and original invoices
     and payments submitted to WIG Project Support Group.

10. Organizations that receive funding from WIG will be revisited to confirm items are being
     used appropriately.

11. WIG reserves the right to reclaim any items gifted if they are not used for the purpose for
     which they were requested, or if the Project closes.

12. Upon completion, each approved project will be required to submit a short progress
     report with photographs to WIG. A representative from the project may also be invited to
     give a talk about their project at a WIG’s monthly meeting. Transport costs will be
     provided by WIG.

13. Each Project Application for funding will have an appointed WIG member responsible
     for ;-

    An assessment report including photographs.

    Procurement of items requested.
       Obtaining a progress report and photographs.
       Sending an invitation and organizing arrangements for transport to WIG’s meeting
       Conclusion of Application.

    14. Voting on a Project application will take place following the site visit by members present
        on the visit and then presented to the Project support team for approval.

    15. Projects assessed and approved by the Project Support Group will be presented to the
        Executive Committee for funding. Funds should be made available by the Treasurer on
        request by the WIG member in charge of the project after approval of the Executive

Follow- Up Visits. These should be done within 3-12 months

       All members of WIG will be informed about Projects that are due Follow-up visits, and
        encouraged to assist with these follow- ups. (members may be able to include a visit on
        their holiday trips).

       Any queries arising from follow-up visits will be dealt with by Project Support Group
        and are not the responsibility of a regular WIG member.


Cash is never given.

Individuals are not supported.

Food is not provided.

Building construction is not supported but essential refurbishment MAY be considered.

E.g. roofing, sanitation.

Science facilities, computers, videos and other high tech electrical items will not be considered.
(exceptions may be made for some medical related items).

Payment of school fees is not considered.

Provision of uniform is not considered unless the Project can network with an appropriate NGO.
Provision of any motorized vehicle for transport is not considered.

Please ensure that you complete all questions on the application form

Attach invoices for estimated costs.

Draw a clear map of the projects physical location, including important landmarks e.g. schools,
petrol stations, so that the project support team can easily find your project.

Please include the approximate distance and travel time by road.



Executive Committee members work as a team. Individually, each Executive Committee member
is responsible for carrying out specific tasks as listed below, keeping the President and other
Executive Committee members updated on the activities she is responsible for, and bringing
issues forward for necessary decisions. If one of the elected members is absent for a long period,
her responsibilities need to be reallocated. Any new tasks or duties assigned to any WIG executive
Committee member shall be decided at a meeting of the Executive Committee and only in the
presence of the member who has been identified to take on a new task or duty as they are
considered voluntary contributions to the functions of WIG. The member who has been assigned
a new task or duty shall have the right to decide if the task or duty is appropriate for her position.

President and Co-President


       Co-ordinates all WIG activities
       Chairs the monthly Executive Committee Meetings
       Follows up on committee decisions by staying in contact with committee members
        between meetings, allocating tasks and assisting when necessary
       Chairs monthly General Meetings (can also be done by Vice President)
       Welcomes and introduces new members and guests at General Meeting
       Welcomes, introduces and thanks guest speakers (can also be done by Vice President)
       Briefs members on issues arising either by email or at the General Meeting
       Facilitates members’ contributions to the monthly meetings
       Co-ordinates response to issues raised by members of WIG
       Liaises with Co President, Vice President and Co Vice President
       Keeps committee members informed on her content of calendar
       The President will be co signatory on cheque account and is optional for the Co President.
       The Co President is aware of President’s duties
       The Co President supports the President and acts as President in her absence

Vice President and Co Vice President

       Co-ordinates the monthly General Meeting
       Arranges for a monthly speaker after clearance with Executive Committee
       Welcomes, introduces and thanks guest speakers (can also be done by President)
       Contacts hotel regarding set-up (booking of room, tables, refreshments, microphone, etc.)
       Mans reception table, accepts entrance fees for the general meeting, signs-in attendees,
        gives out door prize tickets
       Arranges guest speaker gift and door prizes
       Public announcements of WIG General Meetings
       Acts as President in the absence of President or Co President
       May be a Co Signatory on Cheque Account

Treasurer and Co-Treasurer


       Keeping WIG accounts and records as described in the separate instructions for WIG
        Presenting financial reports at the monthly executive committee meetings;
       Managing check donations and cash disbursements;
       Money changing and overall financial control at WIG events, including keeping track of
        Raffles/ lottery/tickets and money collected;
       Updating the Project Support Committee on the amount of funds available for donations.
       Being present at the general meeting to collect membership fees.



       Records and distributes minutes of Executive Meetings
       Maintains an updated email address list of all members
       Distributes email messages to members about monthly meetings and activities
       Distributes email messages from Executive Committee as required
       Performs the job of Membership Secretary in her absence

Membership Secretary


       Keeps up to date membership list
       Liaises with Treasurer regarding paid up / outstanding members
       Distributes membership lists to all Executive Committee members
       Signing up new members and renewals of membership
       Will make membership cards with photo ID available within 2 weeks of joining to enable
        members to get discount.
       Providing the Executive Committee with names and nationalities of new members to be
       Prepares membership badges and has them available at General Meetings
       Giving a list of all new members to Chairperson for acknowledgement during the General
       Performs the job of Secretary in her absence but only records the minutes if her English
        is at a certain level

Social Activities Coordinator and Co-Social Activities Coordinator


       Meeting with Social Activities Group volunteers to gather new ideas for social
        activities and events for WIG members
       Initiating proposals for new events with the Executive Committee;
        Organizing and delegating responsibilities for all WIG social activities and events;
       Recruiting members to host coffee mornings/afternoons and other activities such as
        cooking demonstrations, discussions, handicrafts etc.
       Arranging other social events (lunches, dinners, drinks etc.) and outings (sightseeing,
        museum trips etc).
       Co-ordinating all WIG activities on a monthly basis, to prevent date overlaps of
        activities with regard to date and time;

Project Support Coordinator and Co-Project Support Coordinator

Under the Guidelines for the Project Support Group and in co-operation with fellow group
members, she is responsible for:

       Holding regular group meetings;
       Researching new funding requests;
       Contacting and identifying potential grant recipients (NGOs or individual projects); and if
        necessary offering assistance in formulating their funding requests;
       Following up projects and monitoring fund distribution according to WIG guidelines and
       Giving a report at the monthly WIG meetings;
       When possible, arranging for donation checks to be handed over at a WIG meeting, or a
        time and venue when other WIG members can attend, such as during a visit to the project
       In co-operation with the Social Activity group, arranging member visits to projects;
       Keeping records of funding requests received, pending and granted;
       Coordinating with Treasurer on issuing checks and making sure that receipts (or copies of
        thank-you letters) are forwarded to Treasurer.
Website Administrator

Duties of the Website Administrator:

      Maintain close communication with website support troubleshooting issues in
       website functionalities.
      Maintains correct and current information on website, including but not limited to
       suggestions for improvement.
      Administrator drafts responses in case of website inquiries assisted when needed
       by website support
      Makes sure all items on the website follow WIG guidelines as stated in the By
       Law, if deemed necessary where a lack of such guideline occurs provide
       recommendation for inclusion into the By Laws.
      Provide e-mail addresses for WIG related events when needed and supports
       members with the functionality of it.
      Administrator appoints a support member, communicated and approved by WIG
       Executive Committee who is proven adequate to assist with all mentioned
       Administrator tasks.

Edited 22nd April 2010

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