All you need to know about the C by pengtt


									All you need to know about
       the Cold War!
    By: Shelby Ellis and Autumn Bailey
                   Hot Spots of the Cold War

•   Vietnam- North vs. South.
     – North-Communist, supported by USSR and China. Nationalist leader
        was Ho Chi Minh.
     – South- Capitalist, supported by US.
         • Result= North won, Vietnam becomes Communism

•   Cambodia- became Communist under Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, losta
    genocide, human rights violation, “the killing field.”

•   Korea- North vs. South.
     – North- Communists, supported by USSR and China.
     – South- Capitalists, supported by U.N. (mostly U.S. and Great Britain)
         • Result= Tie

•   Nicaragua- Sandinistas were supported by US then became Communists and lost it.
                   Non-aligned nations

• Non-Aligned nations- Didn’t take sides in the cold war.
                       AKA less developed countries.

• 1St world- US, NATO and their allies

• 2nd world- USSR, Warsaw Pact and their allies

• Third world- Everyone else, non- aligned countries
                   The Split of Germany
• Berlin Airlift
    – Western countries (France,
      Britain, US) flew supplies into
      West Berlin

• Berlin Wall
    – Split Germany in two (East
      and West)
    – Wall was built to keep East
      Germans out of West Berlin
         The Cuban Missile Crisis

United States (alliances) v. Soviet Union

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