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									Commercial Recovery Authority - Rapid Remittance Program, Get Your
Money Fast!
(1888PressRelease) Commercial Recovery Authority has created a new rapid remittance
program. This program allows remittance checks to be written and sent the same day the funds
are cleared.

Los Angeles- Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) - Commercial Recovery Authority is
implementing a new remittance program that gets our clients paid fast. Fast Track Remittance,
when Commercial Recovery Authority collects from your debtors you want your money fast and
now! Commercial Recovery Authority understands that completely and have recently developed
a new, modern program that allows our clients to receive money on old debt faster than other
collection agencies. The importance of receiving monies from unpaid obligations can be the
deciding factor in new investments or maintaining financial strength.

Learn more about CRA's Rapid Remittance Program. For an additional 8% contingency CRA
will remit your portion of collection proceeds the same day funds clear. CRA will remit to you
the same day that debtor funds legally clear the bank upon which the funds are drawn. Many
collection agencies in the United States hold monies up to 3 months after collection date before
monies are issued. Commercial Recovery Authority's Rapid Remittance Program or RRP, is
creating as little barriers as possible for our clients to get their money.

Commercial Recovery Authority also offers a highly sped up Standard Remittance Program.
Every client is remitted on the last day of every month, for payments received during the
previous month. CRA's Standard Remittance Program or SRP is still above the collection
industry standard for remitting monies to clients.

Commercial Recovery Authority's first and foremost concern is that our clients are taken care of,
and our new Rapid Remittance Program is just one small feature CRA implements to make sure
our clients have the most money at their disposal at all times. Commercial Recovery Authority-
the Power that Pays.

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