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									NEWS                                                                            8 February, 2007

                        Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Isn’t Enough

Consumers who use Do-It-Yourself pest control kits are advised to always back up these
systems with professional pest management advice and solutions.
PestCert general manager Ron DeGroot says that DIY pest control kits are suitable for
ridding the home of some insects and vermin, but they should not replace regular inspections
by accredited pest managers.
“Managing pests is not just about ridding the home of creepy crawlies in a particular area
such as the kitchen or laundry.” Mr DeGroot said. “As this will not provide a thorough result:”
“Pest management is concerned with the protection of families, pets and property and taking
into consideration the whole environment”. “Any shortcuts or mistakes could result in health
and safety issues, as well as costly repairs.
“For example, home owners who are treating signs of cockroaches or ants may not be aware
of the unseen damage being caused by termites.
“It is because of this that PestCert advises consumers to continue having regular inspections
and treatments carried out by accredited pest managers.”
PestCert, Australia’s only independent accreditation program, was established in 2005 to
give consumers confidence that they can employ a highly-skilled, professional pest manager.
All PestCert-accredited pest managers follow a strict Code of Conduct, which includes
demonstrating skills and knowledge that are greater than those formerly expected by the
industry, as well as committing to undertaking on-going professional training and skills
 “PestCert accredited pest managers have a thorough knowledge of the behaviour and
breeding habits of pests, and the tell-tale signs of their presence,” Mr DeGroot said.
“They are also fully trained in the use of all effective and environmentally-friendly chemicals -
a task that the general public is not encouraged to undertake.”
PestCert has the support of chemical suppliers, insurance companies, training organisations
and the Australian Environmental Pest Managers’ Association.
There are PestCert-accredited pest managers in all states throughout mainland Australia.
Consumers should check the website for an accredited pest manager
in their region, or contact PestCert on (07) 3390 5228

For more information, contact Ron DeGroot on (07) 3390 5228 or 0412 883 303.
PestCert Limited
PO Box 4183 GUMDALE QLD 4154
Phone: (07) 3390 5228 Fax: (07) 3890 4259

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