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									Pug 101: Finding A Pug Puppy For Sale
Some places will be a lot easier to find a Pug puppy for sale than others. If you live in Alaska, you won't find them. Considering the weather in Alaska,
you should consider another breed of dog, anyway. However, if you live anywhere lower than British Columbia, you probably will see more Pugs than
Coke bottles. In some cities like Philadelphia, Pugs are among the most popular dogs, although they are only in the top twenty nationally.

Puppy mills also do not use vets, because that would eat into the profits. The parents of puppies in pet stores are not only frightened and miserable,
but they are also very unhealthy. And sometimes, they are not even purebred. There is absolutely no way to prove that a pedigree is false. So you
are getting a bad deal any way you look at it when you buy a puppy from a pet shop.

First off, ask anyone you can reasonably trust where they got their own Pugs. They will usually be able to refer you to a breeder or a Pug breed
rescue group. If they say they got their Pugs from a pet store, don't lecture them. Just nod, thank them for the information and keep on with your Pug

Other places you can visit can be local dog shows. They will often not have Pug puppies for sale at the show, but you get to meet and talk to many
Pug breeders who will have puppies for sale in the future. The look and temperament of their Pugs will tell you a lot about the qualities of the breeder.
You can also go to MeetUp.com and find a Pug meet-up group in your area to get recommendations. The nations' biggest Pug Meet-up is in

You can find a Pug puppy for sale from classified ads in the local paper or Craigslist ads, but you need to be very careful. Most of these breeders
really shouldn't be breeding anything, let alone Pugs. Never buy a puppy sight unseen. You need to visit the breeder's home or kennel first, and then
the mother of the puppies. (The father is often not there, but be sure to meet him if he is there.)

Considering that Pugs are relatively calm, highly trainable dogs and you can teach an old Pug new trick finding a Pug puppy for sale seems to be the
best choice. Although puppies are cute, they are also a lot of trouble. Even if you have your heart set on a Pug puppy, please consider the
advantages of adopting an older Pug from your local animal shelter or from a Pug breed rescue. You will be saving a life, and the Pug will be partly
trained already.

Only buy your Pug puppy supplies from pet shops that do not sell puppies. Some large chains have afternoon events when dogs from local shelters
are brought in. They may have Pugs. If they don't, the odds are the volunteers and workers can put you in touch with the closest Pug breed rescue.

These Pugs are not for sale, but you do have to pay a few hundred dollars in adoption fees (which is still cheaper than anywhere else). They also will
help you with advice, training issues and Pug puppy supplies, if necessary.

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