batman the dark knight returns by alvinbowen


									Graphic Novels
                                                                                  After a tragic event Superman is forced into isolation and exile while many
Batman: Dark Knight Returns                                                       of the JLA members retire. Years later, the world's population of
Author: Frank Miller                                                              metahumans goes unchecked. To stop the senseless killing of many people
                                                                                  at the hands of one meta-human, Superman is forced out of a self-imposed
Ten years after the Golden age of Batman, Gotham has fallen into                  exile to bring order back in to the world.
lawlessness. The once caped crusader now retired and shell of what he used
to be, has been brought out of retirement for one last time. He is up against     Runaways: Pride and Joy
a new threat that is on the verge of destroying Gotham and quite possible         Author: Brian Vaughn
the world.
                                                                                  Meet six young teens that thought they lived a normal life, until they
Batman: Hush                                                                      accidentally discovered that their parents are really super-villains. In the
Author: Jeph Loeb                                                                 midst of trying to understand what is happening they start to learn that they
                                                                                  possess powers.
Batman is following a script being played, toyed and deceived by a
mysterious man. This man knows Batman, how he thinks and how to puch              Ultimate Spiderman: Power and Responsibility
him, and above all, he knows Batman's tru identity. Hush. Volume one.             Author: Brian Michael Bendis, Bill Jemas

Batman: The Long Halloween                                                        Meet Peter Parker the typical teen geek, he constantly tries to catch the ey
Author: Jeph Loeb                                                                 of his childhood crush, tries to survive the constant bullying and tries to get
                                                                                  iinto a good college. As if life was not miserable enough, he get bitten by a
Murders in Gotham are a common occurrence, but what happens when the              spider that gives him great powers. Read this issue as Peter Parker grows to
murderer only kills people on holidays? It is up to Batman to confront this       learn that with great power there must also come great responsibility.
mysterious murderer. It is a race around the clock to find who is Holiday
and stop him before he claims his next victim for the next month.                 Y The Last Man: Unmanned
                                                                                  Author: Brian Vaughn
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear!
Author: Frank Miller                                                              Meet Yorick Brown, an escape artist by profession, but also the last man on
                                                                                  earth that is beside his pet monkey. According to the (now all female)
Meet Matthew Murdock a book smart little boy and the son of an ex-boxer.          government and the world, Yorick has the responsibility to help save the
An accident caused him to lose his eyesight while allowing his other              human race. However, all he wants to do is try to find his girlfriend.
remaining senses to become enhanced. Watch as he grows to adapt with his
new abilities and finds help in the most unlikely place.                          Mangas

Daredevil: Visionaries                                                            Hellsing: Vol.1
Author: Kevin Smith                                                               Author: Kohta Hirano

A child is left on Daredevil's doorstep. He is given startling revelations that   There is a secret society set up in Britain to protect the queen from
this child could be the very thing that could end our world. Daredevil's faith    supernatural forces. Their weapon of choice is a Vampire with a special
is tested as he tries to uncover the truth.                                       silver bullet gun.

Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster                                            Naruto: The Tests of The Ninja
Author: Bruce Jones                                                               Author: Masashi Kishimoto

Televised world wide, a video depicts the Hulk killing a helpless child.          Meet Uzimaki Naruto a young boy with two passions in life wanting to
Blamed for the murder that Bruce Banner did not commit, he runs from the          become the leader of village that hates him and eating ramen. He does not
law. He is once again shunted, feared and hunted down, as he searches for         know that he is shunted because he holds inside the very thing that
the truth.                                                                        destroyed and killed many of the villagers. Read this astonishing tale of a
                                                                                  boy on a quest for acknowledgement and acceptance but of course there will
JLA: Kingdom Come                                                                 be lots of Ramen.
Author: Mark Waid
One Piece: Romance Dawn
Author: Eichiro Oda

Luffy is inspired to become a pirate from the tales of the exploits of the
famous pirate Red Shanks. To hold true to his inspiration, he sets out in a
rowboat in search of the fable One Piece Treasure

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