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					Student Council Agenda
30th October 2008 1. Welcome and Introductions.
Present and Apologies Outline the Agenda

2. Verbal welcome from the Sabbatical Officers.
President VP Representation VP Participation and Development VP Communications Clerk to the Council

3. Trustee Board Update.
Update from the trustee board about what has been happening over the summer.

4. Student Council 2007 – 2008.
Mapping out the student journey What do you want from Student Council year? How would you shape it and how can Council best work within its flexible guidelines. Consider things that as a group student council would like to achieve this year and whether the group would like them to be added to a plan of Council Objectives.

5. Scrutiny Committee’s – Detailed Discussion on the topics.
What do you want from your Scrutiny Committees? Student Council need to agree some topics for the four committees. Do you want 4 named committees or some unnamed ones that could be filled at a later date. The decision is yours.

6. Elections – Student Council Chair, Scrutiny Chairs, Forum Convenors and SASC members.
1. 2. 3. 4. Student Council chair x 1 (2 Min Speech) Scrutiny Committee Chairs x 4 (2 Min Speech) Forum Convenors x 4 (2 Min Speech) Student Activity Sub Committee x 1 (1 Minute)

Break of five minutes! 7. Law Schools changes to teaching
A brief explanation of the changes which have been made to the way in which courses in the law school are taught will be given along with an update by Pete Ellender on the action being taken by KCLSU

8. Recommendation of Campaigning Policy ‘Another Education is Possible’
As proposed by John Cooper.

9. NUS Debate
A Representative from NUS will explain the proposed NUS governance reforms. Student Council are asked to discuss the reforms and come to a decision about KCLSU’s stance in readiness for the NUS extraordinary Conference on the 12th of November. Safe Space Focus on Issue Freedom of Speech Respect the Chair Listening to others Giving everyone the opportunity to speak

Student Council your Ideas
30th October 2008 10. Motion of No-Confidence in KCLSU President Chris Mullan
As proposed by Tejumola Olaoye. In response to requests for an update regarding KCLSU President please see the following link for the latest update. http://www.kclsu.org/index_item.php?id=389



The Next Meeting will take place on Monday 24th November Use this side to write down any ideas you may have or any issues that you want to raise during the course of the meeting.

Safe Space Focus on Issue

Freedom of Speech Respect the Chair Listening to others Giving everyone the opportunity to speak