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					                      Audition skits (Improvisation)
                 (You have the option to use your own skit)
                  Skits below are NOT based on the play.

                          Skit 1 – Busted (for a man)

In this scene you come home from work early to only to find your wife being
intimate with another man. After putting the man out of your house instead of
yelling and screaming at your wife, explain to her how much she hurt, and
disappointed you. Explain how much you love her and what God says about your

                      Skit 2 – Not My Children (for a woman)

In this scene Social Services has showed up at you door after receiving a tip that
your kids lack food, clothing, and heat in the home. You need to convince them
why they should not take your kids away and that you are a good mother and you
just fell on bad times, but now God is bringing you out.

                        Skit 3 – Out All Night (for youth)

In this scene you have just been busted by Big Mama sneaking in the window
while being out all night, Big Mama has a belt in her hand and she is ready to beat
your behind. You need to convince Big Mama that you have a very good reason
why you snuck out, and that she shouldn’t whip your behind.

Remember stage (theatre) acting is more dramatic than screen acting, take your
time and bring the character out.

If you would like you may use someone to help or do a skit with you, it is not
necessary, we would much rather focus directly on your talent, but you have the

                     CHARACTER PROFILE
                                    (Parts Available For Auditions)
                      Ages for characters are NOT necessarily based on your age.

Big Mama: is a loving, outgoing, classy, hat making, beautician, & church going
grandmother who loves to get her hustle on. She was forced into becoming a single
parent that caused her to give up her life, relationships, & dreams to try to mend her
dysfunctional family. She is between the ages of 53-75 years old.

Brenda: is a promiscuous, manipulating, adulterer who doesn’t take life serious, she
thinks she is irresistible until life hits her in the face like a ton of bricks. She finds her life
change dramatically from having a great life with two kids and a very successful husband
that adored her to finding herself disowned by her family, living on the street making
babies & being used by different men. She is between the ages of 20-38 years old.

Corry: is a young teenage boy, who has never met his parents, his grandmother is all he
knows. He goes thru life trying to find himself in search for a role model, he often dreams
about one day meeting his parents. Like most teenagers, Corry has his challenges of
abandonment & rebelliousness. Corry is between the ages of 16-19 years old.

Hattie Mae: is from Arkansas, she finds her way to the Midwest after being forgotten by
her two daughters, Hattie Mae is in search to for a place to feel a part, a family that will
make her feel loved. This very religious, old fashion, hilarious southern girl will fill your
hearts with joy and laughter. She is between the ages of 50-65 years old.

Mrs. Emma: she is a flashy, loud, slick, over the top, super religious, want to be seen,
and self proclaimed (Doctor-Pastor-Bishop-internationally known Gospel singer). Mrs.
Emma is Big Mama’s best friend, because no one else would put up with her mess. In
spite of her shortcomings she really does care greatly for Big Mama & is very much apart
of this family. She is between the ages of 50-60 years old.

Uncle Bird: is Big Mama’s friend (man), he is a bit of jokester & thinks he is an old
player, but can barely walk down the street without assistance. He feels a lack of
attention, & feels Big Mama has no time for him for running behind Corry. He is between
the ages of 60-75 years old.

                    CHARACTER PROFILE
                                  (Parts Available For Auditions)
                    Ages for characters are NOT necessarily based on your age.

Rose: is a sexy, stuck-up, educated, rude woman who thinks she is too good for anyone
which causes her to be lonely & not able to find a man. Rose works in Big Mama’s
beauty shop & also lives in an upstairs apartment. She is between the ages of 25-38 years
of age.

Cousin Odessa: country, country, country! She dresses, looks, thinks, & talks (stuttering)
country…. Cousin Odessa is Big Mama’s cousin from Arkansas who came to see about
her cousin & will cut you over her cousin. She is funny, funny, & funny! She is between
the ages of 45-60 years of age

Dirty Redd: is a jokester who is a flirtatious, homeless, street hustler that had a string of
bad circumstances after he found his wife in bed with his best friend. Dirty Redd who
was very successful business lost everything (including his kids) in a nasty divorce to his
no-good wife, he has harbored ill feelings towards life & God. He is between the ages of
25-38 years old.

Sassy Dassy: is a highly educated, over the top, high maintenance, gossiping, sadityfied
wannabe who thinks she is all that. She is between the ages of 28-45 years of age.

Husband: is a business man that loves, adores, a wife that he has given the world to, he
is betrayed by his cheating wife that gave birth to another mans child while having an
affair. He is angry as #@*%, and leaves her with nothing. He is between the ages of 25-
35 years old.

Daughter: is a young girl being dragged thru the streets by her mother, she loves her
mother very much & tries to keep her mother from loosing her mind. She petitions God
on her mother’s behalf to send a blessing of restoration. She is between the ages of 12-16
years old.


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