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					                                PRESS RELEASE

                 ECO Secretary General Call on Iranian
                    Vice President Dr. M. Ebtekar

      Dr. Abdolrahim Gavahi, ECO Secretary General called on H. E. Dr.
Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and head of
Department of Environment.

      In this meeting Dr. Gavahi, citing that so far no significant joint-project has
been taken up by the two organizations, asked for such cooperation,
emphasizing the critical situation of the ecosystem in ECO region, especially
Caspian Sea. He also referred to the suggestion of the 11th meeting of ECO
Regional Planning Council regarding holding a workshop on expansion of energy
resources and its environmental consequences and asked for the assistance of
the Environment Protection Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this

       In return, H. E. Dr. Ebtekar while welcoming such cooperation referred to
the Ozone Layer and CFC gas problem and suggested that a regional center for
this purpose may well be established. She also added that in this respect the
assistance of UNEP might be sought. She also stressed the great role of the
Non-Governmental Organizations in environmental issues and seeking their
views in this regard. Dr. Ebtekar further emphasized the idea of a high-level
regional meeting of ECO environmental authorities in order to explore areas of
regional cooperation on environment.