how to manage curly hair by alvinbowen


									Curly Hair
Curly hair has a completely different set of rules. There are varying degrees of
curl and need to be worked with according to the curliness degree.

Curly hair doesn't like to be handled. If you have curly hair, you probably
know that it will take a few days for the hair to calm down after a hair service.

The curlier the hair, the†less shampooing it needs. Shampoo can frizz up the
hair. It is important to keep the scalp healthy though. What works great is on
no-shampoo days, wet the hair and apply conditioner. Massage the scalp with
the conditioner and rinse as normal. Continue with styling as normal.

A great book for learning more about making the most of your curl is "Curly
Girl" by Lorraine Massey.

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