; definition of skill related fitness
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definition of skill related fitness

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									NAME__________________ HOUR_______

                             Unit 1

       The Components of
        Physical Fitness

               Health Related
                Skill Related
Objective: Students will learn the meaning, understanding and application of
health-related fitness components of physical fitness and the skill-related
components of physical fitness.

Content & Skill-1,2
Facilitating Activities 1,

                                Student Checklist

I need to know or be able to:
1. Explain the 2 components of physical fitness
          o Health Related
          o Skill Related
2. List and explain the health related components of fitness: Flexibility, Muscular Strength,
Muscular, Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Body Composition
3. List and explain the skill related components of fitness: Coordination, Power, Balance,
Speed, Reaction Time, Agility
4. Explain how the components of physical fitness are used in a sport or activity.

Things I need to do:
                    Take Pre-Test Score__________

                   Read pages 3 in packet

                    Review the Health related components of fitness with class page 4

                    Define the Health related components of physical fitness page 5

                    Do the Health related fitness activity page 6

                    Review the Skill related components of fitness with class page 7

                    Define the Skill Related components of physical fitness page 8

                   Do the Skill related fitness activity page 9

                   Create a Foldable on the Components of Physical Fitness

                   Do the review page 10

                   Fitness Expert letter page 11

                   Crossword puzzle or Challenge Review Quiz on class website 1st 27 questions

                   Review on your own with a friend or family member

                   Post Test Score____________ Did you improve from your pretest? _____

The components of physical fitness are divided into two categories
Health Related and Skill Related.

Health related fitness is the ability of the heart, lungs, muscles, and
joints to perform well.
Regular physical activity promotes physical fitness. Physical fitness is
the condition of the body that results from regular physical activity.
There are five areas of Health-Related Fitness:

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance
  2. Flexibility
  3. Body Composition
  4. Muscular Strength
  5. Muscular Endurance

Skill Related Fitness is the ability to perform skills used in sports and
physical activities. The can help you improve your performance in
sports and games. There are six areas of skill related fitness:

 1. Agility
 2. Balance
 3. Coordination
 4. Reaction Time
 5. Speed
 6. Power

Health-related components of physical fitness:
Health-related components help you maintain good health. Your body systems,
like the cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular systems, all work together.

1. Cardiovascular Endurance: Shows how efficiently your heart, circulatory
system, and respiratory system, work together over a long period of time.
Examples to increase cardiovascular endurance: running, cycling, swimming

2. Flexibility: The ability of joints to move through their full range of motion.
Examples to increase flexibility: stretching, gymnastics

3. Body Composition: Shows the relative amounts of fat body mass to lean body
Examples to lower fat: all cardiovascular activities

4. Muscular Strength; The amount of power a muscle can produce.
Examples to increase strength: weightlifting, gymnastics, push-ups

5. Muscular Endurance: A muscles ability to produce power for a long duration.
Examples to increase muscular endurance: running, swimming, weightlifting

In your own words define or explain the following phrases or
terms. Be sure to use complete sentences.

Health-Related Components of physical fitness:

Cardiovascular Endurance:


Body Composition:

Muscular Strength:

Muscular Endurance:

   On the following chart, perform the movement that is suggested if directed
   or answer according to what you know. After completing the movement Check
   off the health related part or parts of fitness that you did in that movement.

                      Cardiovascular   Flexibility      Body       Muscular    Muscular
   MOVEMENT             Endurance                    Composition   Strength   Endurance

Jog for 3 minutes

Do 50 curl-ups

Touch your toes

Do 50 jumping

Do 5 push ups

Touch your hands
behind your back

Run as fast you can
from one spot to

Bend down and
jump as high as you

Jump as high you
20 times in a row

What would you use
if you ran for 30 –
60 minutes.

Skill-related components of physical fitness: Help you perform skills needed
for sports and dance activities. They can help you have fun in active play.

1. Agility: The ability to change direction of movement quickly while staying in
control of your body.
Examples: shuttle run, soccer, basketball, tag, dodge ball, dance

2. Balance: The ability to maintain body equilibrium in different movements or
not to fall.
Examples: gymnast, dancer, throwing a pass on the run

3. Coordination: The ability to combine at the same time, movements of various
body parts.
Examples: setting a volleyball, hitting a golf ball

4. Power: The ability to combine strength and speed.
Examples: high jumping, sprinting, figure skating

5. Reaction Time: The time between you senses recognizing a stimulus and your
body moving in response.
Examples: hitting a ball, starting a race

6. Speed: The time it takes you to move a certain distance.
Example sprinter, receiver

In your own words define or explain the following phrases or
terms. Be sure to use complete sentences.

Skill-Related Components of physical fitness:





Reaction Time:


   On the following chart, perform the movement that is suggested if directed
   or answer according to what you know. After completing the movement Check
   off the health related part or parts of fitness that you did in that movement.

                        Agility Coordination   Reaction   Balance   Speed   Power
    MOVEMENT                                    Time

Move side to side 15

  Stand on 1 foot
while counting to 25
 Run as fast as you
can from one spot to

Toss and catch a ball
to the other 6 times
 Walk along a crack
   or line without
    stepping off

Bend down and jump
  as high as you can
 While skipping toss
a ball back and forth
    between hands
Jump back and forth
  over line 20 times
   Put a ball on the
  back of your hand
 toss it up and catch
     it in the palm
Find a partner, when
 they jump you jump
10 times,then switch
What would you use
if you were asked to
move a heavy object


After each fitness term, write an H for health-related and S for Skill-related:

  1. Muscular endurance         ______
  2. Power                      ______
  3. Agility                    ______
  4. Cardiovascular endurance   ______
  5. Reaction Time              ______
  6. Speed                      ______
  7. Flexibility                ______
  8. Muscular Strength          ______
  9. Body composition           ______
  10. Balance                   ______
  11. Coordination              ______

Imagine you’re a fitness teacher in charge of planning a program for a customer.
Your customer desires to be healthy and fit. What type of activity can your
customer do to improve on the health-related components of fitness?

Health–related component
Cardiovascular endurance        ____________________
Muscular Strength               ____________________
Muscular Endurance              ____________________
Flexibility                     ____________________
Body Composition                ____________________

Skill-related component
Agility                         ____________________
Speed                           ____________________
Balance                         ____________________
Coordination                    ____________________
Reaction time                   ____________________
Power                           ____________________

Choose a sport or activity that uses both health-related components of fitness
and skill related components of fitness that will benefit your customer the most.
In a letter to your customer explain how the sport or activity you chose, uses at
least three health and three skill components of fitness.

Dear _____________________

     As your fitness expert I am writing you to encourage you to participate in
the following sport or activity______________________. It has several great
benefits that will make you healthy and fit.

     Stay Active,
     Your Fitness Expert


P   Z   X   C   V    B    N   M    A   S    D    F   G   H    J   K    L   Q    C    W   E        R

O   P   H   Y   S     I   C   A    L   F    I    T   N   E    S   S    T   Y    A    P   O        J
I   P   O   I   U    Y    T   R    F    L   M    N   B   V    D   D    R   T    R    F   G        H

U   R   E   A   C    T    I   B    Y   E    C    A   R   D    S    I   N   Y    D    E   C        K
Y   B   E   L   E     I   V   E    H   X    W    H   A   T    K   H    K   B    I    T   D        R
T   D   L   R   U    N    N   E    R    I   G    Y   M   N    A   S    T   S    O    F   U        N

T   W   E   C   O    O    R   D    I   B    Y    G   H   X    M   W    E   R    V    O   P        L
R   W   G   U   M    W    T   Y    J    I   P    K   S   H    A   N    H   M    A    A   W        Y
E   S   F   Y   K    A    F   E    E    L   G    O   O   D    Z   Y    T   W    S    S   H        P
E   G   D   H    L   Y    G    J   Y    I   Q   W    E   A    I   A    A   Z    C    H   G    O

E   P   S   E   E    T    H   H    Y   T    B    F   G   R    N    I   O   P    U    N   E        I
W   I   A   C   S    A    F   C    C   Y    J    C   A   A    G   J    K   L    L    S   D        U
Q   U   M   N   O     I   L   Y    O   U    A    R   E   G    R   E    A   T    A    M   R        Y

A   Y   N   A   C    U    A   T    E   R    T    Y   I   H    J   E    K   H    R    M   T    G
S   T   B   R   O    Y    S   D    H   A    S    D   G   H    J   E    K   G    E    S   Y        R

D   R   V   U   O    T    C   O    O   R    D    I   N   A    T    I   O   N    N    I   U        E
F   R   R   D    L   R    S   D    I   N    E    X   A   N    J   O    P   R    D    L   I    W

G   E   F   N    F   Y    A   F    U   M    E    L   S   N    G   O    H   F    U    S   O        B
H   W   F   E    L   W    P   G    Y   N    F    C   A   N    D   U    Y   E    R    I   P        V

J   W   T   R   E    Q    O   H    T   B    G    V   N   T    D   Y    S   D    A    G   K        F
Z   E   V   A   X    A    I   Y    T    I   L    I   G   A    E   H    I   S    N    G   Y        D

A   M   M   L   W    S    U    J   R   V    L    A   D   N    L   D    C   Z    C    D   U        E
S   I   L   U   H    D    Y   K    E   C    O    S   V   N    T   A    A   Z    E    E   I        K

D   T   J   C   S    G    T    L   W   X    I    D   H    L   O   G    B   M    V    K   O        L
F   N   H   S   D    C    R   Z    Q   Z    U    F   J   F    N   N    F   M    C    L   P        F

G   O   G   U   Y    B    U   X    M   A    Y    G   K   G    O   G    I   N    X    N   L    G

H   I   F   M   H    V    E    L   N   S    T    H   L    I   E   B    T   B    S    H   K        D
J   T   D   H   N    V    W   C    A   D    R    J   T    J   D   D    E   D   W     T   J        S
K   C   S   T   H    D    Q   V    B   R    F    I   Y   K    E   D    S   F    E    R   H        D
L   A   A   G   Y    G    D   E    E   P    S    Y   T   M    R   S    B   G    R    M   F        F

W   E   Q   F    I   T    N   S    C   O    M    T   T   R    Y   S    R   H    F    J   G    G
E   R   W   F   H    H    J   K    P   G    H    Y   R   Y    Y   F    A   J    R    H   S        N
R   G   E   A   S    D    F   M    C   F    V    G   B   E    Y   F    V   K    H    G   Z        B

T   H   R   A   S    D    O   G    H    J   K    U   O   K    N   J    E   L    Y    F   X        B
Y   J   T   A   S    C    Z   X    C   V    B    N   M   M    Y   G    T   P    H    R   C        P
U   I   Y   Y   Y    B    H   U    I   K    L    I   E   R    Y   P    T   O    J    T   V    O
I   O   U   D    Z   C    F   R    T   Y    H    N   I   O    H   O    I   H    U    Y   B    W

P   P   O   H   G    J    U    L   O   P    M    J   F   B    L   O    K   I    O    I   N        E
O   B   U   S   D    D    E   T    A    L   E    R   L    L   I   K    S   U    L    U   M        R

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