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									July 4th Craft Ideas
                               Expect a Fourth of July filled with old-fashioned fun when you cre-
                               ate easy, inexpensive decorations with paper, basic craft supplies,
                               and enchanting Victoriana printables. Inspired by turn-of-the-century
                               celebrations, this joyful tribute to red, white, and blue harkens to a
                               time when impromptu hats were folded from leftover newspapers,
                               and marching bands, firecrackers, and lawn games marked the day.
                               “It was a very big holiday,” explains Melissa. “Postcards with patriotic
                               greetings were mailed out in much the same way as we now send out
seasonal holiday cards.” These projects by Melissa can be made ahead of time to decorate for the
holiday, or assembled with the help of family and young friends at the party itself.

                                        LET THE FUN BEGIN: CRAFT SUPPLIES
                                        PAPER: Newspaper gives the crafts their old-fashioned ap-
                                        pearance, so even in more colorful projects, include a little bit.
                                        For crepe paper, visit papersource.com.

                                        PIPE CLEANERS: Metallic versions in silver, gold, and red
                                        add sparkle. Find them at craft supply stores, such as Michaels.

                                        RIBBON: Check your own stash before heading out to buy
                                        red, white, and blue ribbon. Look for prints as well as solids at

                                        GLUE: For crepe paper, use dry glue, such as a glue stick or
                                        3M transfer tape.

                                          PRINTABLES: For lettering, Melissa used a text font called
                                          Algerian, but you can substitute any typeface with a vintage
                                          look. Type letters with spaces between them to allow room for
cutting. Download the postcard images and print or photocopy onto heavy paper. Embellish with glit-
ter, from tinseltrading.com or any craft supply store.

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Create charming Fourth of July decorations! Fold these
charming paper-hat place cards, then add colorful bands, ro-
settes, and toppers. Make a sparkling hat topper by coiling a
metallic pipe cleaner around a pencil, then carefully inserting
the pipe cleaner into the top of the hat. Print or hand-stamp
a name banner and trim with pinking shears. Fold hats us-
ing newspaper or red, white, and blue crepe paper. Look for
striped and dotted paper, too.

Learn how to make these fun hats with our step-by-step in-

Newspaper’s faded tones lend these projects vintage ap-
peal. This hat is brightened by a glittery rosette, a blue band
trimmed with pinking shears, and a simple name banner in
a bold typeface. GLUE TIP: When working with crepe paper,
use a glue stick or transfer tape. Liquid glue can cause colors
to run.

The look here was inspired by crepe paper found at a flea
market, then reworked to create chair decorations that resem-
ble old-world ribbons.

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                                       ROSETTE BANNER
                                       Adapt the rosettes for this banner to any size.

                                       STEP 1 From blue crepe paper, cut a strip 8 inches wide and
                                       20 inches long.

                                       STEP 2 From a clean newspaper, cut a narrower strip of pa-
                                       per. Lay it down in the center of the blue strip, gluing in place.
                                       Repeat, cutting an even narrower strip of red crepe paper,
                                       then gluing in place.

                                       STEP 3 Fan-fold across the narrow width of the strip. Fold in
                                       half lengthwise.

                                       STEP 4 Open out on either side of the center fold you just
                                       made to create a circle; glue. Print “Happy Fourth”; cut out
                                       around the letters in a circle with pinking shears. Glue onto rosettes.

STEP 5 Cut 8-inch pipe cleaners in half. Use one to form a loop; slip through another to form another
loop, and so on. When chain is complete, glue a pipe cleaner loop to the back of each rosette, first
passing it through a chain loop, then gluing in place.

                                       The Lady Liberty door hanger can be filled with fresh
                                       flowers, stick candy, or lollipops. A simple crepe paper
                                       pocket is glued to the back of a printout of Lady Liberty
                                       on heavy paper. Embellish with a rosette; hand tie with

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                                  Carnation balls are a fresh take on a humble flower. They add a fun
                                  burst of color to your Fourth of July table, and they’re easy to make.
                                  Thoroughly saturate a 3-inch sphere of floral foam with cool water,
                                  then insert short carnation stems -- cut to an inch below the calyx --
                                  in a concentric, coiling pattern until the sphere is almost covered.

                                  Each of these spheres holds about 50 carnations.

                                  Display carnation balls individually, or cluster balls of varying sizes
                                  -- and color -- on a favorite vase or tray to create a distinctive and
                                  dramatic centerpiece.

Place sphere with its “bald spot” in a saucer of cool water; refresh daily and it will last a week.

                                          Guests will get a bang out of these “firecracker” favors, which
                                          can be filled with sparklers. Wrap paper towel tubes with
                                          crepe paper; add favor, then hot-glue a cardboard circle to
                                          the tube’s bottom. Insert a pipe cleaner “wick”; tie off.
                                          Want to start these projects today? Print the Victorian post-
                                          cards you just saw in this story here -

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