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					                                                 University of Alabama
                                                     in Huntsville
                                                          301 Sparkman Drive
                                                          Huntsville, AL 35899

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a four-year public university in Madison County. UAH has about 7,300 students,
with 80% from Alabama and 65% full-time. The school operates on a semester system and is accredited by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools.

                  Admissions and Housing                                            2008–2009 Estimated In-State Costs

Admissions:        UAH Office of Undergraduate Admissions                Tuition & fees           $ 5,216
                   301 Sparkman Drive                                    Room & board             $ 6,290
                   Huntsville, AL 35899
                                                                         Fee per credit hour for part-time (under 12 hours): N/A
                   Phone: (800) UAH-CALL, (256) 824-2773
                   Fax: (256) 824-7780                                   Payment plan(s): Yes
                                                                                           2008–2009 Financial Aid
Campus tours: Phone: (256) 824-2773
                                                                         Financial aid:     Office of Student Financial Services
Admission requirements: Sliding scale based on combination                                  UC Room 212
of GPA and composite ACT score.                                                             301 Sparkman Drive
                                                                                            Huntsville, AL 35899

Application deadlines:      Fall semester: August 15                                        Phone: (256) 824-2761
                            Spring semester: December 1                                     Fax: (256) 824-6212
                            Summer term: May 1                                              E-mail:

Housing:          Phone: (256) 824-6108
Residence halls and on-campus apartments are available for               __ Alabama Student                     ✔	 Federal Pell
housing. Residence halls have Internet access. Freshman can have         ✔	 Alabama Student Assistance          ✔	 Federal SEOG
cars on campus and can live off campus.                                  ✔ Academic Competitiveness Grant       ✔ SMART Grant

Pre-enrollment fees and deposits:                                        Scholarships:
Application for admission: $30 (Nonrefundable)                           ✔ American Legion Auxiliary            ✔ American Legion
Housing deposit: $125 (Partly refundable)                                ✔	 Other: Institutional aid

                          Academics                                      Conversion scholarships/loans:
                                                                         ✔ Alabama Nursing Scholarship  ✔	 Federal TEACH Grant
University of Alabama in Huntsville offers bachelor’s, master’s,
doctoral and post-baccalaureate and post-master’s degrees. See           Loans:
page 135 for a complete list of degree programs. Special programs        ✔	 Federal Direct PLUS                 __	 Federal Perkins
include honors program, distance learning, study abroad,                 ✔	 Federal Direct Stafford
cooperative education, internships and teacher preparation.
                       Online Services                                   ✔	 Alabama National Guard Assist.      ✔	 Federal Work-Study
                                                                         ✔	 Police Officer’s/Firefighter’s      ✔	 ROTC
Website information/forms: Admission application,                           Survivor’s Ed. Assistance           ✔ VA Benefits
scholarship application, campus directory, campus map/tour,
catalog, academic calendar and course schedule                           Required Financial aid applications:
                                                                         ✔	 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Online submission: Admission application, course registration,           __ Institutional form
credit card payment, and info/material request
                                                                         Federal school code (for FAFSA): 001055

                                                                         Students receiving financial aid: 67%

                                                                         Financial aid application deadlines for freshmen:
                                                                         Fall semester: April 1
                                                                         Spring semester: November 1
                                                                         Summer term: May 1

KHEAA–Alabama                                                       95                                                    Getting In 2008–2009

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