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									Corporate Membership


Acce ss to CS R Knowledge Center covering the following information

CSR Analysis of Leading Indian corporates and Global Fortune 500 corporates bas ed on our concept
of a CSR Tree. Members thus can read not only about the philanthropic initiatives of a corporat e but
also their CS R in business proc esses or CSR policies…The entire information is data driven and can
therefore be searched based on multiple parameters.

CSR Discussion Forum covering important issues like how to get CSR “buy in” from multiple
management disciplines or how to promote and handle volunteering or how to successfully initiate
and monitor stakeholder dialogue or how to add social value to brands.

Acce ss to CS R Tool Box covering the following information
Conc ept and definition of CSR, Sustainability, CSR Terminologies, CSR Strategy, CSR Budgeting.
Brief information on CS R in business processes & management disciplines, people and planet
policies, sustainability issues, regulations and compliances, stakeholder dialogue, systems and
indices, signatory issues, reporting systems…
Link to interesting CSR videos, articles, features and interviews.
Features on CSR & Product pricing, CS R & Cost cutting, CSR & Stakeholder engagement…

Special eNewsletter will share a weekly eNewsletter covering CSR News, Award alerts, information on
seminars, conferenc es & training programmes, volunteering and donation opportunities, national and
international observation days and links to interviews, reports and researches from global sites. The
newsletter will also share new initiatives by member corporat es.
CSR Discussion Forums will be featured in special newsletters.

Mentorship (Only for SMEs) plans to promote the concept of CS R in SMEs as well as large corporates at the
starting point of CSR. Therefore along with the reduced membership fees, we would offer online
guidance on CS R to Founders of SMEs. We will also facilitate one on one meeting of SME founder
with CS R Head of a leading corporate in the area.

CSR Profile will host a dedicated space for member corporates. In this space, members can
share their CS R present ations, CSR case study, views of CEO, CS R head as well as heads of HR &
other departments on CS R. will also share CS R videos of our members through
You Tube or similar channels.

Visibility to CS R profile
The profiles of the members will be promoted from the home page of CS,
VoiceOfB and through a dropdown link. has partnered with to share CS R activities of members to a large
database of NGOs through weekly emailers. has started its own Media Syndication U nit through which CSR activities of
members will be shared with a large database of journalists representing news and electronic media
through monthly emailers.

Promotion of CS will be promoted to the following key audiences
Indian and Global corporates, Credible institutions recognising CS R efforts with awards
Stock exchanges, Leading investors, investor groups, investor and cons umer forums
Government ministries and consulates of key countries.
Business magazines & electronic media; national / regional / local media
Students from leading business schools and social science institutes
30 000 NGOs, 500 Funding Agencies, Key Celebrities and thought leaders.

Visibility from Group portal
Our group portal VoiceOfB will interview our members for their philanthropic initiatives issue
wise and district wise and these views will be promoted as donor voice from the respective issue
section and district on, thus giving our members more visibility.

Unlimited Press Releases
Member corporates will be given a username and password to share their CSR related press
releases directly on CS ( These releases would not carry photographs )

Membership Period : From the date of membership to March 31, 2011

Annual Turnover above Rs 100 Crores               : Rs 20 000/-
Annual Turnover below Rs 100 Crores               : Rs 10 000/-
Corporate Foundations                             : Rs 20 000/-

Note : This membership rate is available for the first 50 Corporate Members. Once we exceed this
number, the membership fees will have an added element of 10.3% service tax.
                                                                           Membership Form

Name                        ____________________________________________________

Addre ss                    ____________________________________________________



Contact Person I            ____________________________________________________

Phone / Mobile              ____________________________________________________

Email                       ____________________________________________________

Contact Person II           _____________________________________________________

Phone / Mobile              _____________________________________________________

Email                       _____________________________________________________

Payment Details

Membership Fees             ________________________________ _____________________

DD No                       _____________________________________________________

Date                        _____________________________________________________

Bank                        _____________________________________________________

                            ________________________________________________ _____


Preferred Username          _____________________________________________________

Preferred Password          _____________________________________________________

Note : DD to be drawn on the name of Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consultin g Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate s can also pay by At par cheques or credit through NEFT to our account number
122037666001 with HSBC Bank ( IFSC CODE HS BC0400011)

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