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                Webcam Chat Software-- AV Webcam Morpher Gold Spices up More Fun

       By SharewareDown
       Dated: Nov 14, 2007

       AV Webcam Morpher Gold--- A solution to kill your boredom, spice up fun in online chat and bring out
       your new personality with lower price now.

       Is there a case that you want to video or audio chat with someone but without letting him/ her know how
       you look or you just want to be completely anonymous in webcam chat rooms?

        Or you just want to be a little bit special in a certain time, using nick faces and nick voices like teenagers, a
       young man, a grandma, etc.?

        AV Webcam Morpher Gold is the most comprehensive and most advanced webcam chat software in the
       series that provides a series of nickfaces, nickvoices, and nickgestures for your chat needs.

        It allows users to be completely anonymous in webcam chat rooms due to its unique preset "nickfaces" and
       "nickvoices". With the "nickfaces" collection, you'll have various faces (including male and female models)
       to choose from. To match your new appearance, or simply to have a new voice of any gender and age, just
       pick out any preset "nickvoices" to try. Now with "nickvoices" you can be anyone you want, from a
       teenager, young man, to a grandma, etc.; you can disguise your voice in voice chat, PC-to-PC and
       PC-to-Phone programs. You can also use Webcam Morpher Gold to create different voices for movies,
       audio clips, and presentations. This webcam chat software lets you choose from almost a hundred
       ready-to-use video effects (surface, color, and water video effects) and audio effects (common and morpher
       effects) that will help you to explore a new world of video and sound.

        In addition, AV Webcam Morpher Gold comes with a built-in recorder, making it possible for you to
       record live webcam sessions and save them in AVI format. This recording function helps you produce
       unique video clips for your blog, vblog, or online video diary. This webcam software is compatible with
       webcam and voice chat clients: Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger;
       PC2Phone programs: Net2Phone, Dialpad, Go2Call, DeltaTree, and MaxPhone. With AV Webcam
       Morpher Gold, you do not need to have a webcam for live video chat because this webcam software will
       install a virtual webcam driver. You can free dowload AV Webcam Morpher Gold 1.0.67 or buy it now.

        Key features of AV Webcam Morpher Gold
        1. Cute nickfaces; choose your favorite "personality" among 8 "nickfaces" They can smile, laugh, talk,
       even flirt like real people.
        2. Terrific video effects; color your video background, adjust the brightness, contrast, grayscale, and
       more, fast and easily, for great results.
        3.   Outstanding audio effects; noise reduction, volume adjustment, band pass filter, band reject filter,
       plus many others, allow you to quickly make high quality audio outputs
        4. Virtual webcam driver; you don’t need to buy a real webcam for live video chat.
        5. Superior "nickvoices" library; combine your "nickface" with suitable nickvoices such as prudent girl,
       charming girl, boy, young man, teenager, etc.
        6. Unlimited webcam recorder; record anything your webcam can see for as long as you want to (limited
       only by the size of available HDD storage) and save it as a compressed video in AVI format.

        What are the benefits of using AV Webcam Morpher Gold
        1.  Fun and new experience in video chat rooms

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2.     Privacy protected & absolute anonymity
3.     Refresh yourself everyday

Pricing and Availability:
Price: $69.95 before, now only $49.95

 Click http://
d_84662.html to learn more details about AV Webcam Morpher Gold.

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