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name all female music artists


									                                                                                                   Pictured: THE LOVE BITES (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) -
                                                                                                   HANNAH, NIKKI, AIMEE AND DANI


                                                     WITH THEIR COMPANY TK1 MANAGEMENT, TRINA TORPEY AND
                                                     KATHRYN NASH ARE PAVING THE WAY FOR FEMALE-FOUNDED,
                                                     INDEPENDENT ARTIST MANAGEMENT COMPANIES. AND THEY’RE
                                                     HOTLY–TIPPED TO BECOME THE YOUNGEST AND FRESHEST
                                                     MANAGEMENT SUPREMOS IN THE UK’S MUSIC INDUSTRY. SO IS IT ANY
                                                     WONDER, ASKS WERSHA BHARADWA, THAT THEY’RE KEEPING THEIR
                                                     SIGHTS FIRMLY ON THE NUMBER ONE SPOT?

                                                                                                                                                          Flybe FOCUS
WHILE female music artist managers aren’t         affectionate nickname bestowed upon them         outside office hours, I got straight on the
exactly a new phenomenon, they are few            by close friends in the music industry)          phone to Trina.”
and far between. And off the top of my head,      jumped in with two feet.                           In contrast, Trina, upon graduating in
I for one, am only able to name Sharon              “We’ve always loved enterprising – it’s in     drama, had worked as part of a theatrical
Osbourne. Mostly the terms ‘entertainment’        our blood,”laughs Trina.“If ever either one of   production house and then in 1999 - with
and ‘entrepreneur’, are singularly associated     us saw a chance to do something new and          the help of a Princes Trust grant and loan -
with paunchy, middle-aged male svengalis.         exciting, we would actively pursue the           formed her own entertainment agency
  This – thankfully – is about to change with     opportunity instead of simply daydreaming        where she managed 30 different actors and
the arrival of two fabulously talented and        about it.”                                       actresses. With a combined knowledge of
glamorous businesswomen, Kathryn Nash,              This is exactly what happened when, in         the show business industry and Trina’s
31 and Trina Torpey, 32, from London, and         2001, Kathryn - after a business and media       experience in starting a business, the two
their music artist management company,            degree at university, and marketing,             friends decided it was time to join hands and
TK1 Management. Best friends since school,        production and A&R jobs in radio and record      take on the music world.
Trina and Kathryn developed their passion         labels - was working as an artist manager’s        “I had become tired of working for other
for business and music at an early age with a     assistant at Big Life Management.                people and Trina wasn’t enjoying her line of
first joint business partnership of selling         “An RnB singer and songwriter, Vivianna,       work much either,” says Kathryn. “Working
helium balloons and then later DJ-ing at          had been turned down by the company I            with my friend of 22 years as my business
local discos and parties.                         was working for and asked me if I’d like to      partner in an industry we both loved,
  So when an opportunity arose to start up a      personally represent her,”explains Kathryn.“I    seemed like a brilliant idea.”
business in a field they both loved and were      really liked her demo and as my boss said it       Indeed, a music artist management
familiar with, the ‘Dynamic Duo’ (an              wasn’t a problem for me to pursue work           company would provide both women with

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              young upstarts

                                                                                                                           recording deals,” she says. “We learnt the
                                                                                                                           hard way this obviously wasn’t the case. In
                                                                                                                           today’s industry climate, you have to
                                                                                                                           develop a band to the point where they’re
                                                                                                                           almost ready to simply release an album
                                                                                                                           under a record label. It’s a lot of hard work. It
                                                                                                                           was a necessary wake-up call on how we
                                                                                                                           needed to operate in order to survive.”
                                                                                                                             Still, Trina and Kathryn became more
                                                                                                                           certain of the success of their venture. Nine
                                                                                                                           months after registering TK1 Management,
                                                                                                                           they packed in their jobs and committed
                                                                                                                           themselves to the company full time. For the
                                                                                                                           next year, they were arranging back-to-back
                                                                                                                           meetings with record companies and
                                                                                                                           seasoned music managers for advice and
                                                                                                                           recognition. At the same time, they began
                                                                                                                           placing advertisements looking for artists
                                                                                                                           seeking representation.
                          Pictured: TRINA, AIMEE, DANI, HANNAH, NIKKI, AND KATHRYN                                           Word had already spread about TK1, and a
                                                                                                                           media investment company approached
                                                                                                                           them. However, Trina and Kathryn turned
                      the opportunity to combine their talents
                                                                                                                           down the substantial offer of financial
                   and contacts. “We’d be able to offer the
                   music industry a breath of fresh air,” says
                                                                             “ They asked to be
                                                                            silent partners and
                                                                                                                           backing when asked to give up 51 per cent
                                                                                                                           of creative control in return. Within a month,
                                                                                                                           another company came forward with a
                                                                            didn’t want to take over

                     “It’s surprising how few young female
                                                                                                                           six–figure deal in exchange for a small share.
                   managers there are in the industry. And if               our vision of the                              “They asked to be silent partners and didn’t
                   you do come across them, they’re usually
                   working in partnership with men. Plus, we
                                                                            company – it was the                           want to take over our vision of the company
                                                                            best possible outcome                          – it was the best possible outcome,” says an
                   were thankful for having been approached
                   by someone who could sing and write her
                                                                                                                ”          ecstatic Trina. “We agreed to the deal and it
                                                                                                                           enabled us to buy new premises and sign up
                   own material. It helped define our style. We
                                                                                                                           acts ourselves.”
                   didn’t want to be just another management            start-up loans. Overhead costs were low as
                   company manufacturing bands and                      Trina and Kathryn worked from each other’s
                   handing them pre-written songs. Any artist           houses and they divided responsibilities
                   we worked with would have to be able                 evenly, each contributing to the financial
                   musicians or singer-songwriters too.”                and creative side of the business.
                     Trina and Kathryn quickly got their heads            Within two months they had secured a six-
                   together. Cautious not to give up their day          album deal for their first artist,Vivianna, with
                   jobs right away, the twosome worked                  Mercury records.“It was an amazing feeling.
                   feverishly on their detailed business plan           We just felt incredibly lucky. Here we were
                   and organising the company, TK1                      with our first act, signing up to major record
                   management – a name they had devised                 label within two months of opening shop.”
                   using the first initials of each other’s names –       According to Trina, before that, she and
                   during the evenings.                                 Kathryn were naive about the role of a music
                     They officially launched the company in            manager. “We thought all our job entailed
                   December 2001, without borrowing any                 was finding good artists and securing
                                                                                                                                   Pictured: HEADING FOR STARDOM?
                                                                                                                                   THE LOVE BITES

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                                                                                                                      young upstarts

                                                                                                     tracks for their album.We also were responsible
                                                                                                     for musical equipment loans, sponsorship, and
                                                                                                     getting them on to a television documentary
                                                                                                     series to generate publicity.”
                                                                                                       Trina and Kathryn’s hard work paid off
                                                                                                     when in September 2004, The Love Bites
                                                                                                     signed a six-figure, five-album deal with
                                                                                                     Universal Island records, home to U2,
                                                                                                     Sugababes, Busted and McFly.The Love Bites
                                                                                                     debut single ‘You Broke My Heart’ is released
                                                                                                     this October.
                                                                                                       In the first year of starting up, TK1
                                                                                                     Management ran at a profit loss, but has
                                                                                                     steadily achieved an estimated 250k
                                                                                                     turnover. Now the friends are able to take
                                                                                                     monthly wages. They have a regular work
       Pictured: TRINA AND KATHRYN WERE AWARDED THE MUSIC MANAGERS FORUM (MMMF) EXPORT AWARD         experience scheme for students from their
                                                                                                     former school because they want to teach
  “We found a great brand new commercial                                                             teenagers ‘women can run businesses and
development in Tower Bridge, London,” says                                                           be high fliers too’. After The Love Bites deal,
Kathryn. “Because we were able to sign
within six days, we bought our office for
                                                            showcased the
                                                    “ “Wefestivals and
                                                    band at
                                                                                                     they employed a full time member of staff,
                                                                                                     Rosie Akenhead, to assist the business too.
180k. We also invested in a company car             gigs, made up Love Bites                           After the record deal, Trina and Kathryn
because much of our jobs involves moving                                                             were awarded the Music Managers Forum
our artists to and from meetings.”
                                                    badges and made                                  (MMF) Export award for their innovation and
  In November 2003, after a long search for         everyone from Richard                            dedication within the music industry. “We

                                                                                                                                                              Flybe FOCUS
an all-female rock group, they were sent a          Branson to the band                              mingled with the managers for Robbie
demo tape by a teenage band from                    McFly wear them                                  Williams and The Darkness that night,” says
Coventry called The Love Bites who had                                            ”                  Kathryn. ”At another award ceremony we sat
come across TK1 on Google.“At 13 years old,                                                          and chatted to Sharon Osbourne who has
we thought the four school girls - who were      to them backstage.The Love Bites were even          been a huge inspiration too.”
two friends and two sisters - were too           a supporting act for Busted, McFly and                With jam-packed schedules, Trina and
young,” says Trina.“But after listening to the   Liberty X. Every time we showcased the              Kathryn aren’t planning on resting on their
five songs they’d written, we were hooked.       group, we invited representatives from              laurels either. The pair is aiming to turn TK1
They were fresh, cute and had attitude.”         record companies to come down and watch.            into a global brand. “We’ve just signed on a
  Trina and Kathryn, confident and excited       So before we’d even secured a recording             new group called Bay 15, and in a few years
about their new find, signed The Love Bites      deal, everyone in the industry knew about           time we’d like to set up a music publishing
immediately. They then embarked on a             them. Mike Skinner from The Streets once            and merchandising company too,” says
strategic campaign to create excitement          heard them rehearsing from outside and              Kathryn.“We love what Simon Fuller did with
among record companies, the media and            popped in to tell them he was a fan.”               19 Entertainment.”
the public, enticing them with The Love Bites      Trina estimates nurturing the band pre-             Still, it’s not all about flashing pound signs.
slick form of rock/pop music.                    recording deal cost TK1 Management over             “You’ve got to believe in your product.That’s
  “We showcased the band at festivals and        20k.“It’s what artist management is all about       our philosophy. There’s really no certainty in
gigs, made up Love Bites badges and made         these days,” she says. “We’ve had to fund           this business – you’re only as good as your
everyone from Richard Branson to the band        gigs, studio time, styling, out of school tutors,   last artist. You just have to remember to
McFly wear them whenever we bumped in            recording studio time and recording a few           always keep that fighting optimism.”

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