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             The Best Beach Bag to Flatter Your Body Type
Who cares if you haven't lost those last 5 pounds before 4th of July? Be smart about
accessorizing your bikini, and no one will ever notice.

Handbag guru Amy Pigliacampo of Freddy&Ma explains the best beach bags to
flatter all body types:

      Got a tummy? Freddy&Ma's Gracie Tote in an eye-catching
      print will draw attention to your bag, not your belly. Pair a
      colorful Sibyl Lindsay pattern with the oversized shape and
      minimize the appearance of your middle.

      Are you pear-shaped? Add some dimension to your
      décolletage with Freddy&Ma's Gypsy Lane Hobo. Its cute
      curves will mimic your own.

      Want to keep a large chest in check? Swing a Freddy&Ma
      Palo Alto Pouch over your shoulder and you're good to go.
      The bottom-heavy shape of the pouch will balance out your
      bust line.

      Have nothing to hide? Try Freddy&Ma's Metro Clutch, and
      carry only the essentials.

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