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Spec Sheet


									                                                                                               Specs and Services

Design Service:
Our experienced design team makes advertising and marketing with Cruiser Ads fast and easy. We will design your
mobile display sign, coupons or handouts to your requested speci cations. Simply send us a high res or vector version of
your logo, along with copy/o er, and other branding information we may need.

Print Service:
We handle all your printing needs so you don’t have to.
With our expert Cruiser Team handling design and printing, you’re guaranteed fast turnaround time and, most
importantly, an eye-catching campaign.

Mobile Bicycle Display Sign:
• Size: 36 inches (w) by 60 inches (h)
• Bleeds should be .25in
• CMYK color
• 300 dpi
Make sure you ask about our design services if you would like a custom banner made.
If you are supplying your own banner then make sure to have the sides folded and 8 grommets are put on.
(See Diagram for grommet placement)

Coupon/Flyer Specs:
If you do not have coupons or handouts already created please follow the specs below. Please ask about our design
services if you would like a custom coupon or handout made.
Postcard 1
• Size: 4 inches (w) by 6 inches (h)
• Bleeds should be .25in
• CMYK color
• 300 dpi
• Two Sided
If you are supplying your own coupons/handouts then make sure to contact our sales team if you haven’t already for
more details on size limitations.

All les should be sent at 300dpi, CMYK. Highly compressed les. Lower resolution will not be accepted.

All artwork should be submitted as a Print Quality PDF le. Other acceptable le formats: EPS, PSD, Illustrator (CS4 or below and fonts
converted to outline), InDesign

Files can be sent via e-mail to Please include the client name, a contact phone number, and start date of ad if
known. Please put (”Company Name - Files”) in the subject line.

Large les (2mb and over) should be sent via using the email address

We will not accept ads submitted in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher le formats.

Call us for questions or help 310-450-3508

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