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									        Digital Photography Tips & Tricks
                     Dr. Arnie Abrams - Southern Oregon University

1. Tips for choosing a camera                2. Tips for camera operation
3. Tips for better photography               4. Digital imaging tricks

1. Tips for choosing a camera:
What camera features do you (and your students) need?

How many megapixels do you need?

How big of prints? * 200 dpi resolution
MP    # of Pixels:        Prints:
1     640 x 820           4” x 6”
2     1,200 x 1,600       5” x 7”
3     1,512 x 2,016       8” x 10”
5     1,944 x 2,592       16” x 20”
8     3,466 x 4,600       24” x 30”

Looking at lenses:       Zeiss, Nikkor, Leica, Schneider

2. Tips for camera operation:
Use the LCD sparingly

Have spare batteries

Lots of small memory cards

If all else fails… R.T.F.M.

Press, hold and shoot

Using manual camera settings for creative control

Use shooting modes

Improve color with white balance settings: daylight, incandescent, florescent

Control light sensitivity with ISO setting

How to prevent blurring shots – use sports mode

Intentionally blurring shots- use portrait mode
3. Tips for better photography
Control depth of field – use portrait mode

The rule of thirds

Come in tight- zoom and crop

Pick good light for better photos – use natural light

“The Golden Hours” – around sunrise and sunset

Use fill flash

Turn the camera sideways

Preventing red eye

Shoot for digital editing and effects

4. Digital imaging tricks:
Organize your photos into albums – Adobe Elements 3, Album, iPhoto

Creating a photomontage

Stitch together a panorama – Panorama Maker

Importing still images into slide shows or video

Learn from metadata

Getting the best prints possible

Printing posters

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Dr. Arnie Abrams - Southern Oregon University

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