How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps

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					How To Claim Your Piece
Of Land On Google Maps

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How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps   Copyright © 2010
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How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps   Copyright © 2010
Do you serve a local market? If so.. then PLEASE make it easy for online
searchers to find your business when searching for {your city} + {your service}
or vice versa.

‘Cause you know what? Research
shows that a staggering 97% of people
search online before doing any
business locally!

This “how to” guide will show you how
to quickly get your business setup on
Google Places for free. Keep in mind…
even though your physical address is
required information for setting up
your page initially, if you run a home-
based business but still serve locally,
then you can setup a service area and
then hide your physical address.

If you aren’t familiar with Google
Places yet, here’s a quick overview…

Google Places…

   •   Lets you show your business in search results and on the Google Map.
   •   Lets you control the content of your listing in search results and on the
       Google Map, and update it as often as you want.
   •   Lets you see what search terms people are using to find your listing.
   •   Lets you offer printable coupons to your customers from your listing.
   •   Lets you show videos and photos related to your business in your listing.
   •   Lets you add blog-like posts (think special offers, events, news etc.) to
       your listing whenever you want.
   •   Lets you get a free photo shoot (even interior) done of your business
       from a local professional photographer (currently available to select
       cities in the U.S., Japan, Australia and New Zealand only). The photos
       will be added to your Google Places page.
   •   Displays customer reviews gathered from Google and around the web
       from 3rd party sites. It also gives you the ability to respond to reviews
       that were placed through Google’s interface (but not the one’s from 3rd
       party sites).
   •   Lets you setup a QR code and print it on flyers, ads etc. QR codes are
       small symbols that can be “read” by smart cell phones. Once your QR
       code is “read” it will automatically display your Google places page! So,

How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps   Copyright © 2010
       say someone wants to setup their smart phone’s GPS with your business
       address as their destination… well, if they have your flyer, or
       advertisement, that displays your QR code, then in seconds they can be
       on track to your business!

Google Account

The first step to setting up (or claiming) your Google Places page may or may
not be required. You need a Google Account for Google Places, however you
may already have one. To use any of Google’s services, like YouTube,
Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc., like Google Places, requires a Google
Account. If you have a GMail email address then you are ready to go. But if you
don’t have one, and don’t want one, you can convert your existing email
address to a Google Account. Just head here to set it up.

Note: If you plan on sharing the administration of your Google Places page with
co-workers or employees, it might be best to create a new Google Account (i.e.
a GMail address) that you don’t mind sharing.

Setting Up Your Google Places Page

   1. Visit this page (will open in new window) to get started, and use your
      Google Account login details.
   2. Click the “List your business >>” link on the right side.
   3. Choose your country from the drop down list, enter your phone number,
      then click “Find business information >>”. This step is to see if your
      business listing already exists so that you can claim/edit it. I will assume
      your listing was not found and show steps to that effect.
   4. Fill in the “Basic Information” details for your business (company name,
      address, etc.).
   5. Fill out the “Service Areas and Location Settings” section. This is where
      you can specify to hide your physical address and setup a “service area”
      if necessary.
   6. Add your hours of operation if applicable.
   7. Choose the payment types accepted at your business.
   8. Add photos and videos if you want. Videos are added by specifying the
      address of the video from YouTube, so they must be uploaded there
   9. You can then add any additional information specific to your business.
      Additional information is formatted in sort of a question/answer or
      label/value type format. The examples given are: Parking Available/Yes
      and Brands Carried/Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba.
   10. When finished, click “Submit”.

How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps   Copyright © 2010
   11. Now you must verify your listing in 1 of 3 ways… 2 being very quick (by
      phone or cell), the other being slow (snail mail). Pick your option and
      click “Finish”. I chose the default “By phone” which sent me PIN
   12. Now you are in the “Dashboard” where you can… specify what types of
      email alerts you want to receive from Google, enter the PIN you
      received for verification, add coupons, add additional
      businesses/locations, add news and events to your listing, look at stats

Your Google Places page is now created and should be available within Google
Maps within a day after verification. Any questions, please comment on this
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How To Claim Your Piece Of Land On Google Maps   Copyright © 2010

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