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									Search Engine Optimization - Does Anyone Really Know What Works

I started about 2 years ago getting the urge to make my fortune online.,
so I began reading articles and of course checking out the e-book, or
software that the marketer was selling. I couldn't resist filling out the
form and get the free information. As I continued this process, I noticed
that I would have ten to fifteen emails, and they were all trying to sell
me the same product. That was my introduction to affiliate marketing. I
dabbled in online marketing in my spare time and made a few dollars, but
never had that big product that went viral.

I went off in other directions and let my website go and about 6 months
ago, I started again. This time I took everybody's advice. I made sure
that my meta tags were proper, and also got an auto responder. I used
different colors for my websites, and only put 2 or 3 products for sale.
The products that I choose are the ones that I use to build my sites, and
optimize my pages. What I did find out is that it's not more of one than
the other.

What I have found to be true is that the website needs to be eye
catching, but not loud. My website has moved to page one for 2 different
search terms, but they are not keywords in my meta tag, they are on the
page. When I noticed that I was showing up on about page ten on Google
for both of these search keywords, I put one phrase in my h1 tag, and the
other in h2. My next step was to set up a blog for my site, and I started
adding a sentence on my index page and refreshing my content on the page,
without changing anything to much. My conclusion is that the search
engines like the header tags, and seeing changing content. I moved me to
page 1 on Google in the number 2 and number 4 spot. I recommend fresh
content and as far as optimization, I'll still use the meta tags.

I know that everyone says that it's in the list, but there are millions
of searches everyday, so that tells me that people are searching for what
they want maybe just a little more than buying them from an email.

My advice is to try a little of everything, and when you find your method
stick to it. Also, there are a lot of fantastic products out there to get
the job done. A lot of the gurus are selling ready made and monetized
sites, and you can use these on your site, but just like out in the brick
and mortar business world, you should learn how to do all these things
yourself. Once you understand how everything works, you might want to
outsource, but I believe that you should be able to run your own

To Your Success,

Ray Dozois

I like the challenge of getting my site on the first page of Google,
through trial and error. When it's finally there, I know how it was done
and not because I had someone else do it. I am involved in alternative
energy and will be doing something on the web in that area in the very
near future. The internet is a very big place and there is room for

Good Luck To All
Ray Dozois

Above all this I am a Christian

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