; Search Engine Marketing For The Online Tourism Industry
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Search Engine Marketing For The Online Tourism Industry


Search Engine Marketing

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									Search Engine Marketing For The Online Tourism Industry

Search engine marketing can be a bit tricky for the online tourism
industry. Not only do you have to entice people to want to visit your
locale through exciting copy and images, but you also have to give them
the exact details and information to do so while implementing search
engine optimization (SEO) tactics that attract the search engines and
internet surfers to your website.

It can take a while to learn how to bring all of these aspects together
to create a successful search engine marketing campaign that also charms
website visitors into becoming travelers. This article makes SEO and
online tourism marketing a little easier by providing a few tips that can
help you make the most of your internet campaigns.

Choosing The Right Keywords

You've probably heard over and again that choosing the right keywords is
at the heart of search engine optimization, and it's true. While you can
target your message and write compelling copy that converts prospects
into travelers, it's often the keywords you target that get the prospect
to your website in the first place.

Avoid focusing on broad keywords in your marketing campaign, such as
'Cherokee, NC.' While this locale might get a lot of searches, it's not a
keyword someone interested in traveling to Cherokee, NC, would
necessarily use. 'Cherokee NC attractions' or 'Cherokee vacations' might
be better choices, depending on what type of tourism you offer.

Targeting Your Online Message

One of the greatest things about this type of marketing is it gives you
the power to target your message instantly and inexpensively to each of
your prospects about any destination, tour, or activity. You're not
limited to one message because it's too costly to change and takes a long
time to produce as with a radio spot, television commercial, or direct
mail brochure. Take advantage of the power of instant targeting in your
marketing campaigns so you really connect and 'speak' with your website's

Speak Personally With Mini Sites

One of the easiest ways to speak to each individual demographic is by
creating mini sites. Instead of having one website that generically
speaks to everyone, with a mini site you can really focus on connecting
with a specific group as a part of your overall online tourism campaign,
such as 'Cherokee NC bus tour vacations for seniors.' The content on this
mini site would speak to seniors personally. It would have much different
content than mini sites for family vacations or vacations for singles.

Fresh Content = Higher Rankings
The search engines love fresh search engine optimization friendly
content, and they'll reward it with higher rankings. Readers also love
updated content, so it not only works to attract the search engines, but
will also bring visitors back to your website who turn into regular
readers. The easiest way to add new content to your website that offers
more than just a sales message is by adding a blog.

Entice readers to sign up for travel packages with content that expertly
talks about your locale, whether you write about local restaurants, the
local beach, things to do, or any other outstanding aspect of your
destination. Include your targeted SEO keywords in the copy, and take the
opportunity to write content that provides information and travel tips
while also being an enjoyable read.

By choosing the right keywords, really speaking to your audience with
mini sites, and adding a blog to your website that brings your locale to
life, you'll implement a successful search engine marketing campaign that
provides long lasting results for your tourism marketing dollars.

Chris Harmen writes for .Com Marketing, a leader in search engine
marketing for the online tourism industry. They specialize in innovative
SEO search engine optimization strategies that boost traffic and sales.

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