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					Expert of Electric Water Heater
Our philosophy
Our corporate philosophy started by "Knowing".

   Knowing people.
   Knowing things.
   Knowing time.

   Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   2
President's Commitments
                               We are committed to offer a safe,
                               comfortable, and
                               environmentally friendly hot
                               water system, catering to
                               individual needs.

                               We contribute to the society
                               through the company activities,
                               keeping in mind with the idea of

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   3
What makes ITOMIC so special?
For fifty years, we went on with
these philosophy and have
continuously supplied electric
water heaters to make up the
dominant 70% share of the
market in Japan.

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   4
                             Our technical know-how
                             accumulated through fifty years
                             of experience has inculcated the
                             customers with unwavering
                             confidence in the brand

Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   5
Consequently, our brand
name “ITOMIC ” is often
used as a common noun for
electric water heaters.

   Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   6
Further, we try our best to offer variety of products to
meet every customer’s expectation.

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   7
Our products are used in places like:
                               Government /Public facilities
                               Office Buildings
                               Factories/Power Facilities
                               Hospitals/Welfare Institution
                               Retail Stores/Restaurants
                               Cultural Facilities
                               Theme Parks/Sports
                               facilities/ Other facilities

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   8
Government /Public facilities
   Imperial Palace
   The Supreme Court
   Narita International Airport
   Kansai International Airport
   State Guest House in Akasaka, Tokyo
   Tokyo Fire Department
   Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
   Tokyo Metropolitan Subway stations
   Japan Mint of Ministry of Finance
   Bank of Japan
   Japan Post
   Highway Parking Areas/Service Areas
   Water and sewage plants
   Japan Railway stations
   Tokyo New Transit YURIKAMOME

                                            Tokyo Metropolitan Government
                                          Tokyo New Transit YURIKAMOME

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   9
Office Buildings
    Sony Head Office Building
    Bridgestone Head Office Building
    Nippon IBM Head Office Building
    BMW Japan Building
    Kajima Corporation
    Shimizu Corporation
    Prudential Tower
    Bank of Japan Branches
    Osaka World Trade Center Building
    Nomura Securities Co., Ltd
    Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
    Dentsu Inc. Head Office Building
    Mitsubishi Corporation Building
    Toshiba Corp. Head Office Building
    Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.
    Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper
    Marunouchi Build
                                                      Marunouchi Building
                                         Mitsubishi Corporation Building

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   10
Factories/Power Facilities
   Sony Factory
   Toyota Factory
   Tokyo Electric Power Company
   Nippon IBM Factory
   Fujitsu Factory
   Honda Factory
   Canon Factory
   NEC Factory
   Suntory Beer Factory
   Victor Factory
   Jatco Factory

                                  Jatco Factory

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   11
Hospitals/Welfare Institution
  National Center of Cancer
  Kyoto University Hospital
  Keio University Hospital
  Matsushita Memorial Hospital
  Japan Red Cross Hospital
  Nursery homes
  Day care centers
  Welfare centers
  Tokai hospital

                                         home Seika–en
                                  NurseryTokai Hospital

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   12
  Hilton Hotel
  Sheraton Hotel
  Disney Ambassador Hotel
  Imperial Hotel
  Century Hyatt Hotel
  Hotel Okura
  ANA Hotel
  Nikko Hotels
  Hotel JAL City
  Tokyu Hotels
  Tokyo Dome Hotel
  Prince Hotels
  Trest inn Tamachi

                                  Trest Dome Hotel
                                  TokyoInn Tamachi

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   13
Retail Stores/Restaurants
   Seven Eleven
   Starbucks Coffee
   Baskin Robbins
   Tully’s Coffee
   Kentucky Fried Chicken
   Hard Rock Cafe
   Ito Yokado
   Aeon Shopping Centers


    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   14
Cultural Facilities
                                          Suntory Hall
  Tokyo Metropolitan                      Tokyo Big Site Exhibition Halls
  Museum                                  Pacifico Yokohama
                                          Makuhari Messe
  Kabukiza Theater
                                 Pacifico Yokohama
  Tokyo Opera City Hall

                                                                Makuhari Messe

   Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   15
Embassies                         Overseas
  French Embassy                    Hotel Nikko Guam
  British Embassy                   Swiss Union Bank
  China Embassy                     Egypt National Education & Culture
  American Embassy                  Shanghai Mori Building
  Korean Embassy                    Canon Dalian Factory
  Canadian Embassy                  Saipan Daiichi Hotel
  Embassy of Italy                  University of Kenya
  Embassy of Basil                  Ethiopia National Hospital
  Australian Embassy                Japanese Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  Embassy of Mexico                 Philippine Airport
  German Embassy
  Embassy of United Arab

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   16
Theme Parks/Sports facilities     Other facilities
                                     Tanegashima Rocket Launch
  Tokyo Disney Land                  Site
  Tokyo Disney Sea                   Tsukuba Space Center
                                     Showa South Pole Station
  Universal Studios Japan
                                     Tokyo International Forum
  Tokyo Stadium                      St. Clara Church
  Kyoto Horse Racetrack              Tsukiji Honganji Temple
                                     Weather Rocket Observatory
  Tokyo DOME                         Site
  Osaka DOME                         Yokosuka US Military Base
  Konami Sports Clubs
  Ocean Spa Resort in Chiba
  Oedo (Tokyo) Hot Spring

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   17
Product lineup
  For drinks                    For heavy volume applications
      Wak-Wak                     Eco-Cute
      EW Series                   HW (Akva Vita)
      ES-DW Series                ES-F
      US-U                      Taps
      Office Galley Series        MZ Series
      Tea Station
      Party Galley

  For washing
      ES-N Series
      DE Series

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   18
                               Table-top water heater with
                               Stepped-Heating function (Patent
                               Constantly Supply 99ºC hot water.
                               Simple design means easy to use.

 Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   19
EW Series
                                                                         EW series has two type of water
                                                                         supply structure.
                                                                         BT type
                                                                         BT type has traditional ball tap structure.

                                                                         SB type
                                                                         SB type’s Stepped-Heating Function* always keep hot
                                                                         water temperature more than 90ºC. (*Patent acquired)

                EW-N3                                  EW-N4
Thin and cool design. (Only 198mm depth)        Affordable price line.

Common feature
     Wall-mounted type with flat body
     Temperature up to 99
     Widely used in office pantries

          Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.           20
ES-DW Series

     ES-DW2B                                               ES-DW3B                               ES-DWUB
     Round type to fit under counter        Square type to perfectly fit under counter   Kitchen table installed type

Common feature
   Drinking and washing with one unit
   Eliminate chloride from drinking water with patented air release device
   Controlled by multi control computer
   Energy saving timer

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.            21
                                German style with discreet presence
                                Supply both boiling water & tap
                                water at the same time
                                Supply water temperature range:
                                from 35 to 99ºC
                                Control 0.3 to 5L water volume by

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   22
                               Low formalin materials used
                               Melamine finished
                               Bright white color
                               Either ES-DW3B or ES-N2 is
                               built in

 Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   23
Office Galley
Party Galley

                                                    Party Galley
 Office Galley                    Office Galley2

 Won a Good Design Award from The                  Island style unit
 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of
 Japan                                             Attractive color with stylish design
 Lots of storage for utensils and dishes           Offer drinking water and 50ºC hot
 Standard type (Office Galley) and Superior        water for washing at the same time.
 type (Office Galley2) are available               (ES-DW included)

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   24
Tea Station
                                          Black and white color
                                          Cool and smart design
                                          Super thin wall mounted water
                                          heater EW-N3 included
                                          3 kinds of water (cold/hot/mix)
                                          are supplied from one tap
                                          Options:refrigerator / water
                                          purifier / racks / heat plate for
                                          Basic color                  Special color

             Width 1200mm
                                 Width 900mm            Width 1500mm

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.    25
ES-N Series

 ES-N2                              ES-N3 (B type)                                   ES-N4
 Simple square design               Reasonable price                                 Compact to fit under sink
 Tank capacity from 6 to 30         Tank capacity from 5.4,40                        Tank capacity from 6 to 35
 Good for open type basin           Easy installation & maintenance                  Good for open type basin

                                          Timer                       Mixing valve                   Mixing valve
 The best sellers for wash                                                                          Timer

 basin & kitchen
 ES-N Series has many
 options                                           B type                     X type                          BX type
                                          With energy saving timer    Supply hot water at 40ºC         Timer and 40ºC supply

      Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   26
                                Wall mounted ultra small electric
                                water heater
                                ES-3W provides easier access to
                                wash-basin for wheel chair users
                                The best choice for rest rooms /
                                private rooms in hospitals and
                                nursing homes
                                ES-3W(Basic standard),
                                ES-3WT(With timer),
                                ES-3W-AF(With automatic faucet*),
                                ES-3WT-AF(With timer and automatic faucet*)


  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   27
DE Series / EI-N5
    DE Series is ;
    German-made small wall-mounted
    instantaneous water heaters.

             DE-5.6-N                              DE-10-N                 EI-N5
     Only 2.9kg with full water        Only 3.4kg with full water          Micro computer detects flow volume to adjust
                                       High/Low dial for power selection   the water temperature at 60ºC

 Common feature
    Wall mounted instantaneous water
    Equipped with 0.5MPa safety valve

    Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.        28
                                          Common feature
                                              Heat at 80ºC
                                              Good for any use except for
                                              Tank size from 57 to 5000L
                                              Size and heater volume
                                              changeable according to the
                                              setting place
                                              Perfect for places where hot water
                                              is not continuously in use
                                              (ex. Apartment for a single person, condominium etc.)

                                              Heat water fast
                                              Slim body to fit narrow space
  ES-F                          ES-RB-T

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   29

  Eco-Friendly (CO2 refrigerant)
  COP=3.8 leads to lower running cost
  Ozone destruction coefficient = 0
  Global warming coefficient=1/1700 of CFC
  3000L tank (500/1000/1500/2000/2500L are also available)

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   30
HW(Akva Vita)
                                Danfoss Redan plate heat exchanger
                                More than 10,000 units sold in
                                District heating and domestic hot
                                Safe and economical
                                Temperature up to 60ºC

  Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   31
General Information
 Established       1948
 President         Hirotaka Itou
 Employees         Approx. 100 (approx. 200 as a group)
 Headquarters      Itomic Building 5-11-3 Narihira, Sumida-ku,
                   Tokyo, 130-0002
                   TEL+81-3-3621-2121 FAX+81-3-3621-2130
 Principal Factory 4-6-8 Jonanjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0002
                   TEL+81-3-3799-7311 FAX+81-3-3799-7310
 Capital            ¥258million             Principal factory

 Sales             ¥4billion in 2007
 Banks             UFJ Bk
                   Tokyo Tomin Bk
                   Mitsui Sumitomo Bk
                   Mizuho Trust Bk

                                                          Meeting room

   Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   32
Quality certification
  ISO 9001

   Officially approved by the
   Ministry of Economy, Trade and
   Industry, Japan, as a
   manufacturer of electrical
   Japan Water Works Association
   inspection consignment
   registration factory
   Certified by local waterworks
   bureaus and Japan Water Works
   Approved building contractor for
   plumbing work

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   33
   Electric water heater
   Electric boiler (hot water / steam)
   Instantaneous water heater
   Hot water unit (Mini kitchen)
   Electric heating machine
   CO2 refrigerant heat pump water
   Heat exchanger

Market Share
  70% of business use
  electric water heaters
   in Japan.

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   34
• Itomic Kankyo System Co., Ltd.
Sales Networks
   Hokkaido Itomic
   Tohoku Itomic
   Chubu Itomic
   Kansai Itomic (Osaka)
   Chugoku Itomic
   Kyushu Itomic
   Beijing Itomic
• Tokyo Factory
• Niigata Factory
• Saitama Factory
                                   Itomic Kankyo System (IKS)
• Nagoya Factory

     Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   35
     The best electric water heater from Japan.

Nihon ITOMIC Co., Ltd.   36