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history of bank of america


									History of Bank of America

Bank of America is the world's largest financial institutions that serve consumers,
large corporations and small and middle market businesses. Bank of America
offers a full range of investing, banking, risk management products, asset
management products and various other services. They provide convenience
that is the best in the United States and serves approximately 57 million small
business and consumer relationships. Bank of America has more than 5,700
retail banking offices, over 17,000 ATMs and online banking with approximately
23 million users. Bank of America is the leader in Small Business Administration
also known as SBA and the main lender to small businesses owned by
minorities. They have clients in 175 countries and very close relationships with
a large majority of the US Fortune 500 companies and a close majority of the
Fortune Global 500. Bank of America Corporation is also listed on the New York
Stock Exchange as NYSE:BAC

When it comes to online banking, Bank of America is the number one leader of
online financial services. Their online banking site can be found at www.bankof Bank of America has the majority of online bankers in the world
according to Financial Insights. Their online banking site is at the top of 50 US
based Internet properties with unique monthly visitors. In addition, Bank of
America is the leader in business and financial sites that is according to
comScore Media Matrix. Javelin Strategy & Research has listed Bank of
American as the number one leader in safety giving a scorecard several years in
a row. Their unique safety product is called the SiteKey, which is a security
service, which gave Bank of America the edge in security winning them the
Webby Award in 2006, and the Peoples' Choice Award Webby in 2006 and 2007. has the best online banking consumer site according to
Global Finance magazine. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, Bank of America is
at the top for online full service banks in terms of audience, active reach on site
and page views.

Bank of America's legendary fame does not stop there. They are also in the oil
and gas industries with Banc of America Securities' Global Natural Resources
Group. This group provides financial solutions that are customized to suit each
customers' needs and provides services to clients corporate and investment bank
in the wide spectrum of energy and power. The group assists clients to
capitalize on strategic opportunities and lends optimum performance to their

Bank of America's mainly put their focus on energy with regards to integrating
major oil, Oilfield services and coal just to name a few. They also split their
focus on power with utilities that include electric, gas and water. They have
given financial advice and support to all sectors of energy and power for over 70
years. $20 billion has been committed to over 200 relationships with $120 billion
raised in capital for debt and equity since 2005. In the first half of 2006 Bank of
America ranked in the top five for exploration & production of major integrated oil
midstream, marketing sectors, and refining sectors.

Bank of America has tirelessly contributed time and money to major issues that
affect our country and our world. They care about the environment with
committing to a ten-year environmental initiative costing over $20 billion. Banc
of America Securities' Global Consumer and Retail Group have provided
solutions for clients that need to meet unique business objectives. Even in
franchises and restaurants, Banc of America recognizes the special needs
required by this industry giving unique solutions reducing the cost of overhead
thus improving profitability, giving the benefit of employee relationships and in
addition managing personal finances.

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