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									                                   Dog Chapman Nephew not Charged

Dog Chapman Nephew not Charged

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A nephew of Duane Dog Chapman was critically injured in a one−vehicle
accident early Sunday morning in lower Puna on the Big Island of
Hawaii. Justin DeRago Bihag, 24, of Pahoa, apparently lost control of
the vehicle he was driving and ran off Highway 132 into a tree near
Lava Tree State Park. Police arrived at the crash site at 2:20 a.m.
Bihag was taken via ambulance to Hilo Medical Center where he was
admitted, unconscious, with multiple injuries. He was later
transferred to The Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, but was still
listed in critical condition due to extensive injuries. Bihag was
alone in the car driving home to Pahoa from a friends house.

Once a bounty hunter−in−training with a recurring role on DOG THE
BOUNTY HUNTER during its first season, Bihag was arrested for
suspicion of several offenses, including driving under the influence
and inattentive driving, but had not been charged with any of the
offenses as of Monday evening. He has no prior criminal record in


Justins mother, Moon Angell of Colorado, flew to Hawaii to be close
to her son, so he was surrounded by family when he regained
consciousness on Monday.

His Uncle Dog, Aunty Beth, Leland and Uncle Tim were all there,Ç
Angell said. He saw that he was surrounded by those he loves and who
love him so much, and tears were running down his face...tears mixed
with blood.

Bihaga has several lacerations to his face and head, and his right leg
had to be reconstructed. Numerous wounds on his stomach, chest, and
everywhere were stapled, according to Angell. He also has internal
bleeding, a broken hand and crushed fingers, she said.

We are extremely concerned about his well−being, said Bihags aunt,
Beth Chapman. His injuries are life threatening. Hes hurt very,
very badly and heÙs lucky to be alive!

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                                   Dog Chapman Nephew not Charged
He was able to tell us a little bit about what happened, Chapman
continued. He said he was run off the road by a dark car pursuing
him, and he was trying to let it go around him. The police have not
been able to speak with him, yet, so we feel its presumptuous to say
whether he was drinking or not. There needs to be a thorough
investigation to find out exactly what happened.

Our main focus right now, though, are his injuries. He has endured
over seven hours in surgery, and has a long way to go, but we pray for
his full recovery, said Chapman.

Leland Chapman, who runs the familys Kona office of Da Kine Bail
Bonds, said that doctors considered amputation of Bihags right leg,
but that he was doing better on Monday afternoon.

Hes running the risk of a bone infection because he crushed almost
every bone in his leg,Ç Leland Chapman said. He woke up
for the first time today (Monday). He needs to have some surgery done
on his face. His hand, arm and leg all got crushed.Ç

Bihag left the show as a regular before the second season, and was in
New York in 2005 to attempt a modeling career. A former Pahoa High
School basketball standout, he was also pursuing hoop dreams, hoping
to play in the NBAs Developmental League. His IMDb page says that he
had a 45−inch vertical leap.

Before the accident, he wanted a professional basketball career. He
went to the (Los Angeles) Lakers summer camp, said Leland.. .

Bihag was also taking college courses in business law and
administration of justice, according to Angell, and was also hoping to
rejoin the family bail bonds and bounty hunting business.

The Lord is our anchor,Ç said Beth Chapman. And when you have an
anchor thats that strong, you will weather the storms. We have a
firm faith, a belief system that the Lord is in control and that
youre basically a rider on the train.Ç


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