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                        Sweet Story
                       Writing Prompt

      There are some interesting candy bar names. You will be
creating a story using the names of at least 5 candy bar
names as people, places, things, events, etc. When you are
finished with all stages of the writing process, you will
publish your final copy in the computer lab using your
knowledge of Microsoft Word. You will have to center your
title, indent your paragraphs, space words and sentences
appropriately, and change the font of the candy bar names.
You will be typing your story using the font Times New
Roman. Each candy bar name should have a different font.
Since you will have 5 different candy bar names, you will
have 5 different fonts. Look at the scoring guide to see how
you will be assessed.
                                            Sweet Story
                                           Scoring Guide
                                                       Criteria                                              Points
                          1                        2                     3                    4
                                                                                     Contains 5 or more
               Contains 1-2 candy bar Contains 3 candy bar Contains 4 candy
   Candy                                                                                candy bar names
                 names that do/don’t names that do/don’t bar names that do                                   ____
  Element                                                                            that do enhance the
                   enhance the story.       enhance the story. enhance the story.
                                                                                      There is a centered
                                                                                     title, paragraphs are
 Microsoft                                                                                   indented
   Word          Missing 3-4 criteria.      Missing 2 criteria. Missing 1 criterion.
                                                                                       spacing is correct,
 Elements                                                                            and the font for the
                                                                                        candy bar names
                                                                                      has been changed.
                  Lacks evidence of a       Has evidence of a                           Has an effective
Organization                                                      Has a beginning,
                beginning, middle, and      beginning, middle,                         beginning, middle,    ____
  of Parts                end.                   and end.
                                                                   middle, and end.
                                                                                             and end.
                                            Contains a general
Controlling     Difficult to follow and                               Contains a         Contains a clear
                                            sense of direction,                                              ____
   Idea               lacks focus.                                 controlling idea.     controlling idea.
                                             but lacks focus.
                                                                                       Clearly addresses
                                           Generally addresses
               Attempts to address the                           Addresses the topic      the topic and
   Topic                                      the topic, but
                    topic, but lacks                              and uses relevant     provides specific    ____
Development                               contains some details
                     development.                                 details/examples.        and relevant
                                          that are not relevant.
                                              Contains some
                  Includes incomplete     incomplete sentences
 Complete                                                           Generally uses     Consistently uses
                   sentences that are          that may be                                                   ____
 Sentences                                                       complete sentences. complete sentences.
               distracting to the reader. distracting to the
                                                                  May contain some
               Contains repeated errors Contains errors in errors in language
                                                                                     Contains few errors
               in language conventions language conventions conventions that are
 Mechanics       that are significantly that are distracting to not significantly
                                                                                           in language       ____
               distracting to the reader.       the reader.       distracting to the
                                                                                               Total---->    ____
                Candy Bar Names

Airheads        Junior Mints        Reese Pieces
Almond Joy      Kit Kat             Ring Pops
Baby Ruth       Krackel             Rolos
Bonkers         Laffy Taffy         Runts
Crunch          Lemon Heads         Shock Tarts
Big Cherry      Life Savers         Skittles
Big Daddy       Mamba’s             Smarties
Bonkers         M & Ms              Snickers
Bottle Caps     Mars Bar            Sno Caps
Butterfinger    Mentos              Sour Patch
Caramello       Mike & Ike          Spree
Cotton Candy    Milk Duds           Starburst
Cry Babies      Milky Way           Sugar Babies
Dots            Mounds              Swedish Fish
Dove            Mr. Goodbar         Tart-n-Tiny
Fifth Avenue    Nerds               Tear Jerkers
Gobstoppers     Nestle              Three Musketeers
Goobers         NutRageous          Tootsie Roll
Good & Fruity   Oh Henry            Twix
Good & Plenty   Oompas              Twizzlers
Gummi Bears     One Hundred Grand   Watchamacalit
Hershey         Pay Day             Whoopers
Heath           Pixie Stix          Wonka Bar
Jaw Breakers    Pop Rocks           York Peppermint Pattie
Jelly Belly     Push Pops
Jolly Rancher   Raisenets
Jujubes         Razzles
Jujyfruits      Red Hots

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