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             Launches 'Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas' Gift Guide

       By Melanie Notkin, Founder
       Dated: Oct 14, 2008

       First Online Community for Aunts Launches First Online Holiday Gift Guide for Non-Parents

       NEW YORK -, the first online community for cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers and
       all women who love kids, has launched its first-ever Holiday Gift Guide. Savvy Auntie Holiday Gifts is the
       list of the hottest toys handpicked by Melanie Notkin, Founder and CEO of, who teamed
       up with toy experts, retailers and manufacturers, to bring Aunts the best gift ideas for their nieces and
       nephews and friends' kids this holiday season.

        "Until now, Aunts never had a gift guide designed just for them, and if you don't have kids of your own, it's
       very challenging to know what kids crave," said Notkin. "With the Savvy Holiday Gift
       Ideas holiday gift guide, Aunties can feel confident that they are choosing among the season's top gift ideas
       and hottest toys for their nieces and nephews."

        SavvyAuntie's picks for the season's best gift and hot toy ideas include some classic characters and brands:
       Elmo; LEGO; Crayola; Tinker Bell; Star Wars; Fur Real Pets; Barbie; Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob,
       as well as newer trends like: Bakugan; Kota the Triceratops; Yo Gabba Gabba; Wow Wow Wubbzy;
       iCarly; Hannah Montana; Guitar Hero; U-Dance; Ming Ming and Fancy Nancy.

        In true Savvy Auntie fashion, the Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas can be custom filtered so Aunties can find the
       perfect holiday gift for a niece or nephew. Besides the basics, such as age, price and category, Savvy
       Aunties can also filter gifts by the child's personality, a beloved character or brand, and the child's favorite
       color. And since she may want to include a little bit of herself in her gift choice, Auntie can also choose
       gifts that reflect her own Auntie personality.

        Each gift idea includes a special reason 'Why Savvy Auntie Loves it.' But members can
       also share their own opinions on the Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas gift guide by adding a comment review or by
       ranking the toy. Members can also save their favorite gifts to their Gift List to keep track as new holiday
       gift ideas are added regularly. Finally, just to be sure, the 'Ask A Parent' feature can confirm Auntie's choice
       is parent-approved with the click of a button. While these tools are open only to members, it's free to join.

        As the season gets closer, the site will provide round-ups of Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas like 'recession-proof'
       gift ideas, best 'toys for boys,' and 'over-the-top' gifts, so that every Auntie can discover gift-giving in a
       whole new - and more savvy -- way.
        The Savvy Auntie Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas holiday gift guide, while geared for aunts, is open to anyone
       looking for Savvy Holiday Gifts Ideas, including uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, and yes - even
       parents. And kids are invited to peruse the gift guide and seamlessly send a link of their favorite choice to
       their own Savvy Auntie -or any gift giver-- through the "Just for Kids" button.

        The Savvy Holidays Gift Ideas holiday gift guide can be found at

        About is the first resource and online community for Aunts - the approximately 50% of
       American woman who are not moms but love and adore children. With advice and expertise developed just
       for Aunts, along with activities and gift ideas for their nieces and nephews, Aunts can get what they need to
       live the Savvy Auntie lifestyle. Moreover, the Savvy Auntie Community enables Aunts to connect and

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share the best and most challenging parts of Aunt-hood with their Savvy Auntie friends. Dubbed 'the first
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celebrate Aunt-hood. The site can be found at

### is the first resource and online community for Aunts -- cool aunts, great aunts,
godmothers and all women who love kids.

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