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        November 2008

                                                                                                   tries to save the house. In the movie because she
                                                                                                   an addition to the plot racks up all kinds of trou-
                                                                                                   line, Shelley falls in love ble and funny problems
                                                                           ouse Bunny stars with a guy. However, the along the way.

                                                               H          Anna        Faris as guy does not fall for any                     Overall
                                                                          Shelley Darlington. of her usual tricks. The would give this movie a
                                                                 Shelley is a playboy tricks help all the pledges 3.5 out of 5 star rating.
                                                                 bunny and in a pretty get all the boys, but do The reason for this
                                                                 funny plot ends up in a not work for her.                     mediocre rating is that
        For the Love of                                          sorority house. She has to                Thus, while trying the movie was funny, but
                                                                 save the house by get- to save the house, she not overly funny. The plot
                                                                 ting thirty new pledges.          also has to find a new kind of got off track, but it
           the Game                                                         Shelley (Faris) has way to impress the guy had more good things
                                                                 to turn the girlsinto some- she really likes. Thisadds than bad and still made
                                 everyone was aware
                                                                 thing they are not as she a lot of extra humor to me laugh.
                                 that it would be a strug-                          , , I
                                 gle for the boys to make                                  I           I I I
   "Anybody                      it to the end of the game.
                                 They stepped up with
   Can Quit"                     pride and confidence in
                                 one another, and this
                                 showed us fans in the
                                 stands what our team
         ith a final record      was really made of-

          of 0 wins to 8 loss-
          es, the Panther
             team      never
                                        I give seriousprops to
                                 the players who contin-
                                                                             e noww a you ove or arac
                                                                               are    expecting
                                                                                                                        ama.   cnsis
                                                                                                   believe that whenever it able,
                                                                               from us, a col- comes to needing a pos- care for all Americans
                                                                 umn filled with sillyyet sur- itive change           for our and building on the exist-
ceased to amaze me this          ued playing even though
                                                                 prisingly             effective   country, Obama is the ing doctor's and health
season.      The     broken      their line was dismal at
                                                                 advice, right? Well, not answer. We need his plans already in place.
bones and torn ligaments         most times.          I think it
                                                                 for this month. As all of leadership skills get our Obama's plan to turn our
began in Flagler during          would         be    extremely
                                                                 you know the elections economy back on track country                     around     also
the fourth play of the           tough to keep every-
                                                                 are coming closer and and transform the repu- includes providing equal
game and ended in                body pumped up for the
                                                                 closer            and        this tation of our country. I education opportunities,
Walsh during the second          game when so many
                                                                 Presidential campaign             agree on Obama's deci- increasing the employ-
quarter.                         were unable to play at
                                                                 has been more intense sion to support the lower- ment rate, and decreas-
    Thefirstinjury was only      all.
                                                                 than ever before. We ing of greenhouse emis- ing, and eventually put-
the beginning to a sea-               I also congratulate the
                                                                 decided to share for sions and increase the ting an end to,
son full of broken hands,        injured        players     who
                                                                 whom we show our love use of and reliance on                        Battlefield
broken      thumbs, and          stayed on the sideline in
                                                                 - Obama or McCain?                renewable       resources. Continued on page 4...
knee injuries. The final         support of their able
                                                                            I'll go first. I, Kori Obama has the answer
doctor's report included:        teammates. Anyone of
                                                                 Pothour, am showing my to solving our health care
ErikBiggerswith a broken         them could have called
ankle,     lach     Perdue,
Dylan Specht, and Brian
                                 the season quits after
                                 their injuries, but they               Thirteen Reasons Why
Herrera with         broken      decided to stick it out                                                          Book Review
hands in some way,               until the end.
shape; or form; and                         All of the players Kori Pothour                        life, Hannah makes thir- story of her death begins
Bryan Marsh, Joe Paintin,        showed          an    extreme                                     teen cassettes contain- to unfold. Clay not only
and Dalton Chamberlain           amount of pride for their                                         ing the stories she claims realizes thirteen specific
                                                                       ay Asher's first novel, were influential to her people
all with knee injuries.
    Honestly,how did they
do it!? Game announcer
Mike Schneider said it
                                 team        and     for their
                                 school. Every single time     J       Thirteen         Reasons decision. Clay Jensen is Hannah's life and her
                                                                       Why, grabs reader's
                                 they lined up for the attention from the first one of the thirteen peo- decision to commit sui-
                                 national anthem on the page. Not only does ple who will receive cide, but he took part in

well at the end of the           sideline before the game Asher capture the mind these tapes. After return- it as well.
final     game       against     they had the support of of a depressed teen per- ing home from school to                            Suspenseful, com-
McClave when he said             their own fans and the fectly, but he also cap-                   find a package at the pelling, mysterious, mes-
that anybody could quit,         respect of the opposing tures the emotions and door with no return merizing,                                 addicting,
because it took a lot of         fans. You did fantastic feelings of those around                  address and wrapped in emotionally         engaging,
heart and dedication to          boys.                                                             simple brown paper, his deep, thoughtful, eerie,
                                                                 her just as well.                 world is turned upside beautiful, devastating,
step foot on that field                                                     Hannah Baker is down trying to discover depressing, yet brilliant all
time after time when                                             determined to have the why Hannah left these in one - these are the thir-
                                                                 last word and now she tapes for him. As he lis- teen reasons this book
                                                                 will. Before ending her tens to each tape the cannot be put down.
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Academics                                                                                                                            November 2008

        FCCLA Members Attend                                                                                 FFA National
          District Conference                                                                                Convention
Tanner Parmely                      Community Leaders of             Desiree Daniels, and         Brooke Emond                 Taylor Swift      concert
Staff Reporter                      America of Wiley High            Maira Mungaray.              Staff Reporter
                                                                                                                               where Jodi States had
                                    School, along with neigh-               The main theme of                                  the privilege of going
                                                                                                      he FFA did it again.

         as it Batman?
          Won       d e r
Woman? No, it was none
                                    boring schools, attended
                                    their   annual
                                    Conference in Lamar.

                                    The conference consist-
                                                                     this year's conference
                                                                     was a "Super Hero"
                                                                     theme. Workshops were
                                                                     available   for all the
                                                                                                  T   Wil Wollert, Codey
                                                                                                      Smith, Jodi States,
                                                                                                  Preston Claybrook, lac
                                                                                                                                       "She [Taylor Swift]
                                                                                                                               was cool; it was fun, but
                                                                                                                               Kenny Chesney would
other than the ninty plus           ed of a beginning cere-          schools to attend       in   Perdue, Rowdy Martin,        have been better," she
year old super hero                 mony, in which Katherine         which      presentations     and TaylorWilsonwent to      commented.
grandmother           who           DeWitt, member of the            were given, issues were      Indianapolis, Indiana, for          The        students
accompanied        keynote          Wiley FCCLA Chapter              addressed,      and     of   the      FFA     National    worked for a distributor
speaker Ron Masterson               and       District       Vice    course, games were           Convention accompa-          for the lessfortunate dur-
to the FCCLA District               President of STAREvents,         played.                      nied by Mr. Ben Weber,       ing the National Day of
Conference. Masterson               helped in the initiation of             One of the issues     Sheila    Wollert,    and    Service. The distributor
identified his grandma as           the activities to follow.        addressed in a workshop      McClave's Ag teacher,        was the Society of St.
his hero for the multiple                  Attending      mem-       was for      "Feed    the    Mr. Don Thorne, and the      Vincent de Paul. They
ways she led her life. She          bers for the Wiley chap-         Children," an organiza-      Ag      students     from    worked outside in the
never got married, never            ter   were       Samantha        tion that provides chari-    McClave.                     rain, and three of the stu-
had        a     chec~ng            Ragland,          Katherine      ties and fundraisers to             They        visited   dents painted. Also, while
account,      and    never          DeWitt, Adilene Cruz,            feed the children around     Churchill   Downs, the       they were in Indianapolis,
owned a car but in his              Tanner Parmely, Shayla           the world. The workshop      Shelbyville horse farm,      they attended various
eyes she was the best               Fagan, Sandra Morales,           gave participants ideas      and the Louisville Bat       sessions, including the
super hero because she              Courtney           Gilliland,    of how to raise money        Factory on the second        National Officers' retiring
was independent and                 Tanner          Campbell,        and become involved in       day there. Afterwards,       speeches.
strong.                             Angela Goodman, lach             the organization.            the students attended a
     On October 8th, the            Garner, EricMunoz, Jalisa
Future      Career     and          Crapo, Shanda Jenkins,

    Eighth Grade Civics Class
       Holds Mock Election
                                                                     Who: Eighth Grade Civics

                                                                         When: 10-21-2008

                                                                     Where: Mrs. Piner's Room

                                                                      Why: To teach the kids
                                                                      what was invloved in a
                                                                     campaign. It is a fun and
                                                                      out of the ordinary way
                                                                          to learn politics.

                                                                      Winners of the Election:
  Above:Emily Perona and Teri
Johnsen give their speech to fel-
                                                                     2nd Hour - Tearing Down
 low classmates during their 8th
        grade Civics class.                                           BordersParty '08, Party
                                                                     Members: Bailey Bairand
                                                                          Angelo Tamez

                                                                     6th Hour - Anti-Nightmare
                                                                      Party, Party Members:
                                                                       ErinBancr, Jessica
                                                                      Millspangh, Kim States
Right: Kody Wallace tries to per-
suade classmates to vote for him
  with his "presidential speech".
        November 2008
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                                               •                                                     r        ..•..
                                                                                                                 ~II                  __
Seniors Kori Pothour and Megan
Claybrook pose with one of many
  awards The Panther Tale staff
     recieved while attending
Journalism Day at Colorado State
                                                                             The Panther Tale Staff
      University this October.

                                                                               Recieves Awards
                                                                Tanner Parmely                 received a third place for   Iy.
                                                                Staff Reporter                 Feature photography.             Students attending "J-
                                                                                                       Many individual      Day" also had the oppor-
                                                                        t the newspaper        staff members received       tunity to improve their

                                                                A      awards celebra-
                                                                       tion, Wiley High
                                                                School left with multiple
                                                                                               awards, but the Wiley
                                                                                               High School newspaper
                                                                                               staff as a whole also
                                                                                                                            journalistic    skills
                                                                                                                            attending workshops pre-
                                                                                                                            sented by professional

                                                                overall placings. While        received recognition for     journalists, college jour-
                                                                competing with 1A 2A           other accomplishments.       nalism professors, and
                                                                and 3A schools, The            The staff received a sec-    high school journalism
   Sixth Grade                                                  Panther Tale won a total
                                                                of eight awards.
                                                                                               ond place for headlines
                                                                                               and an honorable men-
                                                                                                                            advisors. Keynote speak-
                                                                                                                            ers     included:        Tim
                                                                        Tanner    Parmely      tion in general excel-       Harrower from Outside
  Learns About                                                  received a first place in
                                                                the     School,    District,
                                                                                                       For the general
                                                                                                                            Ink for newspaper, Mark
                                                                                                                            Kay      Downes        from
                                                                Community       Package.       excellence category, the     Chantilly High School for
Ancient Egyptians                                               Kori Pothour was award-
                                                                ed with a second place
                                                                                               newspaper staff enters
                                                                                               three entire newspapers,
                                                                                                                            yearbook,     and
                                                                                                                            Palenskefrom NCompass

Megan Claybrook                    They prepared a skit that    in       both       Sports     one from each semester       Media, LLC for broad-
Staff Reporter                     involved taking organs       Photography           and      and a third being from       cast.
                                   out of a mummy and           Alternative Story;she also     either semester, which              The Colorado High
         r. Rogers's senior        storing them in jars. They   received a third place,        are judged on content,       School PressAssociation

M        speech       class
         gave the sixth
grade class presentations
                                   also had a replica of an
                                   Egyptian coffin. Another
                                   group-Hayley       Specht,
                                                                along      with    Megan
                                                                Claybrook, for their joint
                                                                Personal          Opinion
                                                                                               style, consistencies, and
                                                                                               notes say that
                                                                                                                             (CHSPA)held their yearly
                                                                                                                             "Journalism     Day"
                                                                                                                            Colorado State University

about ancient Egyptian             April Norris, Amanda         Column.                        Panther Tale has a very      in Fort Collins, Colorado,
life on October 23rd at            Cash, and Lacy Hoover-               Megan Claybrook        clean design and reflects    on Thursday, October
12:15pm. Four groups of            made different posters       won a third place certifi-     the school's, as well as      16th.
seniors presented their            and talked about the         cate for her Critical          the publication staff's,
information. Each pres-            Valley of the Kings, the     Review, and Joe Paintin        personality exceptional-
entation was five minutes          Sphinx, and the Great
long, and the sixth grade
class got candy          for
                                           Sixth grade Early
                                                                                 Battlefield               from page 4 • • •
answering       questions          Civilizations     teacher      discrimination for those     sive amount to change a      eliminate the present
about each topic cor-              Nicole Pinerstates, "I was   with disabilities.             failing strategy in Iraq     health     care      issues.
rectly.                            very impressed with the           Theseare only a few       and against an energy        McCain and Palin are
        Kali Ausmus, Kori          thoroughness      of   the   of the many reasonswhy         bill with "Big Oil" compa-   also planning for the
Pothour,       Samantha            speech class and how         I am supporting Barack         nies. Having a record to     future by not ending the
Ragland, and Cailee                they covered all aspects     Obama for President.           improve how business is      war in Iraq until we are
Smith did their presenta-          of Egyptian culture."        Oh Kori. silly girl! As your   carried out, McCain will     victorious and we can
tion on mummification.                                          friend, I support your         know what to do to           bring the soldiers home
                                                                political choices even if I    improve American busi-       with honor. Thiswill give
                                                                do not agree. I also           ness and will ultimately     our future security and
Juniors Take PSAT                                               believe     our      country
                                                                needs a positive change,
                                                                                               help the economy.
                                                                                                    McCain and Palinalso
                                                                                                                            give the American peo-
                                                                                                                            ple confidence in com-
Brooke Emond                Reading, and Writing.               but I think that John          realize that the economy     pleting what isnecessary.
Staff Reporter              Each section isscored on            McCain and Sarah Palin         is not the only problem              I believe McCain
                            a scale of twenty to                have the leadership and        facing America. They         and Palin have the lead-
    he junior class took eighty points. This test               experience we need.            have a health care pro-      ership America needs

T   the PSAT/NMSQT-or gives students a chance
    the Preliminary SAT to see what the actual
New Merit Scholarship SAT looks like. This helps
                                                                McCain puts the coun-
                                                                try's needs before the
                                                                wants of the party he is
                                                                                               gram that will make
                                                                                               receiving aid easier than
                                                                                               ever. Things such as
                                                                                                                            and can help our econo-
                                                                                                                            my, health care, and
                                                                                                                            secure      our     future.
Qualifying Test. The test them because, by seeing               representing                   reforms in the insurance     Therefore, I am support-
took nearly four hours to the layout of the test, the           [Republicans] or his per-      market and walk-in clin-     ing John McCain and
complete. The PSATis a students will not be lost                sonal wants. An example        ics as alternatives to       Sarah Palin for the 2008
practice run for students. when they take the SAT.              is when he spoke out           emergency rooms are          presidential election.
    The three subjects on By taking the PSAT,stu-               against the Republican         just a few ideas McCain
the PSA are divided up dents also know what to
        T                                                       Party spending an exces-       and Palin have that will
into five sections. The expect when it comes to
subjects                are time limits.
Mathematics,       Critical
------- Month's Top Ten:
Odds & Ends
                                                                                                         ___~                11__
                                                                                                                                   November 2008
                                                                                                                                                page   5
                                                                                                                             Heard in
                    Scariest Movies of All Time                                                                              the Halls
Brooke Emond                   need to find a way to           especially when the alien       they let out the girl who     I, I thought I went
Staff Reporter                 subdue it and send it           is intent on killing every      started it all...             blind!!!!!...Boo boo bee
                               back to where it came           member of a deep                  2. Ju-on (2000) - known
  10.Audition (1999) - This                                                                                                  boo boo ...awr!!!...your
                               from.                           space mining crew. This         as The Grudge to every-
movie plot is way too             7. Dawn of the Dead          thriller seems to be a          one who doesn't speak         mom goes to coI-
predictable. The usual         (1978) - This zombie            good one to watch if you        Japanese - Thisfilm is a      Iege III vewy . t ewest -
blood and gore of limbs        thriller has plenty of          want     to get      goose      definite          nightmare   ing what the?! There's
being cut off and the          action, and it is easy to       bumps.                          starter. Dying because of     a thick block hair grow-
bad guy being caught           see why it is not number          4. The Ring (2002) - This     someone else's rage           ing out of where I got
off guard and killed by        ten, but also why it is not     death thriller will definite-   continues the cycle of        my flu shot!!!. ..Can't
another hero in the story      in the top five. It is fairly   ly give you nightmares.         "the grudge", and any-        touch this...baw chicka
definitely make it number      predictable until the end.      Seeing a dead girl pop          one who dies by the           who                    m
ten.                           When it seems all hope is       out of the television           hands of rage or extreme      whaaam ... BAM! ... My
   9. Halloween (1978) -       lost, the heroes pull           screen will frighten any        sorrow will start the cycle
Definitely a classic, this                                                                                                   life is like a McDonald's
                               through and survive.            person into death or a          allover again.
movie      has probably                                                                                                      commercia!. ..
                                 6. Invasion of the Body       mental institution-or so          1. The Thing (1982) -
been seen by everyone.         Snatchers (1978) - Thisis       the plot says.                  Anyone feel like being
                                                                                                                                    As Compiled By:
The plot is as predictable     a film about the fear and         3. [Rec] (2007) - original    infected by a recently                 Ryan Deasy
as the next in a long line     desperation     of being        Spanish       version      of   thawed alien? Thisaction
of movies, but that does-
n't stop producers from
                               alone. Though it is not as
                               predicta ble as the oth-
                                                               Quarantine - Thisfilm will
                                                               scare and grossout even
                                                                                               packed thriller will leave
                                                                                               viewers wondering who is      r ·D~t ·f~et ,
making the much antici-        ers, a person can almost        the tough guys. People in       or is not infected by
pated sequels.                 easily figure out what is       an apartment building           something unknown to          -I   Thanksgiving          -I
  8. Evil Dead II (1987) -     going to happen.                are infected        with a      man. It iseasy to see why            Break!!!
Likely to scare viewers           5. Alien (1979) - The        "demonic       possession"      this is the scariest movie
due to suspense but is                                                                                                       _ November 26th- _
                               thought     of being in         virus, putting all of them      of all time.
unlikely scary. Like most
horror     films, evil    is
                               space       and      being      under     quarantine.       A                                 L •       __ •      .J
                               attacked by aliens will         camera crew is the last
released, and the victims      give anyone the creeps,         to be masticated when
                                                                                                             Brvan Marsh's
                     bama vs. Me am                                                                       _lIlIc •• s
   Candidate Stances Pre-election: 2008
Issue                          McCain                          IOl5ama
                                                                                                      fter a two and a       my face with "A Tour of
Party Affiliation

Iraq War

                               Stay in until the war is won-

                                                               Get out of there as soon as
                                                                                               A       half hour drive, to
                                                                                                       meet a doctor
                                                                                               and have a five minute
                                                                                                                             Italy." Thisis compiled of
                                                                                                                             an over-sized serving of
                                                                                                                             lasagna      covered     in
                               no matter what the cost.        possible and save our coun-     appointment           which   cheese, chicken parme-
                                                               try large sums of money and     ended with the doc            san (a breaded chicken
                                                               the lives of our troops.        telling me that basketball    breast cover in parmesan
                                                                                               was out of the question, I    cheese), and fettuccini
Taxes                          Raise taxes and extend Tax the rich more than the               needed some good food         alfredo all on an Italian
                               Bush's cuts and cutting of poor/tax those who make              and lots of bread sticksto    sized plate.
                               corporate tax rates.       $250,000 or more                     change my mood for the                Finishing my food
                                                                                               better. After persistent      took all I had to offer. I
The Stock Market               Leave it alone and let the      Find and use any way pos-       pestering from me, my         was full after only the
                               busuiness cycle do its thing.   sible to keep it from crash     dad pulled into the Olive     lasagna, so the chicken
                                                               ing again.                      Garden parking lot.           parmesan and the fet-
                                                                                                        I started my meal    tuccini alfredo were a
Health Care                    Use tax credits to help shift Keep the existing job-based       with       raspberry-lemon    stretch. If you ever have
                               from employer-based insur- system and expand govern             iced tea, which is excel-     the time to venture to
                               ance coverage to an open ment involvemenUsupports               lent with the addition of     Pueblo and find your
                               market system where peo- universal health coverage              sweet and low, got to         pocket full of cash, your
                               ple can choose from com- for the 47 million withou              watch the calories you        appetite        abnormally
                               peting policies.              insurance, while requiring        know. Well, this day I was    large, and your belt with
                                                             coverage for children.            really depressed, and         one hole to spare, I
                                                                                               after my salad covered in     would recommend Olive
                                                                                               Italian dressing and three    Garden's "A Tour of
                                                                                               or four baskets of bread      Italy."
                                                                                               sticks, I decided to stuff
6     p
                 •••••    -.    __               ~           ~           -._-.                   __        r ..•.. 11 __
          November 2008                                                                                                                     Sports

 JH Football Gains B~k~~dYPant~v~i~~a~!e~a,~oiu~!~n~C:~
                                                                                               Manzanola and won,             they     must play       Kit
    K nowled 9 e                                                  Staff Reporter
                                                                                               only to lose to Springfield,   Carson, Springfield, and
Erik Biggers
Staff Reporter
                               from the season are scor-
                               ing 44 points against
                               Granada and never get-
                                                                  F    or the first time since which sent them into the
                                                                       1999,     the
                                                                       Panthers have been as the number two team.
                                                                  named district champi-
                                                                                         Lady second round of districts

                                                                                                      "It's one of the
                                                                                                                              McClave. The top two
                                                                                                                              teams advance to the
                                                                                                                              state tournament, which
                                                                                                                              will be held November 7
    he junior high football

T   season has come to
    an end. The team fin-
ished the season with a 0-
                               ting shut out.of a game.
                                      Dunning says that
                               in order to have a better
                               season next year, the
                                                                  ons. In order to achieve greatest feelings of my
                                                                  this, the team played senior year, going in with
                                                                  and dominated          Holly a loss and coming out
                                                                  and Kim in the second with a win-it's a great
                                                                                                                              and 8 in Denver.
                                                                                                                                      "The girls are very
                                                                                                                              excited about winning
                                                                                                                              districts and going to
7 record, but showed a         plovers     mus:     keep          round of districts held at feeling," stated Cailee          regionals, and they have
lot of heart and repre-        Improving their funda-             Otero Junior College on Smith.                              worked hard this season.
sented the school very         mentals an~. build a               October 24. To find out             At press time, the      We hope to go to and
well.                          future by gaining more             who they would play in Lady            Panthers     had     win state" were Coach
       In hisfinal thoughts    involvement. In fact, one          the district tournament, advanced to the region-            Audrey Bauer's words.

                                                                                   HS Foot ba II E nds th e
about      the      season,
                               of Dunning's biggest dis-
Coach Dunning com-             cppointrnents was that
mented, "The players           only one sixth grader
showed a lot of improve-
ment throughout the sea-
                               took the opportunity to
                               play football this past
                                                                                    Season W·It h Hear t
son. They gained knowl-        season.
edge     of the game                   Dunning feels that Tanner Parmely                       for the Panthers, was          everyday     all year. I
                                                           Staff Reporter
through playing experi-        there is a good core of                                         pleased with this year's       believe that we gained
ence and improved in           athletes in this year's                                         season for the most part.      confidence in ourselves
                                                                 he high school boys'
the fundamental areas of
the game in practice
and in game situations."
       Some      highlights
                               eighth grade class and
                               hopes that they all partic-
                               ipate in high school foot-
                               ball next year.
                                                                 football season has
                                                                 officially ended. On
                                                           October 17th the team
                                                                                               "I was happy with the
                                                                                               end of the football sea-
                                                                                               son. Even though we
                                                                                               ended with only ten guys
                                                                                                                              as we grew by leaps and
                                                                                                                              bounds. Even though we
                                                                                                                              did not come away with
                                                                                                                              a victory this year, I felt
                                                           lined up on that fifty yard         and no wins, we always         that it was a successful
                                                           line for the last time              played with heart and,         season because         my
                                                           against the McClave
    Soccer Has a                                           Cardinals. The final score
                                                           of the game was 49-6,
                                                                                               hopefully, we can carry
                                                                                               that on to next year."
                                                                                                              H e a d
                                                                                                                              players played with 110%
                                                                                                                              of their heart every time
                                                                                                                              they stepped on the
                                                           junior Dylan Specht scor-
   Goal of a Season
Ryan Fisher
                                                           ing the only Panther
                               saysthat he will most like- touchdown.
                                                                                               Coach Any Shaw agrees
                                                                                               with Specht, saying, "I
                                                                                                                                      The ending record
                                                                                               was pleased that every         of the season was 0 wins
Staff Reporter                                                       Specht, tight end
                               ly not play again next                                          player came to practice        and 8 losses.
                               year. Instead, he says he
     he   Lamar soccer

T    team had a very suc-
     cessful season for its
firstyear of playing.
                               will be playing football.

                                                                  Erik Biggers
                                                                  Staff Reporter
                                                                                    JH Volleyball Ends
                                                                                              believes that the girls
                                                                                              learned a lot about
                                                                                                                              first real block against
        The boys had to                                                                       being a team and repre-                 Reinhardt had the
play only junior varsity                                               he junior high volley- sented Wiley junior high
because CSHAA rules
dictate       that
tea ms must play two
                      new                                         T    ball season has come very well.
                                                                       to an end and was a           Some highlights
                                                                  successful one. Hard from this season were
                                                                                                                              following advice for this
                                                                                                                              year's eighth graders:
                                                                                                                              "Have confidence and
                                                                                                                              keep playing!" She says
years of jv before play-                                          work paid off for the ending the season with a              that these girls have
                                                                  team as all three teams "clean        sweep"    over        proved that they play
ing varsity. The team
                                                                  finished the season with McClave and watching               volleyball with a lot of
still had an impressive
                                                                  winning records.            the hard work payoff            heart and that the high
winning record of 12-1.                                                   Commenting      on during games. One of
          Wiley's David        Freshman David Ybarra hustles
                                                                                                                              school coaches should
                                                                  the previous season, Reinhardt's most memo-                 be excited to work with
Ybarra, who played for         after the ball during his soccer
                                  game against James Irwin        Coach Reinhardt states, rable moments was see-              them next year.
the Savages this year,                 Charter School.            "The girls had a very suc- ing Beth McDougal's
                                                                  cessful year." Reinhardt enormous smile after her

           Lady Savage Softball Crosses Home Plate.
Tanner Parmely             Junta      Tigers.     The             times where it got rough,    son, the softball team's       other. I love the girlsfrom
Staff Reporter             Savages kept the lead                  but we focused more on       final record was eight         Lamar, and I am going to
                           for the firstcouple innings            the good than on the         wins to ten losses.            missmy seniors,especial-
   he Lamar Softball and then ended up los-

T  season has come to ing with a score of 13-5.
   an end. The girls' sea-         "Theseason was a
son ended with a final tough one. There were
                                                                  bad," says Adilene Cruz,
                                                                  junior and starting catch-
                                                                  er from Wiley High
                                                                                                      In a general sense
                                                                                               of how the season went,
                                                                                               Cruz added the follow-
                                                                                               ing. "We did our best
                                                                                                                              Iy Choat {Haley, starting
                                                                                                                              pitcher for the team}. I'm
                                                                                                                              just going to missit."

game against the La moments of success and                                With a losing sea-   and played for each
-:w-                          _ ~~ __
                                    •                                                                          r   ..•..
                                                                                                                      ~II        __            page)
Sports                                                                                                                           November 2008

      Bad uy                             Good Guy
      Athletes                            Athletes
1. Jaguars receiver Matt              1. UNC        player    Tyler
Jones-caught         cutting up       Hansbrough-does          holi-
cocaine with a credit card in         day shopping for Durham
his car                               Salvation Army
2. Bears running            back      2. Houston      Texans run-
Cedric Benson-charged                 ning back Ahman Green-
with boating while intoxicat-         helped a single mother of an
ed and resisting arrest               autistic child make a down
3. football     phenom from           payment on a house.
Ohio       State       Maurice        3. Hornet's All-Star Chris
Clarett-engaged            in     a   Paul-makes       a dish that
police chase for weapons              helps give money to the AI
and resisting arrest                  Copeland Foundation and
4.       Ex-Yankee
                                      the Chris Paul Basketball
                                                                               Professional Athletes: Role
vehicular      homicide       and     4. Phoenix      Suns Grant
drunken driving
5.     Martial    arts fighter
                                      Hill-Hosted    the Paint the
                                      Planet Orange which helps
                                                                                     Models or Not?
Renato "Babalu" Sobral-               clean up the city of Phoenix           Are professional      athletes                 Alexander. All of these men
charged for battery and tres-         5. New York Giants defen-              good role models? This is a                    are great people who help
passing                               sive end Osi Umenyiora-                question many peo Ie as                        tlielr co munities.
Found                            at   started the "Strike 4 a Cure"          themselves.      With all the                         S re many people get
http://nbcsports.msn           foundation     which    helps          bad publicity about 'ilthlete                            uble with the law-
lid/240 130421                        raise money to combat HIV              circulating, nobody realize                    someone running a stop
                                      in the US and Africa                   all the good people ho ar                      sign, a fender bender, or
 Fau nd at http://proathletesonly com/news/locker-room/osi-umen      yioras- good athletes.                                 getting a speeding ticket-
                                                                                  Just because on or two                    but jus because our mis-
                                                                             athletes have done some                         akes are not publicized
                                                                             bad things does not mak                        does not mean they are any
        Breaks, Tears, and                                                   all pro athletes horri [Ie pe                  better or worse than a pro
                                                                             pie. The reason t ey ar                        athlete ..
             Sprains                                                         good role models is that
                                                                             becoming a profe siona
                                                                                                                                  These are the best peo-
                                                                                                                            ple to have as role models.
Ryan Deasy                                 Paintin's knee injury did not athlete takes a lot of ere                         They are better than mod-
Staff Reporter                             require surgery, but did end mination, hard work, long                           els, actors, actresses, and
                                           his       football      season. hours, and perseverance.                         even superheroes.
            iley High School               Biggers, who broke his

             athletics this year ankle in the first game also
              to the athletes
                                many       had to miss the remainder
                                           of the season. Specht and
                                                                             The definition of a role
                                                                             model is a person whose
                                                                             behavior, example, or suc-
                                                                             cess is or can be emulated
                                                                                                                            their actions and attitudes.
                                                                                                                            When Brett Favre was
                                                                                                                            offered millions of dollars to
                                                                                                                            retire from football,       he
involved.         Such        injuries     Perdue were sidelined only
                                                                             by others. Without ques-                       turned it down because of
ranged from the tearing of shortly with broken hands,
                                                                             tion, there are athle~es tl1at                    is love for the game. His
the players' ACLs, to broken               but played out the season in
                                                                             play or have played ~he part                   actio s sent a positive mes-
hands and thumbs, bruising                 casts. Herrera, who began
                                                                             of a role model. H ,wever                      sage to people everywhere,
of a bone in the leg, to even the season as the starting
                                                                             with all of the crim s tha                     I1?lacinghim in the category
a twisted ankle.                           quarterback, was sidelined
                                                                             have recently been commit                        f a good role model.
    Athletes injured this year during                  the homecoming
                                                                             ted by profession I ath-                                 Obviously,   profes-
in football included Erik game with a broken thumb
                                                                             letes, it has becom much                       siona athletes that have
Biggers, Brian Herrera, Joe and did not return to play for
                                                                             more difficult for pe pie to                   becom       involved in drugs
Paintin,                       Dalton      the remainder of the sea-
                                                                             envy them.                                     an othe crimes are not
Chamberlain, Bryan Marsh, son.
                                                                                      With the ex eptio                     the type of people to be
Zac Perdue, and Dylan                             Athletes injured in vol-
                                                                             of a few, professio al ath                     10 ked       p to or envied.
Specht. The injuries began leyball only include Taylin
                                                                             letes have been go d role                      However; the majority of
in practice before the first Spitzer who injured her
                                                                             models for young         eople.                athlet s have achieved
game of the season with ankle in district                           action.
                                                                             Seeing the success                              :·heir     accomplishments
Marsh's knee injury and Spitzer missed a couple of
                                                                             athletes    have achieved,                     through      hard work and
continued throughout the practices, but was planning
                                                                             inspires young people to                       determination,       teaching
season until the second to to play in the regional
                                                                             believe that their hard work                   others to do the same along
last game of the season                    games at press time.
                                                                             can payoff and that they                       the way.
where Paintin injured his                       According to most of the
                                                                             too can achieve           great
knee.                                      football       players,     their
     Marsh and Chamberlain                 injuries occurred because
both missed the remainder                  they zigged when they
of the season after having should have zagged.
to have           knee surgery.
8   page •••••••••                                                                                                             .....mllil ••
          November 2008                                                                                                                                        Sports

                                                                                  At the high school volleyball game against the McClave Cardinals on October 17th,
                                                                                              senior Tiana Spitzer digs a hard hit to make the perfect pass.

        On Homecoming night, September 26th, against the Springfield
        Longhorns, senior Brian Herrera avoids pressure from oncoming

                     Fall Sports
                      --- - --- - --- -
Eighth grader Erik Marquez sprints past the defense for a touchdown against the McClave Cardinals
                          during their last home game on October 16th.

                                                                                                      During junior high volleyball's last game against the McClave Cardinals
                                                                                                         on October 16th, 8th grader Beth McDougal jumps for the block.

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