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									  Deciding on a Diamond with Shenoa Diamond

Before you purchase a diamond engagement ring, take time to seriously realize the top quality
components known as the 4Cs--color, clarity, lower, carat-so you feel comfortable juggling them to get
just the right combination for you personally. Knowing how you can juggle the 4Cs can enable you to
obtain a high-budget appear at a affordable selling price

"Unbreakable","Unalterable",and "Untamed" were some in the earliest words used to describe the
world's most precious gemstone: The Diamond. The everlasting properties of these remarkable natural-
occurring gems are what make them the top decision for engagement rings. Buying an engagement ring
is an important event for you personally and your fiance, and selecting the best diamond is essential.
Really should you go for a larger diamond or pick a smaller stone of increased top quality? Is coloring a
vital consideration? How does the minimize affect the stone? Is often a solitaire diamond finest, or is
often a ring with sidestones a better decision?

At Shenoa, we strive to offer you with quality diamonds that you simply can cherish for a lifetime.

As our customer we invite you to take a few moments to turn out to be acquainted with how diamonds
are graded for excellent. The following section contains all of the information you will need in order to
wisely choose a good quality diamond. Please view the following world wide web video made by well-
known educational and research institution GIA (Gemological Institute of America) on how diamonds
are professionally graded for coloration, clarity, minimize, and carat weight (a.k.a. the *4Cs):

*Being familiar with all the 4Cs can allow you to accomplish a high-budget glance at a affordable price

Now that you simply have learned about the "Four Cs" of diamond grading let's have a glance at each of
these aspects in a lot more detail:

The very first and most critical thing to look for when selecting a diamond is the cut. Not to be confused
with "Shape"(ie. Round, Square, Oval etc.), Lower determines a diamond's brilliance. A rough diamond is
minimize and polished until the very best seem is achieved. The Perfect Lower is one that can reflect the
maximum quantity of gentle entering the diamond and trigger that brilliant sparkle that diamonds are
recognized for. This minimize is uncommon, and the price of a diamond with an ideal minimize will likely
be significantly higher. Some people today prefer to purchase a larger diamond regardless of it's
minimize. Other shoppers may possibly merely want a diamond using the greatest colour. These
differing components partly explain why not all diamonds are an ideally suited minimize. A lot of
gemologists think about slice one of the most critical diamond characteristic mainly because even if a
diamond has perfect shade and clarity, a diamond with a poor lower will have dulled brilliance. The
width and depth have the greatest effect on how light travels within the diamond, and how it exits
within the form of brilliance. Every facet need to be precisely slice while maintaining beneficial
symmetry and polish from the diamond.

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