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           Change in State Poverty Population as a Percentage of National Poverty Total

Descr ipt ion
Percentage increase/decrease for each state’s pover ty population, as a percentage of the national pover ty tota l,
between the 1990 census and the 2000 census.

Purpose and Use
Describe the change in the distribution of the Poverty demographic across the nation. Identify national Income -Eligible
population trends from which LSC funding is derived.

Management, LSC, Funders, Providers, Public

Statistical Evaluat ion


Pr ior ity High                                                                         Confidential      No
Effort     Medium                                                                       Accuracy          Very High
Quant ity 1                                                                             Frequency         Decennially
                                                                                        Extent            National
Data Source(s) & Notes
Pover ty Counts used in Legal Services Cor poration Grants (1996 - 2002); 2000 OIG Estimate based on 2000 Census
Data. Note: Estimate increases Census pover ty numbers for Alaska, Hawaii, and Micronesia based on historic LSC
grant calculation practices.

Shapefile: lsc_states.shp and lsc_territories.shp Field: natpctchg
See Volume Two, Appendix A for more information.

  Block Group         Tract              ZIP Code             County           Service Area       State

Map Type
  Choropleth                         Isarithmic (line/area)                    Reference Map
  Dot Density                        Chart/Graph Map                           Graduated Symbol

Base Map Reference Infor mation
   Head Office Location       Office Boundaries                Interstates             Minor Roads
   Head Office Names          State                            Major Roads             Other
   Field Office Locations     County                           Metro Routes
   Field Office Names         City                             Major Lakes/Rivers