How to Effectively & Easily Improve Your Tinnitus(Ringing in My Ears)

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					How to Effectively & Easily
Improve Your Tinnitus
(Ringing in My Ears)
 LiveNow42 Reporting

 I suffer with this condition and have sought out
 help to reduce the stress and
 anxiety that I experience
 Let me share some of my research with you.
The Reality of
Tinnitus / Ringing in My Ears
Every day we live in a sea of sound that is natural or
  manmade but is the origin is from another source
  outside of ourselves and is apparent to others.
However tinnitus / ringing in my ears is not from an
  outside source it originates from the inside of our
  ears. A constant continuing ringing noise that never
  stops and is ever present.
Statically there are over million Americans that have
  this aliment and it is more common then you may
What is
Tinnitus / Ringing in My Ears?
Tinnitus is a condition that has symptoms of
  ringing in my ears all the time, emanates from
  within you, and is especially noticeable when
  background sound is low. At those times
  sufferers feel that the sound increases and
  can become a major stressor and can effect
  ones health and wellbeing. The condition
  can vary from a mild level of ringing to a very
  load constant sound levels and often medical
  treatment is sought.
Who is at Risk of Developing
Unlike other physical ailments tinnitus is an equal
   opportunity problem.
It knows no boundaries of:
 Gender

 Race

 Age

 Weight

 Physical condition

 Diet
What are Factors that Increase the
Risk of Developing Tinnitus?
It is as other hearing related conditions often
   begins with exposure to loud noises:
 Industrial noise exposures: constant or
 Rock Concerts

 Jet Planes

 Sports

 Guns

 And many, many more (you get the idea)!
Other Causes of Tinnitus
(but lesser consequence)

Infections (Meniere’s Disease) move into the
  inner ear (often only one ear).
Cotton Swabs: Cleaning out ear wax and not
  being careful can injure your ear drum and
  cause damage.
 Aspartame, The artificial sweetener
 Aspirin
Head trauma or brain damage.
Treatments for Tinnitus
   Sound Therapy: Training your mind to ignore the ringing sound
    so it is not a significant source of stress.
   Biofeedback: A sound therapy that helps the person to better
    cope with the ringing, with the person learning to control how the
    body reacts.
   Magnesium: The anti-stress mineral magnesium can help with
    the reduction of stress and lessen the impact of tinnitus.
   Vitamin B Complex: Reduces inner ear pressure and can reduce
    the level of noise for those with a low level.
   Ginkgo Biloba: Often used for memory improvement and can
    have a positive effect on tinnitus.
   Zinc: Some sufferers have a low level of zinc that can lead to
    tinnitus. Have a blood test and rule this out.
Ways to Lower Your Risk or at least Not
Increase Your Current Level of Tinnitus

   Antioxidants: These free radicals will help remove
    dangerous toxins from your body and improve your
   Sugar & alcoholic beverages: Medical studies show
    that excessive sugar and alcohol levels will increase
    the symptoms of tinnitus, less is better.
   Salt: Salt causes fluid to build up in your body and
    one location is your ears.
   Turn the volume down: Less is better.
   Wear hearing protection: Anytime you are or will be
    subjected to loud or high sound levels.
Medical Disclaimer
This information is for reference only and is not
   a certified medical document. This is
   intended to provide information that will assist
   you in improving your lifestyle and heath.
If you are taking medication prescribed by a
   physician consult them before trying other

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