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        Basic Social Media Training

What is a Social Network?
      A social network is a social structure made up of individuals
      or organizations called "nodes," which are connected by one
      or more specific types of interdependency, such as
      friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange,
      dislike, religious beliefs, etc…
The Importance of Social Networks
• Social networks allow your organization to
  potentially reach an exponential amount of
  new supporters each day.
• Through mass content dissemination and
  relationship facilitation, your message can
  reach a variety of wide audiences, instantly.
There are a lot of social networks….

       Today we’ll focus on the current big two: Facebook & Twitter

                     The Facebook Universe
 Facebook is the premiere social
 network, linking friends, family
 and colleagues.

 •400 Million Active Users
  112 Million Americans

 •50% of active users logon daily

 •35 Million-plus users update
 their statuses daily

 •5 Billion pieces of content posted
 a month

 •Average users spends 55 minutes
 a day on Facebook
Facebook   Facebook: The Basics   Like your
                                  local and



   2                        2

•Comment                          1
Facebook                      Facebook – News Feed

           The “News Feed” — the center column of your FB home page — is
           a constantly updating list of stories from people and pages
           (companies or organizations) that you follow on Facebook.

           The News Feed is how most of your fans will see the content you
           post, unless they visit your profile directly.

           When you like, comment, or share something from your local or
           national United Way, it has a higher chance of showing up in your
           friend’s feeds.
Facebook                        Facebook: Your Profile

    Above is your status box.

    On your profile, you can give United Way a shout out by @ and then typing in
    their name. As you type, Facebook will give you a drop down list to select from.
Facebook                                 Facebook

    You can also share a link (below) to United Way’s website, Twitter account, or
    any other URL. Remember to @ mention them in the top subject box.

                                The Twittersphere
The total universe of Twitter users and their habits.
Also called the "Twitosphere" and "Twitter verse.”

  Users “tweet” short messages read by their
  followers - micro blogging

  •       100 Million+ Users Worldwide

  •       The 11th Most Visited Website

  •       Over 40 Million Tweets Daily

  •       87% of Americans have heard of
          Twitter, but just 7% (17 million) use it.

                 Twitter: The Basics
                                                  @Live_United and
                                                    your local on

          •Hashtags: Used to signify a tweet’s subject.
          Examples: #Volunteer, #Homeless, #Education

          •@ Replies: Used to message or mention users in
          your tweets. Example: “I support @Live_United”
          Twitter: Hash Tags

                     Twitter: Retweeting
          "RT" or "retweeting" is simply taking a twitter post from someone else
          and forwarding (rebroadcasting) it to your followers.

                           Twitter Organizing
          Strategy Tip: You can use Twitter directories like and
 to find the top Tweeters in your local area.

                                                  By doing a bit of research (usually a
                                                  visit to the URL listed in a user’s Twitter
                                                  profile) you can get an email address
                                                  for the user.

                                                  Use these addresses to build a “local
                                                  influencers” list that you treat similarly
                                                  to a press list. Email these users when
                                                  you have a contest or interesting
                                                  content you’d like to promote over
                                                  social media.

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