Request for Nominations to Panel by EPADocs


									                                          8578                          Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 33 / Friday, February 17, 2006 / Notices

                                          should make an appointment at least 24                  monitoring and recordkeeping                          over activities in the Mississippi River
                                          hours before visiting day. Additionally,                decisions; and (2) provide the rationale              Basin and the Gulf of Mexico and
                                          the final order for CCERA is available                  for selected monitoring where the                     participates with other Federal agencies,
                                          electronically at:                  underlying requirement does not specify               state and tribes in the Mississippi River/
                                          region07/programs/artd/air/title5/                      periodic monitoring. The order also                   Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task
                                          petitiondb/petitiondb2005.htm.                          explains the reasons for denying the                  Force. In 2001, the Mississippi River/
                                          FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                        petitioners’ remaining claims.                        Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task
                                          Steven Riva, Chief, Permitting Section,                   Dated: February 6, 2006.                            Force released the Action Plan for
                                          Air Programs Branch, Division of                        Anthony Cancro,
                                                                                                                                                        Reducing, Mitigating and Controlling
                                          Environmental Planning and Protection,                                                                        Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
                                                                                                  Acting Regional Administrator, Region 2.
                                          EPA, Region 2, 290 Broadway, 25th                                                                             (hereinafter called the Action Plan,
                                                                                                  [FR Doc. 06–1486 Filed 2–16–06; 8:45 am]              available at:
                                          Floor, New York, New York 10007–
                                                                                                  BILLING CODE 6560–50–P                                msbasin/taskforce/actionplan.htm).
                                          1866, telephone (212) 637–4074.
                                          SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Act
                                                                                                                                                        This Action Plan was informed by the
                                          affords EPA a 45-day period to review,                                                                        underlying science described in An
                                                                                                  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION                              Integrated Assessment of Hypoxia in the
                                          and object to as appropriate, operating                 AGENCY                                                Northern Gulf of Mexico (hereinafter
                                          permits proposed by State permitting
                                                                                                  [FRL–8034–2]                                          called the Integrated Assessment,
                                          authorities. Section 505(b)(2) of the Act
                                                                                                                                                        available at
                                          authorizes any person to petition the                   Science Advisory Board Staff Office;                  products/hypox_finalfront.pdf)
                                          EPA Administrator within 60 days after                  Request for Nominations for Science                   developed by the National Science and
                                          the expiration of this review period to                 Advisory Board Panel(s) on Hypoxia in                 Technology Council. Six technical
                                          object to State operating permits if EPA                the Gulf of Mexico                                    reports available at http://
                                          has not done so. Petitions must be based
                                                                                                  AGENCY: Environmental Protection            
                                          only on objections to the permit that
                                                                                                  Agency (EPA).                                         pubs_hypox.html provided the scientific
                                          were raised with reasonable specificity
                                                                                                                                                        foundation for the Integrated
                                          during the public comment period                        ACTION: Notice.
                                          provided by the State, unless the                                                                               At the request of EPA’s Office of
                                                                                                  SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental
                                          petitioner demonstrates that it was                                                                           Water, the Science Advisory Board
                                          impracticable to raise these issues                     Protection Agency (EPA or Agency)
                                                                                                  Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff                    (SAB) is forming a Panel(s) to evaluate
                                          during the comment period or the                                                                              the state-of-the-science regarding the
                                          grounds for the issues arose after this                 Office is soliciting nominations for
                                                                                                  nationally recognized scientists to serve             Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. The EPA
                                          period.                                                                                                       Science Advisory Board (SAB) was
                                             On February 17, 2005, the EPA                        on an SAB expert Panel or Panels to
                                                                                                  conduct an evaluation of the complex                  established by 42 U.S.C. 4365 to provide
                                          received a joint petition from Rutgers                                                                        independent scientific and technical
                                          Environmental Law Clinic on behalf of                   scientific and technical issues that affect
                                                                                                  the causes, location, magnitude and                   advice, consultation, and
                                          various New Jersey Environmental                                                                              recommendations to the EPA
                                          Groups, requesting that EPA object to                   duration of the hypoxic zone in the
                                                                                                  Northern Gulf of Mexico, as well as the               Administrator on the technical basis for
                                          the issuance of the title V operating                                                                         Agency positions and regulations. This
                                          permit for CCERA. The petition raises                   priority and feasibility of management
                                                                                                  and control options in the Mississippi                SAB Panel(s) will comply with the
                                          issues regarding the permit application,                                                                      provisions of the Federal Advisory
                                          the permit issuance process, and the                    River Basin and Gulf to reduce it.
                                                                                                                                                        Committee Act (FACA) and all
                                          permit itself. The petitioners assert that:             DATES: Nominations should be
                                                                                                                                                        appropriate SAB procedures. Upon
                                          (1) The public was denied access to the                 submitted by March 10, 2006 per the
                                                                                                                                                        completion, the Panel’s report will be
                                          full administrative record during the                   instructions below.
                                                                                                                                                        submitted to the SAB for final approval
                                          public comment period; (2) the public                   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For                  for transmittal to the EPA
                                          notice announcement failed to include                   information regarding this Request for                Administrator.
                                          the required information under 40 CFR                   Nominations please contact Dr. Holly                    The SAB Panel(s) will review all
                                          70.7(h)(2); (3) the permit lacks a                      Stallworth, Designated Federal Officer                available and relevant information,
                                          statement of basis; (4) the permit does                 (DFO), EPA Science Advisory Board                     including the Action Plan, the
                                          not include a signed compliance                         Staff, at or                 Integrated Assessment, and any new
                                          certification that meets the requirements               (202) 343–9867. General information                   scientific literature that has appeared
                                          of 40 CFR 70.6(c)(5)(iii); (5) the permit               concerning the SAB can be found on the                since they were released. The Panel(s)
                                          does not include a compliance                           EPA Web site at:                  will address a variety of complex
                                          schedule; and (6) the permit was issued                 sab. For information on EPA’s activities              scientific and technical issues that affect
                                          in violation of the state and federal                   related to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico,             the causes, location, magnitude and
                                          environmental justice executive orders.                 please contact Mr. John Wilson in the                 duration of the hypoxic zone, as well as
                                             On January 20, 2006, the                             Office of Wetlands, Oceans and                        the priority and feasibility of
                                          Administrator issued an order partially                 Watersheds at or                  management and control options to
                                          granting and partially denying the                      (202) 566–1158 or Mr. Daniel Kaiser in                reduce it. Such issues may include the
                                          petition on CCERA. The order explains                   the Office of Wetlands, Oceans and                    biological, chemical, and physical
                                          the reasons behind EPA’s conclusion                     Watersheds at or                characteristics of the Mississippi River
                                          that the NJDEP must reopen the permit                   (202) 566–0686.                                       Basin and the Gulf of Mexico; the
                                          to: (1) Provide an adequate statement to                SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:                            sources, types, amounts, fate, transport,
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

                                          the public which provides                                 Background: A large area of depleted                and dynamics of nutrients [nitrogen (N),
                                          documentation to support the factual                    oxygen occurs on the Louisiana                        phosphorus (P), carbon (C), silicon (Si)]
                                          basis for certain conditions,                           continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico               and oxygen in freshwater, estuarine, and
                                          applicability determinations for source                 on an annual basis. EPA is one of the                 marine systems; factors affecting the
                                          specific applicable requirements and                    Federal agencies with responsibilities                formation and persistence of hypoxia in

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:51 Feb 16, 2006   Jkt 208001   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\17FEN1.SGM   17FEN1
                                                                        Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 33 / Friday, February 17, 2006 / Notices                                            8579

                                          estuarine and coastal waters; and                          (1) Nutrient sources and dynamics (N,                 Process and Deadline for Submitting
                                          decision science and the economic                       P, C, Si) associated with primary                     Nominations: Any interested person or
                                          feasibility and efficacy of management                  production, eutrophication, microbial                 organization may nominate qualified
                                          options to reduce the hypoxic zone.                     ecology, and algal blooms in the                      individuals to serve on the SAB
                                            Solicitation of Expertise. The SAB                    Mississippi River Basin, or other                     Panel(s). Nominations should be
                                          Staff Office requests nominations of                    freshwater streams, rivers, reservoirs,               submitted in electronic format through
                                          nationally recognized experts in the                    lakes and wetlands; and/or                            the SAB Web site at the following URL:
                                          natural and life sciences, decision                        (2) Water quality studies involving      ; or directly via
                                          sciences, economics, engineering, and                   nutrient (N, P, C, Si) removal,                       the Form for Nominating Individuals to
                                          natural resource or environmental                       transformation, and downstream export;                Panels of the EPA Science Advisory
                                          management. The SAB is particularly                        (e) Groundwater and Soil                           Board link found at URL: http://
                                          interested in nominees who have                         Hydrology—with emphasis on:                 
                                          extensive research or management                           (1) Nutrient dynamics (N, P, C, Si)                paneltopics.html. To be considered,
                                          experience with the description,                        and wetlands as nutrient sinks and                    nominations must include all of the
                                          quantification, prediction, mitigation                  sources in the Mississippi River Delta;               information required on the associated
                                          and control of nitrogen, phosphorus,                       (2) Estuarine physical oceanography;               forms. Anyone who is unable to submit
                                          carbon, silicon and oxygen in the                       and/or                                                nominations using this form, and who
                                          Mississippi River Basin, Gulf of Mexico,                   (3) Septic systems as sources of                   has any questions concerning any
                                          or other riverine, wetland estuarine, and               nutrients and carbon;                                 aspects of the nomination process may
                                          marine systems. Expertise is sought in                     (f) Chemical, Physical, And Coastal                contact the DFO, as indicated above in
                                          one or more of the following areas.                     Oceanography—with emphasis on:                        this notice. Nominations should be
                                            (a) Chemistry—with emphasis on                           (1) Freshwater discharge and                       submitted in time to arrive no later than
                                          analyses, sources, fate, transport,                     stratification;                                       March 10, 2006.
                                                                                                     (2) Estuarine and coastal shelf                       The EPA SAB Staff Office will
                                          dynamics and interactions of nitrogen,
                                                                                                  transport, mixing and circulation;                    acknowledge receipt of the nomination.
                                          phosphorus, carbon, silicon, and oxygen                    (3) Global and regional nutrient cycles
                                          in aquatic, estuarine, wetland, and                                                                           From the nominees identified by
                                                                                                  and their interactions;                               respondents to this notice (termed the
                                          marine systems;                                            (4) Biogeochemical cycling in
                                            (b) Engineering—with emphasis on:                                                                           ‘‘Widecast’’), the SAB Staff Office will
                                                                                                  estuaries, lagoons, wetlands;                         develop a smaller subset (known as the
                                            (1) Agricultural engineering                             (5) Dissolved oxygen, carbon, nitrogen
                                          (implementation of management                                                                                 ‘‘Short List’’) for more detailed
                                                                                                  and phosphorus dynamics, especially in                consideration. Criteria used by the SAB
                                          practices for agricultural runoff,                      hypoxic zones;
                                          fertilization, and alternative cropping;                                                                      Staff in developing this Short List are
                                                                                                     (6) Energy and essential element flux
                                            (2) Environmental engineering (point                                                                        given at the end of the following
                                                                                                  through ecosystems, especially marine
                                          and non-point mitigation and control                                                                          paragraph. The Short List will be posted
                                                                                                  microbial food webs; and/or
                                          practices for nitrogen, phosphorus, and                                                                       for public comment on the SAB Web
                                                                                                     (7) Potential for altered salinities at
                                          carbon from industrial, municipal,                                                                            site at: The
                                                                                                  the estuary/shelf boundary from
                                          septic, urban stormwater, and                                                                                 Short List will include each nominee’s
                                                                                                  proposed Mississippi River
                                          agricultural sources); and/or                                                                                 name and a short biographical
                                                                                                  redistribution and its importance for
                                            (3) Ecological engineering                                                                                  description of expertise and
                                                                                                  stratification on the shelf;
                                          (constructed wetlands);                                    (g) Coastal Paleoecology—with                      professional experiences. During this
                                            (c) Biological Oceanography and                       emphasis on interpretation of benthic                 comment period, the public may
                                          Coastal, Estuarine and Marine Ecology—                                                                        provide relevant information on
                                                                                                  foraminifera as indicators of historical
                                          with emphasis on:                                                                                             nominees that the SAB Staff Office
                                                                                                  ecological conditions;
                                            (1) Nutrient sources and dynamics (N,                    (h) Economics—with emphasis on:                    should consider in evaluating
                                          P, C, Si) associated with primary                          (1) Agricultural economics of row                  candidates for the Panel.
                                          secondary and tertiary production,                      crops, animal feeding operations and                     For the EPA SAB Staff Office, a
                                          microbial ecology, and the development                  their management;                                     balanced subcommittee or panel is
                                          and control of algal blooms in wetlands,                   (2) Natural resource, ecological or                characterized by inclusion of candidates
                                          estuaries, near coastal, and marine                     environmental economics; and/or                       who possess the necessary domains of
                                          environments;                                              (3) Fisheries economics;                           knowledge, the relevant scientific
                                            (2) Studies involving nutrient (N, P, C,                 (i) Modelling—with emphasis on:                    perspectives (which, among other
                                          Si) removal, transformation, and export;                   (1) Hydrologic models;                             factors, can be influenced by work
                                            (3) Energy and essential element flux                    (2) Riverine, estuarine, and marine                history and affiliation), and the
                                          through ecosystems, especially marine                   water quality models;                                 collective breadth of experience to
                                          microbial food webs;                                       (3) Nutrient models (N, P, C, Si); and/            adequately address the charge. Public
                                            (4) Hypoxia and related oxygen                        or                                                    responses to the Short List candidates
                                          depletion phenomena;                                       (4) Systems ecology models;                        will be considered in the selection of
                                            (5) Land use change, watershed                           (j) Statistics—with emphasis on                    the Panel, along with information
                                          dynamics, land-sea coupling, global                     designing, conducting and interpreting                provided by candidates and information
                                          ecology;                                                complex, multivariate, predictive                     independently-gathered by the SAB
                                            (6) Organic and inorganic                             studies over large spatial and temporal               Staff Office on the background of each
                                          geochemistry, biogeochemical dynamics                   scales; and                                           candidate. Specific criteria to be used in
                                          of aquatic food chains; biochemical                        (k) Decision Sciences—with emphasis                evaluating an individual nominee
                                          markers of colloidal and particulate                    on collaborative decision-making for                  include: (a) Scientific and/or technical
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

                                          organic carbon; and/or                                  natural resource, environmental, or                   expertise, knowledge, and experience
                                            (7) Bio-optics; fine-scale pigment                    watershed planning and management in                  (primary factors); (b) availability and
                                          distributions; microbial dynamics.                      the Mississippi River Basin, the Gulf of              willingness to serve; (c) absence of
                                            (d) Limnology, Wetlands and Riverine                  Mexico or other aquatic, estuarine,                   financial conflicts of interest; (d)
                                          Ecology—with emphasis on:                               wetland, and marine systems.                          absence of an appearance of a lack of

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:51 Feb 16, 2006   Jkt 208001   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\17FEN1.SGM   17FEN1
                                          8580                          Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 33 / Friday, February 17, 2006 / Notices

                                          impartiality; and (e) skills working in                    Summary: EPA expressed                             to sensitive species/habitat and air
                                          committees, subcommittees and                           environmental concern about air quality               quality. EPA requested additional
                                          advisory panels; and, for the Panel as a                impacts. EPA requested additional                     information regarding these impacts, as
                                          whole, (f) diversity of, and balance                    analysis of air toxic/PM 2.5 and                      well as the process for future NEPA
                                          among, scientific expertise and                         cumulative impacts of the growth.                     analysis.
                                          viewpoints.                                             Rating EC2.                                           Rating EC2.
                                             Prospective candidates will also be                  EIS No. 20050490, ERP No. D–COE–                      EIS No. 20050533, ERP No. D–AFS–
                                          required to fill-out the ‘‘Confidential                    K36144–CA, San Juan Creek and                        D65034–WV, Allegheny Wood
                                          Financial Disclosure Form for Special                      Western San Mateo Creek Watershed                    Product Easement, Proposes to
                                          Government Employees Serving on                            Special Area Management Plan                         Convey an Easement of Right-of-Way
                                          Federal Advisory Committees at the                         (SAMP), Proposed Watershed-Based                     along the Railroad Grade located in
                                          U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’’                     SAMP to Balance Aquatic Resource                     the Blackwater Canyon Area,
                                          (EPA Form 3110–48). This confidential                      Protection and Reasonable Economic                   Monongahela National Forest, Tucker
                                          form allows Government officials to                        Development, Southern Portion of                     County, WV.
                                          determine whether there is a statutory                     Orange County, CA                                    Summary: EPA expressed
                                          conflict between that person’s public                                                                         environmental concerns about potential
                                                                                                     Summary: EPA is supportive of the
                                          responsibilities (which includes                                                                              impacts from the build alternatives on
                                                                                                  SAMP but expressed concerns with the
                                          membership on an EPA Federal                                                                                  aquatic and terrestrial habitat,
                                                                                                  alternatives analysis, the permitting
                                          advisory committee) and private                                                                               threatened and endangered species, and
                                                                                                  procedures, air quality impacts, and
                                          interests and activities, or the                                                                              cultural resources. The final EIS should
                                                                                                  compliance with Clean Water Act
                                          appearance of a lack of impartiality, as                                                                      include additional information on
                                                                                                  guidelines. EPA requested additional
                                          defined by Federal regulation. The form                                                                       potential impacts and if appropriate,
                                                                                                  information regarding evaluation of
                                          may be viewed and downloaded from                                                                             mitigation measures.
                                                                                                  alternatives and associated mitigation
                                          the following URL address: http://
                                                                                                  measures.                                             Rating EC2.
                                          epaform3110_48.pdf. The process by                      Rating EC2.
                                                                                                                                                        Final EISs
                                          which the EPA SAB Office forms panels                   EIS No. 20050515, ERP No. D–NPS–
                                                                                                     E65077–FL, Fort King National                      EIS No. 20050496, ERP No. F–DOE–
                                          is described in the following document:
                                                                                                     Historic Landmark, Special Resource                  B05194–ME, Bangor Hydro-Electric
                                          Overview of the Panel Formation
                                                                                                     Study, Implementation, Second                        Northeast Reliability Interconnect,
                                          Process at the Environmental Protection
                                                                                                     Seminole War Site, City of Ocala,                    Construct, Connect, Operate and
                                          Agency Science Advisory Board (EPA–
                                                                                                     Marion County, FL.                                   Maintain an Electric Transmission
                                          SAB–EC–02–010), which is posted on
                                                                                                                                                          Line Amend Presidential Permit (PP–
                                          the SAB Web site at: http://                               Summary: EPA does not object to the
                                                                                                                                                          89), DOE/EIS–0372, Hancock,
                                                        management alternatives presented in
                                                                                                                                                          Penobscot and Washington Counties,
                                            Dated: February 13, 2006.                             the DEIS.
                                          Vanessa Vu,                                             Rating LO.                                              Summary: EPA continues to have
                                          Director, EPA Science Advisory Board Staff              EIS No. 20050521, ERP No. D–BLM–                      environmental concerns about impacts
                                          Office.                                                    K65294–AZ, Arizona Strip Field                     to wetlands and vernal pools.
                                          [FR Doc. E6–2323 Filed 2–16–06; 8:45 am]                   Office Resource Management Plan,                   EIS No. 20050412, ERP No. F–FHW–
                                          BILLING CODE 6560–50–P                                     which includes: Vermilion Cliffs                     J40166–UT, U.S. 6 Highway Project,
                                                                                                     National Monument, Grand-Canyon-                     Improvements from Interstate 15(I–15)
                                                                                                     Parashant National Monument                          in Spanish Fork to Interstate (I–70)
                                          ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION                                   (Parashant) BLM Portion, General                     near Green River, Funding, Right-of-
                                          AGENCY                                                     Management Plan for the Grand                        Way Permit and U.S. Army COE
                                                                                                     Canyon-Parashant National                            Section 404 Permit, Utah, Wasatch,
                                                                                                     Monument NPS Portion of Parashant,                   Carbon, Emery Counties, UT.
                                          Environmental Impact Statements and                        Implementation, AZ.
                                                                                                                                                          Summary: EPA continues to have
                                          Regulations; Availability of EPA                           Summary: EPA expressed                             concerns about the proposed project
                                          Comments                                                environmental concerns about impacts                  regarding possible further impairment to
                                                                                                  from Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use                    Price River and Soldier Creek. EPA
                                            Availability of EPA comments                          and cumulative impacts from rapidly
                                          prepared pursuant to the Environmental                                                                        urges appropriate follow through on
                                                                                                  increasing growth in the planning area.               intended Best Management Practices
                                          Review Process (ERP), under section                     EPA recommended several changes to
                                          309 of the Clean Air Act and section                                                                          (BMPs).
                                                                                                  the preferred alternative to reduce                   EIS No. 20050463, ERP No. F–BLM–
                                          102(2)(c) of the National Environmental                 impacts to affected resources and
                                          Policy Act as amended. Requests for                                                                             K39093–NV, North Valleys Rights-of-
                                                                                                  increase protections for the threatened                 Way Projects, Proposed Construction
                                          copies of EPA comments can be directed                  Mojave Desert Tortoise.
                                          to the Office of Federal Activities at                                                                          and Operation of Water Transmission
                                                                                                  Rating EC2.                                             Pipelines, Washoe County, NV.
                                          202–564–7167. An explanation of the
                                          ratings assigned to draft environmental                 EIS No. 20050531, ERP No. D–COE–                        Summary: EPA continued to express
                                          impact statements (EISs) was published                     K36145–CA, Prado Flood Control                     environmental concerns about the
                                          in FR dated April 1, 2005 (70 FR 16815).                   Basin Master Plan Project, Construct,              significant cumulative impacts that
                                                                                                     Maintain and Operate Recreation                    could result in Honey Lake Basin or Dry
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

                                          Draft EISs                                                 Facilities, Santa Ana River Basin,                 Valley; wastewater treatment and
                                          EIS No. 20050371, ERP No. D–FAA–                           Riverside and San Bernardino                       disposal in the North Valleys; and
                                            J51012–UT, St. George Municipal                          Counties, CA.                                      increased fugitive dust emissions if
                                            Airport Replacement, Funding, City of                    Summary: EPA expressed                             groundwater drawdown causes die off
                                            St. George, Washington County, UT.                    environmental concerns about impacts                  of natural vegetation.

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:51 Feb 16, 2006   Jkt 208001   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\17FEN1.SGM   17FEN1

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