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					Built on an all-new anti-virus engine. We think you'll find an “apples to apples” comparison reveals Kaspersky
Anti-Virus 2009 delivers impressive scanning speeds and comprehensive protection from viruses, Trojans,
worms, rootkits, keyloggers, and spyware and adware. It keeps you clear of infected Internet sites and identity
theft and phishing attempts.

                           Features                               KAV 2009 Norton              McAfee                Microsoft
    Essential Protection

    Virus, Trojan, and Worm Protection

    Spyware and Adware Protection

    Automatic HOURLY Updates

    New Threats Response Time (hours)                                  0-2          4-6          4-6        2-4          >8

    Proactive Behavior Blocker

    Scans Email Messages

    Scans Instant Messages (IM)

    Scans Web Activity (HTTP traffic)

    Blocks Phishing Attempts

    Detects Unknown Malware (Heuristics)

    Advanced Protection

    Protects Against Hacker Utilities

    Restricts Unknown Application Activities

    Identifies Application Vulnerabilities

    Keylogger Protection

    Additional Capabilities
                                                                     Phone;     Email; Chat;    Email;     Phone;      Phone;
    Free Technical Support                                         Email; Chat;   Kbase         Chat;    Email; Chat Email; Chat;
                                                                     Kbase                      Kbase                  Kbase
    Scan Speed Adjusts to User Activity

    Option to Scan Only New or Modified Files

    Choice of Automatic or Expert Mode

    Low Memory Usage (MB used)                                         15.7         10.1        43.5        39.9        32.1

    Enables Global Community Watch

    Time to Launch Internet Explorer                                976.5 ms     997.2 ms 1228.0 ms 1690.8 ms 2664.8 ms

    Optimized for Gaming

    Restores Correct Settings After Attack

Product Comparisons: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (except text #1 identified above which used Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 against
other Security products, and test #2 that used Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0) Norton Anti-Virus 2008, McAfee Virus Scan Plus 2008,
TrendMicro Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware 2008, Microsoft Windows Live OneCare.