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									How To Earn A Living Selling Retirement Gift Baskets
In this time of financial hardships, all of us could use a little extra income. No, you do not need to hold three jobs and work the 90 hours a week
routine. Instead of holding three jobs outside the home, why not use whatever extra time you have to start your own small business selling retirement
gift baskets and other novelty items to your family members, friends and colleagues? You can even ask your kids to help you make some of these
retirement gift baskets and novelty items. This way, you get to spend some time with them and at the same time earn a few dollars on the side.

Getting Started

You do not have to be very created to come up with some really cool retirement gift ideas. If you do not have a lot of new ideas on your sleeves, you
can always do some research and borrow the ideas of other people. Just make sure that you make some improvements on the ideas of others and
these ideas as your own or else you might get into trouble. Also, you may want to explore those free online resources on retirement gift baskets. There
are a number of sites that offer free ideas on how to make personalized retirement gift baskets and other novelty items.

Once you have some ideas as to how to make your own retirement gift baskets, invest in some materials and create sample gift baskets. Take note of
the amount of money that you spent in making the baskets. You will need this amount as basis in determining the price of your retirement gift baskets.
After making your samples, take some pictures of these gift baskets email them to your friends, family members and colleagues together will a sales
letter encouraging them to order their gift baskets from you. You may also ask them to forward your email to other people whom they think are in need
of your services.

Yes, it will take some time before you will be able to sell enough gift baskets to earn a living out of this business but the good news is that once you
already have your client base, things will get better. In fact, if you are really good at making retirement gift baskets and other novelty items, you may be
able to earn enough money to quit your job and focus your attention to your small business. A lot of people who have started their small businesses at
home eventually made it big. You could be one of them if you work hard enough.

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