The Presidency on Trial by qwc99136


									The Presidency on Trial

   Assessing the Limits of
    Presidential Power
"Just so you know, we're ashamed
 the President of the United States
          is from Texas."
~Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, at a concert in London (March 10, 2003)

   The Dixie Chicks in concert, 2003             President Bush delivering the State of the Union
                                                                 Address, 2003
            Not Ready to Make Nice
                Recorded by the Dixie Chicks, 2006

Forgive, sounds good.          I'm not ready to make nice,
Forget, I'm not sure I         I'm not ready to back
  could.                          down,
                               I'm still mad as ****
They say time heals
                               And I don't have time
                               To go round and round and
But I'm still waiting             round
                               It's too late to make it right
I'm through, with
                               I probably wouldn't if I
   doubt,                         could
There's nothing left for       Cause I'm mad as ****
   me to figure out,           Can't bring myself to do
I've paid a price, and            what it is
   I'll keep paying            You think I should
I know you said          that she ought to hate a
Why can't you just get     perfect stranger.
   over it,
It turned my whole       And how in the world
   world around          Can the words that I said
and I kind of like it    Send somebody so over
                           the edge
I made my bed, and I     That they'd write me a
   sleep like a baby,      letter
                         Saying that I better shut
With no regrets and I
                           up and sing
   don't mind saying,
                         Or my life will be over
It's a sad sad story
That a mother will
   teach her daughter
I'm not ready to        It's too late to
  make nice,               make it right
I'm not ready to        I probably wouldn't
  back down,
                           if I could
I'm still mad as ****
And I don't have        Cause I'm mad as
  time                     ****
To go round and         Can't bring myself
  round and round          to do what it is
                        You think I should

     Forgive, sounds good.
  Forget, I'm not sure I could.
They say time heals everything,
      But I'm still waiting
     The Dixie Chicks &
      George W. Bush
           Questions for

 What do you think this song is
  about i.e. what’s going on?

 What do you think is the overall
  message of the songwriter?
The Dixie Chicks & George W. Bush
         Questions for Discussion
    In your opinion, did the Dixie Chicks
     have a right to criticize the president
     in a time of war?
    Do country music stations and fans
     have a right to boycott Dixie Chicks’

    How does this song, as well as other
     actions taken by entertainers and the
     media, serve as a check on
     presidential power?
 Formal Checks on
Presidential Power
Congressional Checks on the
             (Article I)
Make laws (ex: War Powers
Override presidential vetoes
Power to declare war
Power of the purse (taxes and funding)
Regulation of the land and naval
  Congressional Checks
 Impeachment Power (House)
 Impeachment Trial (Senate)

       President Clinton’s impeachment trial, January, 1999
 Limits on Presidential Power
           (Article II)
President elected indirectly by the
 people through the Electoral College
Selection of president (House) in case of
 no majority of electoral vote
President must deliver State of the
 Union address
Senate approves treaties and
Limits on Presidential Power
          (Article II)
 Senate approves department appointments
 “Advice and consent” of federal judge
  appointments (Senate)

 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice testifies at her   Nominee for Chief Justice, John Roberts is sworn in
 Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation        at his Senate Judiciary committee confirmation
 hearing, January, 2005.                                hearing, September, 2005.
Judicial Checks on the President

                  Judicial review
                   (Marbury v.

                  Chief Justice
                   presides over
                   impeachment trial
                   (Article I)
Constitutional Amendments

12th – Choosing president & vice-
         president on separate ballots
20th – Presidential succession
22nd – Presidential term limits (2 terms; 10
         years total)
25th – Presidential disability and succession
Limits on Presidential Power:
       Informal Checks
                        Public Opinion

In a televised address in March, 1968, President    Though he enjoyed record public support during the
Johnson announced he would not seek the             Persian Gulf War, President George H. W. Bush saw
Democratic nomination for president due to          his numbers dip dramatically in the polls and he lost
sagging public support for his administration and   his re-election bid to democrat Bill Clinton in 1992.
the war in Vietnam.
The Media
                Partisan Politics

Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic         Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R) battles
National Committee and vigorous critic of the   President Bill Clinton (D) over the national
Bush administration, May, 2005                  budget resulting in the shutdown of the federal
                                                government in 1995
      Congressional Investigations
                                                Senate Banking
                                                Committee begins its
                                                investigative hearings
                                                on the Whitewater
                                                scandal during the

Oliver North testifies before Congress at the
Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan
administration (1987)
                                                      Former FEMA
                                                      director Michael
                                                      Brown testifies
                                                      before the House
                                                      Select Committee
                                                      on Hurricane
                                                      Katrina, Sept., 2002
               Interest Groups & NGO’s
                                                      The National Right to Life Committee and other
                                                      pro-life interest groups spoke out against President
                                                      Clinton’s veto of the ban on partial birth abortion,

The National Organization of Women, Cindy
Sheehan, and others protest the war in Iraq, April,
Title: "Bill
Christmas present
from the U.S.

Artist: John Pritchett
Date: unknown
Title: “The Madness of King George"

    Artist: Drew Sheneman, The Newark Star Ledger Date: December, 2005

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