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Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy document sample

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									     United States Bankruptcy Court                                                            United States Bankruptcy Court
   for Western District of Pennsylvania                                                         for Northern District of Ohio
             Pittsburgh, PA                                                                           Youngstown, OH

              4/16/85 - 1/3/91                                                                            11/16/00

In Re: Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp, et al                                             In Re: Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp, et al
                                                  Incorporated 6/21/20 - Delaware
    1. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp.                                                         1. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corp.
                                                       Changed name 1/3/91
                                                  Steel production to Holding Co.

                                                       Incorporated 11/20/90
                                                     Steel production and sales              2. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp.

                                                 Incorporated 5/22/67 - Pennsylvania
    2. Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation         Electrogalvanizing production and sales       3. Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation
                                                    $2.9mm book values of assets

                                                     Incorporated 6/8/59 - Ohio
                                                      Produces oxygen for BOF
       3. Mingo Oxygen Company                          Currently on hot idle
                                                                                                4. Mingo Oxygen Company
                                                    $8.4mm book value of assets

                                                Incorporated 5/29/18 - Pennsylvania
     4. Consumers Mining Company                 Holding company for coal interests           5. Consumers Mining Company
                                                   Owns land and mineral rights
                                                       $323,000 book value

          5. W-P Coal Company                   Incorporated 3/26/73 - West Virginia               6. W-P Coal Company
                                                            Coal mining
                                                Assets sold to A.T. Massey 10/14/93

                                                Incorporated 11/16/12 - Pennsylvania
       6. MSW Railway Company                   In-house railroad for Monesson plant            7. MSW Railway Company
                                                      Has no assets or liabilities

                                                  Incorporated 11/7/83 - Delaware              8. Wheeling-Empire Company
                                                 Holds interest in Empire Ore Mine

                                                 Incorporated 9/20/94 - Delaware                 9. WP Steel Venture Corp.
                                               Holding company for venture interests
                                                    Only holding inactive 1999

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