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									spa city spa
w w w. s p a c i t y s p a . c o m
 spa city spa                                                         m
 w w w. s p a c i t y s p a . c o m                                   t

                                      f                               c
l                                     a                               e
a                                     c                               d
s                                     i                               u
e                                     a                               r
r                                     l                               e
s                                     s                               s

All laser procedures are
                                      Facial with microderm
                                                                      Performed by
comfortable, efficient, zero          125 -                           Dr. Jean Buhac.
to minimal downtime.
                                      Facial with glycolic            Botox
Smoothbeam laser                      125 -                           Frown lines, crows feet,
Wrinkle and acne scars.               Acne facial                     wrinkles.
Monthly treatments x 4.               90 -                            Price per unit.
200 -
                                      Men’s facial                    Fillers
Vbeam laser                           90 -                            Restylane
Spider veins, facial                                                  Juvederm
rejuvenation, and                     Sensitive skin face             Collagen
acne scars.                           90 -
80 -                                  Back facial                     All prices are starting prices
                                      90 -                            or quoted as estimates.
Gentlelase laser                                                      Individualized assessments
Hair removal, leg veins.                                              may be made at time of
Monthly treatments –                  Products                        consultation.
variable.                             Extensive line of anti-aging,   Prices subject to change.
100 -                                 anti-oxidants, skin lighten-
                                      ing, and hydrating creams
Alexandrite laser
                                      available. Regimens may be
Tattoo and freckles.
                                      tailored to individual needs
Laser consult                         and combined with services
75 -                                  to improve overall
s                                                                i
p                                                                o
a                                                                n
p                                                                l
o                                                                s
c                                                                e
e                                                                r
d                                 p                              v
u                                 e                              i
r                                 e                              c
e                                 l                              e
s                                 s                              s

Exclusive Matis line from
                                  Customized packages
                                                                 Consult with
Paris is used in all facial and   available.                     aesthetician
body nourishing treatments.                                      35 -
Facials                           Photo damage – wrinkles,       Bridal makeup
Individual face print masks       pigmentation.                  (by appointment)
available.                        90 -
                                                                 Transformation Yoga*
90 -
                                  TCA                            Ann Saffi-Biasetti,
Body Wraps                        Deep peel - wrinkles.          instructor
See insert for seasonal           500 -
                                                                 Massage Therapy*
120 -                                                            CranioSacral Therapy
                                  Acne, pigmentation, texture.
Versa Tan                         100 -
                                                                 *Yoga, Massage and CranialSacral
An anti-aging,                                                    services offered at Spa City Spa,
                                  Salicylic acid
irradiation-free tan.                                             LLC are independent and not
                                  Acne, pigmentation texture.     affiliated with Spa City Spa, LLC,
25 -                                                              Saratoga Dermatology, P.C. or
                                  90 -
                                                                  Dr. Jean Buhac. Spa City Spa,
                                  Amino fruit acid peel           LLC, Saratoga Dermatology, P.C.
Visit our websites at                                             and Dr. Jean Buhac shall in no
                                  90 -                            way be responsible or liable for and                                                any claims, losses or damages           Antioxidant peels               related to these services.
for further information and       Kinerase, vivate.
detailed descriptions.            80 -
                                     J      a    d
                                     e      r    e
                                    a      d     r
                                    n            m
                                            C    a
                                     B      e    t
                                    u       r    o
                                    h       t    l
                                    a       i    o
                                    c       f    g
                                            i     i
                                    m       e    s
                                    d      d     t

The art of medicine meets the        We start with a foundation of            At Spa City Spa we offer a
science of beauty at Spa City        medical dermatology. Dr. Jean            range of facial rejuvenation
Spa. We are the first Medical        Buhac has performed scientific           procedures and products to
Spa in the area and provide the      research on skin aging. She has          restore youthful features.
Capital District with world-class    studied with world-renowned              Dr. Buhac personally performs
skin care. Dr. Jean Buhac is a       dermatologists at the University         all Botox injections, all
board-certified dermatologist        of Iowa and Harvard. Dr. Jean            Restylane and other injectables,
fully committed to being involved    Buhac is solely committed to             all advanced chemical peels
with all patients who choose         practicing dermatology and               and consults with each laser
Spa City Spa.                        has seen tens of thousands               patient prior to treatment.
                                     of patients. This has provided           Our goal is to develop a
                                     her with tremendous clinical             combination of treatments that
                                     expertise.                               best help the individual attain
                                                                              their desired results.

                                         spa city spa
                                         w w w. s p a c i t y s p a . c o m

                                         54 Seward Street
                                    Saratoga Springs NY 12866

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