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'Product innovations for audio visual hire & installation'
CIE-Group have a 40 year history of supplying
high quality, cost effective solutions to the
professional audio industry, developing a
comprehensive portfolio of products to meet
the demands of AV installation, hire,
presentation and the education sectors.

Committed to providing the industry with innovative
solutions and unsurpassed pre and post-sales service,
our products are used by many of the UK's leading
audio visual installers, blue chip companies and sound
system providers, as well as many schools, colleges and
universities throughout the UK.

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T: 0115 9770075              F: 0115 9770081
E:          W:
                                                                                                     ‘Product innovations for
                                             Proud sponsors of
                                                                                                   audio visual hire & installation’
                                                                                OF CERTIFICATION

                                                                 Certificate No. FS 31532
  Professional Light &
  Sound Association

ASDA Living, Walsall   04   Product Direct from Source
                            Audio Visual products directly from the UK principle

                       05   Latest Product Innovations
                            From the largest permanent installation to the
                            smallest portable sound system…

                       06   Audio
                            One of the UK’s most comprehensive and innovative
                            ranges of sound equipment for the AV market...

                       12   ‘Sound Field’ Classroom
                            Voice Reinforcement
                            Wireless voice reinforcement in the classroom
                            providing improved speech communication between
                            teachers and pupils...

                       14   Visual
                            A range of digital and analogue video monitoring and
                            distribution systems for training, security and education

                       18   Effects Lighting
                            Highly effective lighting systems to turn any environment
                            from the ordinary to the outstanding!...

                       20   Cables & Connectors
                            Cable assemblies, connectors and bespoke solutions to
                            make your installations simpler, faster and more cost

                       24   AV Hardware
                            Stylish, high quality stands, brackets and hardware for
                            presentation, installation and live performance...
Product Direct from Source
CIE-Group are exclusive stocking representatives
for many leading brands here in the UK.
Key to our success is the diversity and innovation of
our products combined with our highly flexible
approach to stock (such as call-off orders and
buffer stock).
We understand that increasingly it is speed of response that is
paramount for many of our clients and, as such, we work in
close partnership with you to build a stock profile which offers
the greatest flexibility and control. In doing so, customers gain
a competitive edge to grow their business.

The close relationship between our manufacturers, our
customers and ourselves also ensures direct access to an
expert team of sales, training and technical advisers, as well as
showroom and demonstration facilities…

                                                                    Engineering                      Demonstrations                    Showroom
                                                                    CIE-Group's technical and        Our dedicated team of sales       Our showroom, centrally
                                                                    after sales service department   and technical support staff are   located in Nottingham, gives
                                                                    provides system advice,          also on hand to provide full      customers and clients
                                                                    service, repair and              product and user training         access to over 200 of our key
                                                                    remanufacture facilities to      either at our own facilities or   products.
                                                                    ensure a unique, UK-based,       on-site.
                                                                    fast and efficient resource.


Latest Product Innovations
From the largest permanent installation to the smallest portable sound system, CIE-Group are committed to
providing Audio Visual product innovations designed to benefit both the installer and the end user.

IP remote monitoring                                                                                        p09   Induction Loop
cameras with built-in                                                                                             Systems
web server                                                                                                        Assisting the hearing
High-performance remote                                                                                           impaired to benefit from AV
video monitoring over the                                                                                         and voice presentations,
internet from anywhere in the                                                                                     in-line with Disability
world, from leading brand                                                                                         Discrimination Act
ELMO.                                                                                                             guidelines.
              Remote monitoring from
              anywhere over the internet!


                                                                         lighting effects
                                                                         A range of highly cost
                                                                         effective lighting effects ideal
                                                                         for school and college stage
                                                                         performances, product
                                                                         launches and fashion shows.


                                                                         Armstrong i-ceilings
                                                                         Sound Panels
                                                                         'Flat panel' ceiling speakers
                                                                         which exactly match your
                                                                         suspended ceiling.                                                                                                        p09
 Sound field voice reinforcement in the classroom
 The Government recommendations of Building Bulletin '93
 ‘Acoustics in the Classroom’ suggest sound field as a simple,
                                                                                           Ceiling speakers,
                                                                                                                                          p08   Wireless Portable Presentation Systems
 effective solution to ensure the teacher is heard more effectively by                     without seeing speakers!!
 both hearing and hearing-impaired students.                                                                                                    Highly portable complete sound systems ideal for schools,
                                                                                                                                                presentations and demonstrations.
CIE-Group's product portfolio provides one of the
most comprehensive and innovative ranges of
sound equipment for the audio visual market.
More and more professional audio visual
installers are benefitting from our permanent
installation products which include multi-channel
amplifiers, loudspeakers, radio and infrared
wireless microphones, induction loops and
sound field systems for classroom voice

                                                    L to R: Comedy Store, Manchester / Carat International Advertising, London

 Where are our products used ?

ASDA Living                                                               Barclaycard Headquarters                                               Nottingham Magistrates Court
The unique ASDA Living Store features in-store audio marketing            The massive Barclaycard Headquarters complex features a highly         Nottingham Magistrates Court features our unique Armstrong
including both pre-recorded and live presentation messaging.              complex PA and messaging system using Inter-M amplification rack       i-ceilings loudspeakers throughout, together with a complete Inter-M
i-ceilings Sound Panels have been specified across the ASDA brand to      systems designed and built for the installer by CIE-Group's in-house   PA and evacuation audio rack system built for the installation company
provide the highest levels of intelligibility of these messages, whilst   engineering department and over 150 of our 'Amina' bespoke-built NXT   by CIE-Group.
maintaining the clean lines of the relatively low ceilings.               flat panel loudspeakers.

                                i-ceilings Sound Panels -
                                Ceiling speakers without
                                seeing speakers!!
                                A unique concept in integrated acoustic ceiling systems,
                                                                                                   Sheffield Hallam University              Honda Brand Centre
                                Armstrong i-ceilings utilise NXT flat panel audio technology to
                                provide a loudspeaker system which exactly matches their
                                market leading range of suspended ceilings.                        Sheffield Hallam University
                                The i-ceilings concept allows for 'invisible' loudspeaker          Sheffield Hallam University’s Learning Centre I.T. suite is open to staff
                                solutions which benefit from greatly increased sound               and students 24 hours a day, everyday.
                                dispersion, providing incredibly even levels of sound
                                                                                                   Housing so much high value technology including computers, printers,
                                reproduction compared with the 'hot and cold spots'
                                                                                                   high definition projectors and audio systems, security has been an on-
                                associated with traditional moving coil loudspeaker
                                                                                                   going problem with frequent theft of equipment. Among these thefts,
                                                                                                   loudspeakers have always been an easy and desirable prey.
                                Due to their aesthetic and acoustic qualities, i-ceilings Sound
                                                                                                   Since replacing the loudspeaker system in the room with completely
                                Panels are ideal in education, retail, boardrooms, offices, call
                                                                                                   unidentifiable i-ceilings Sound Panels, not one theft has been reported.
                                centres, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, ensuring even
                                coverage of high quality music reproduction without
                                compromise to the architectural environment.
                                                                                                   Honda Brand Centre
                                                                                                   One of the very first applications of the i-ceilings product range, Honda
                                • Completely 'invisible' loudspeaker solution                      Brand Centre is a £12 million transformation of what was, for 39 years,
                                                                                                   Honda UK's headquarters into a state-of-the-art modern showroom.
                                • Installed up to 75% faster than standard                         Armstrong already hold a national specification contract with Honda
                                  ceiling speakers                                                 Showrooms and, with its acoustically complex mezzanine layout,
                                                                                                   choosing i-ceilings as the loudspeaker solution at Chiswick was ideal
                                                                                                   due to the wide sound dispersion characteristics of NXT technology.
                                • Unparalleled levels of intelligibility and
                                  dispersion of sound
Installing i-ceilings Sound
Panels into the J. B. Morrell
Library at York University.     • Simply replaces a standard suspended
                                  ceiling tile

                                                                                                                    SOUND SYSTEMS

                                                                                                             Portable Presentation Systems
                                                                                                             Our range of wireless portable presentation systems provides the
                                                                                                             ultimate solution for sound reinforcement requiring flexibility and
                                                                                                             By incorporating speaker, wireless microphone, rechargeable battery
                                                                                                             and cassette or CD player into one portable unit, each of the range is
                                                                                                             ideally suited to 'temporary' applications, AV hire for presentations and
Induction Loop Systems                                                                                       demonstrations, product launches or educational use; providing high
                                                                                                             quality voice and music reproduction for audiences ranging from 10 to
CIE-Group provides a comprehensive range of permanent installation                                           200 people!
and portable induction loop systems to assist organisations in meeting
the requirements of Disability Discrimination Act legislation.
The provision of induction loops also ensures higher quality of service                                       Highly flexible UHF and infrared wireless portable
for visitors, students and customers and can, therefore, provide                                              presentation systems for audiences of 10, up to
companies with greater access to the estimated £80 billion spending                                           200 people!
power of disabled customers in the UK.

 The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
 The DDA (which came into effect in October 2004) aims to end the discrimination which many disabled
 people face. The Act gives disabled people rights of access to businesses and organisations providing
 products and services to the public and recommends induction loops as a 'reasonable adjustment' to assist
 communication with the hard of hearing.

 Deafblind UK
 CIE-Group are proud sponsors and provide AV
 support to Deafblind UK, the charity organisation
 providing support and assistance to thousands of
 deafblind and dual sensory impaired people
 throughout the UK.


Vauxhall, Reg Vardy                                                        Nottingham Magistrates Court                                          Shrewsbury Council Chambers

High power music speakers and                                              Multi-channel and modular desktop                                     Conference systems - at a fraction of the
mobile PA                                                                  amplifiers                                                            price you would normally pay!
From cost effective, wall-mount music cabinets for high quality sound      Inter-M is the UK's leading brand for commercial amplification and    Our simple and highly cost effective conference systems provide ideal
reproduction in presentation and conference facilities, to some of the     CIE-Group are the brand’s exclusive UK representative.                facilities in conjunction with existing or new PA systems in meeting
most powerful yet portable all-in-one PA systems we've seen                                                                                      rooms, council chambers, debating areas or any application where
                                                                           Our extensive range of rack-mountable mono, stereo and four-channel
(or heard!).                                                                                                                                     controlled multi-delegate voice enhancement is required.
                                                                           amplifiers are used throughout the audio visual and retail media
Our brand new Matrix portable sound systems (below) feature an             industries by many of the UK's key names including Barclaycard,
active sub woofer with 3 channel internal amplifier and 2 two-way          Vauxhall, HSBC, McDonalds, Comet and DHL.
satellite loudspeakers. With 700W or 1200W power ratings these
systems provide incredible high quality, high power sound
reproduction. The ability to pack and wheel the system straight into the
back of a small car or van makes the highly portable Matrix ideal for
product launches, fashion shows and school/theatre music

                                                                                                        Nottingham Trent University
                                                                                                        Chiayo microphones provide wireless
                                                                                                        voice reinforcement for lecturers in
                                                                                                        Nottingham Trent University's
                                                                                                        Computer Aided Design suite.

Barclaycard Headquarters                                                Nottingham Trent University

Mixing Consoles                                                         UHF, VHF and Infrared Wireless
From the smallest school production, to on-stage live performance, to   Microphones
full AV production conferences and events; our Inter-M range of         Ever increasing interactivity with the audience in presentations,
passive and active mixing consoles provides multi-channel control for   meetings and the learning environment calls for greater flexibility of AV
flexible, professional audio results.                                   equipment.
                                                                        With vocal input from audience members or students, 'roaming'
                                                                        microphones provide an effective solution to ensure all listeners are
                                                                        involved and can clearly hear the comments, questions and input of all
                                                                        CIE-Group's wireless microphone range includes models for all
                                                                        applications and budgets; from high quality, multi-channel UHF and
                                                                        VHF systems, to high-power infrared systems which provide a low cost
                                                                        solution to multiple systems in adjacent rooms.

                                                                                                                                                    Thorn Grove
                                                                                                                                                    Primary School
                                                                                                                                                    Thorn Grove Primary School
                                                                                                                                                    classrooms are fitted with our
                                                                                                                                                    infrared wireless microphones
                                                                                                                                                    for teacher voice reinforcement
                                                                                                                                                    for hearing impaired and non-
                                                                                                                                                    impaired students.

‘Sound Field’ Classroom
Voice Reinforcement
Young people spend at least 45% of their school day engaged
in active listening activities, with today's classroom serving as a
primarily auditory verbal environment.
However, a recent study in the journal of the American Medical
Association showed that 14.9% of children aged 6-19 suffer
from some degree of hearing impairment, either permanently
or temporarily due to illness, infection or allergies.
Studies estimate that 80% of school children will have some
form of hearing loss during an academic year and, with the
importance of auditory learning in the classroom, the use of
technology to enhance listening performance ultimately allows
children to learn more efficiently.
One of the simplest and most effective solutions is a
'Sound Field Voice Reinforcement System'. Functioning as a
mini public address system, Sound Field Voice Reinforcement
features a wireless microphone, receiver, amplifier and
between one and four loudspeakers (dependent upon the size
of classroom).

 All children benefit from the improved speech clarity
 of a Sound Field Voice Reinforcement system.
 Academic improvements are noted in:
 • Task behaviour
 • Attentiveness
 • Understanding of instructions
 • Less repetition required
 • Better attendance
 • Improved measures of verbal recognition

Building Bulletin '93                                                                                    Thorn Grove Primary School                                                                Wavell School

Section 1 of Building Bulletin 93, the Government's
Specification of Acoustic Performance, sets the
standards for the acoustics of new buildings and
explains the requirements and solutions to "…provide
acoustic conditions in schools that facilitate clear
communications of speech between teacher and
"…. The key aim of a (speech reinforcement) system is
to increase the loudness of the direct sound,
particularly for more distant listeners, whilst keeping
sound as natural as possible”.
CIE-Group are leading the field in the introduction of
Sound Field Voice Reinforcement into UK schools.
With a range of highly effective, low cost solutions we
have already supplied many successful systems
throughout the country, whilst our specially-developed    Thorn Grove Primary School                                                     Wavell School
website - - has become the
                                                          The social (and legal) requirements to end discrimination faced by             Challenging current thinking on the design of new school buildings,
industry recognised site for information and advice on                                                                                   'Classrooms of the Future' are providing and testing a new and
                                                          many disabled people in the UK has ensured much greater emphasis
classroom voice reinforcement and the                                                                                                    dynamic vision of how subsequent schools should be designed.
                                                          on integration of disabled children in standard schools and classes.
recommendations of Building Bulletin '93.                 Thorn Grove Primary School includes 10 hard of hearing students who            In response to collective ideas for future major design drivers, the
                                                          are fully integrated with all classes with the assistance of 'Sound Field'     resulting focus is on creating innovative learning environments that are
                                                          Voice Reinforcement Systems in all its classrooms.                             both imaginative and stimulating, with the aim of inspiring children to
                                                          The sound field systems utilise our i-ceilings Sound Panels in the             greater achievements.
                                                          suspended ceilings to provide even dispersion of sound to all students         Wavell School is one of many to have harnessed best practice from this
                                                          as well as high levels of voice clarity. The i-ceilings panels are linked to   new initiative and produced it's own inspiring learning space. Having all
                                                          our infrared Chiayo wireless microphones which allow multiple systems          the latest developments in ICT such as teleconferencing, interactive
                                                          to be used in adjacent classrooms without the additional costs and             whiteboards and an i-ceilings Sound Field Voice Reinforcement
                                                          difficulties of multi-channel radio mic products.                              System, their new futuristic classroom forms a flexible and adaptable
                                                          Teachers have reported significant improvements in the response from           teaching aid that can be used for both school and the broader
                                                          hard of hearing students. Furthermore, students with no hearing                community.
                                                          difficulties have also shown clear advancement in concentration levels
                                                          and understanding of instructions during class.

In addition to our comprehensive audio portfolio,
CIE-Group also supply a range of innovative
digital monitoring and video distribution
equipment for use in training, security, education
and retail applications.

L to R: The Forum, Barcelona / ASDA Living, Walsall

                                                                                                                 High Performance Remote Monitoring
                                                                                                                 over the internet
                                                                                                                 Leading brand Elmo have recently launched a series of IP-controllable
                                                                                                                 (internet protocol), pan/tilt/zoom cameras which provide incredible
                                                                                                                 picture quality, combined with extremely flexible on and off-site control.
                                                                                                                 These network-ready monitoring cameras with built-in web server can
                                                                                                                 easily be connected to an existing intranet or the internet, allowing
                                                                                                                 users to view live images whether in the same room, same building or,
                                                                                                                 in fact, anywhere else in the world! Furthermore, using a standard web
                                                                                                                 browser, users can fully control pan, tilt and zoom of these high
                                                                                                                 performance cameras.
                                                                                                                 Imagine the possibilities for lecture theatres, classrooms, training,
                                                                                                                 security, of course, and even IP broadcasting!

Parkfields Middle School
Parkfields Middle School has recently opened its newly built science laboratories, supported by significant
public and private funding. Embracing many new technologies to provide the best possible facilities for
students, both labs now feature interactive whiteboards, laptops, sound field voice reinforcement and desktop-
controlled overhead pan/tilt/zoom cameras for projecting reference books and students’ work from any point
within the classrooms.

Digital Video Recorders                                                      James Watt College
                                                                             CIE-Group supplied James Watt
With many years' experience of digital video recorders (DVRs) in the
                                                                             College in Glasgow with a 64
CCTV market, we are now also seeing a growing popularity for their use       channel DVR system for CCTV
in audio visual applications.                                                recording and monitoring.
By replacing conventional VCR recording systems, DVRs completely
do-away with the requirement for tapes, reduce mechanical moving
parts and introduce the simplicity and flexibility of control found with
computer-based systems.
Where recording and playback of training sessions, demonstrations or
classroom activities are required, DVRs provide a simple to install,
simple to control solution which can be instantly searched and played
back (and no tapes needed!)
Furthermore, these digital images can be saved to hard drive as movie
files for copying to CD, printing or uploading to internet/intranet sites.
A complete range of simple to install, easy to control digital video
recorders are available in 1, 4 and 9 channel models.

                                                                                                             CIE-Group's range of video processors are already used by ASDA, Virgin Megastores, WHSmith, Game and JJB Sports.

                                                                                                             Video Signal Processing and Distribution
                                                                                                             Where multiple video signal distribution is required in conferencing,
                                                                                                             display and retail applications, CIE-Group's range of AV matrix,
                                                                                                             switcher and distribution units are so cost effective we challenge you to
                                                                                                             find a better solution at this kind of price!

                                                                          Scientific and Education Microscope
                                                                          Ideal for science-based practical learning activities or video over-IP
                                                                          demonstrations, our range of high resolution and 300x magnification
                                                                          cameras bring high quality video imaging to the big screen.

Sound and Light Level Meters
To ensure the very highest standards of Audio, Visual and Lighting
installations, CIE-Group’s specialist Test Division provide a complete
range of high quality, professional Sound Level and Light Level Meters,
approved to the highest European specifications.
                    CIE-Group is also the exclusive UK
                    representative for the Chauvet brand of
                    entertainment and effects lighting, supplying
                    highly effective, yet low cost products for AV, hire,
                    entertainment, product launches, exhibitions,
                    school and college productions, as well as retail
                    and museum installations.
                    Chauvet lighting effects are also regularly used
                    for live events by names such as Virgin Airways,
                    Toyota, Marks & Spencer, Dixons and Currys, as
                    well as television productions for MTV, Channel 4
                    and ITV.

Effects Lighting
DMX Yoke Effects                                                               Small Production Effects and Systems                                           LED Colortubes and Colorpanels
A high quality range of multi-channel, DMX-controlled moving head              As well as our range of professional fittings, Chauvet also offer a series     High intensity LED effects are fast developing into the colour-changer
yokes featuring 7 rotating gobos, 9 colours, rotation, pan & tilt.             of simple, low cost effects and systems to add exciting, professional          lighting of choice for permanent installations including retail, leisure
Ideal to add colour, life and professionalism to product launches,             production to small budget performances such as schools and                    and late night venues.
exhibitions and live events.                                                   colleges.                                                                      These products produce an incredible variety of programmable
                                                                                                                                                              changing, chasing and strobe light shows with stunning colours and a
                                                                                                                                                              long life span. For indoor and outdoor applications.

Decoration Effects                                                                                                                                                                                     LED architectural lighting used in
                                                                                                                                                                                                       retail, leisure, late night venues…
A range of effects which 'decorate' rooms with animated, colour
                                                                                                                                                                                                       oh! and car washes!!
changing effects such as water, flames and retro beams.
In permanent or temporary installations, these units provide eye
catching and distinctive additions to themed audio-visual systems.

From colour changing systems, mini followspots and strobes to fog, bubble and snow machines; any low budget production can be taken from the ordinary to the outstanding!
Together with supplying one of the UK’s largest      In addition to great products, we also offer great
ranges of AV products, CIE-Group’s                   backup and service:
Components Division have, for more than 40
                                                     • Flexible stockholding facilities
years, specialised in the supply of cable
assemblies, connectors and bespoke                   • Bespoke sourcing and kitting of parts
interconnectivity solutions to the installation,     • Speed of response
manufacturing and service sectors.
                                                     • Next day delivery

With an innovative range of products available
(mostly from stock), we are confident that the
products contained here will prove cost effective,
help reduce installation times and improve the
overall reliability of your systems.                                                                      L to R: Pen Green Training Centre, Corby / Skillfast Skills Council

Cables & Connectors

Bootlace VGA Cables                                                       Two piece XLRs reduce assembly time by                                 Re-wireable IEC Cable Connectors
A leading nation-wide AV installer was looking to reduce install times,   as much as 60%!                                                        We've all encountered the frustration of trying to wire up a re-wireable
thereby increasing profitability and competitiveness.                                                                                            IEC connector on site; you either lose the contacts that drop out all too
                                                                          Are you used to using cable XLRs comprising maybe four component
One area that was identified was the routing of VGA cables, which                                                                                easily, struggle to correctly locate the bare wire under the screw
                                                                          parts to assemble (and lose!)? These two piece XLRs from
sometimes proved awkward and time consuming, particularly through                                                                                terminal or the cable clamp mysteriously goes missing.
                                                                          Switchcraft have revolutionised the installation market.
conduit and tight spaces.                                                                                                                        Help is at hand - these are, without doubt, the most user-friendly
                                                                          Tests have shown that the time taken to assemble these XLRs is
By switching to our 'Bootlace Ferrule' VGA cables with one end                                                                                   re-wireable IEC connectors around; an absolute joy to use.
                                                                          reduced by as much as 60%!
unterminated, the routing of the cable became so much easier and
                                                                          The metal handled versions are particularly robust as well as being
quicker; with a simple screw termination at the faceplate to finish the
                                                                          aesthetically pleasing and, combined with the very competitive price
job. “We are always under pressure to get the install finished within
                                                                          tag, provide an unbeatable solution.
budget…" said one engineer, "…The time saved by using the bootlace
VGA cables can be substantial on tricky installs, making my life so
much easier!”
10m, 15m & 20m lengths are normally kept in stock to cover most

Cables & Connectors
The combination of CIE-Group’s fully equipped engineering facility and our
extensive portfolio of connector products allows us to provide an unparalleled     Bespoke Designs / Custom Products
range of interconnection and cable solutions at highly competitive rates.
                                                                                   • Cable Looms
Whether your requirement is for high volume, low cost product or bespoke cable     • Moulded Cables
assemblies, our strong links with manufacturers throughout the world and over 40   • Kits of Cables
years supplying connectivity solutions will ensure your supply, quality and        • Ribbon Cables
budgetary requirements are either met or often improved upon.                      • Mains Harnesses
                                                                                   • Colour Coded Cables

SVGA - 5 BNC Cables
0.5m ~ 20m

                                                                  What you want, when you want it!
                                                                  Key to our success has been our highly flexible approach to bespoke
                                                                  product requirements and stock handling; whether it be next day
                                                                  delivery, buffer, call-off or schedule.

Mains IEC Cordsets
                     SVGA Cables       Bespoke Pre-Wired
Various Lengths
                     0.5m ~ 20m        Panels

RJ 45 Patchleads     3.5mm Stereo      Boxes of Cable
Various Colours      Plug Lead         Twisted Pair, Microphone
and Lengths          0.5m ~ 20m        Cable, Coaxial, etc.

BNC Leads            S - Video Leads   3 x Phono ~ 3 x Phono
Various Lengths      0.5m ~ 20m        0.5m ~ 20m

Our Euromet brand is a thoughtfully designed,
high quality, Italian-manufactured range of
mounting and support solutions tailored towards
the needs of the AV, presentation, installation and
performance markets.

                                                      L to R: Alex Kinnear Music / Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Universal Plasma, LCD and
Projector Mounts
An innovative range of permanent and portable universal mounting
solutions for plasma screens, LCD monitors and projectors.
Designed and built for style, quality and piece of mind, these visual
mounts range from standard VESA fittings to 50" screen applications.
Projector brackets are available as fixed, telescopic and wall mount
versions, with and without internal cable access.

Loudspeaker Stands and Brackets                                         19" Racks and Enclosures
                                                                        Our Euromet Racks and Enclosures are feature-loaded for flexible and
A comprehensive range of metal tripod loudspeaker stands for
                                                                        effective permanent installations and portable AV systems.
portable/touring applications, available in lightweight aluminium and
heavy-duty steel versions.                                              Supplied in easy-assembly flatpack form for ease of transportation and
                                                                        storage, all enclosures are manufactured in heavy gauge cold-rolled
Our diverse range of loudspeaker brackets meets the needs of the
                                                                        steel, ensuring strength and stability when assembled.
smallest wall mounting monitor speaker up to foreground music
performance cabinets.                                                   The systems are also available with a wide range of enclosure
                                                                        accessories including shelf units, lockable drawers, vents, security
                                                                        panels, castors and door options.

Music and Live Performance
Stands/Hardware                                                         For further details or
This high quality, stylish range meets the needs of the most exacting
professional musician to the smallest schools performance.
Ensuring comfort, safety and reliability in some highly innovative
                                                                        demonstrations of the
products, the range includes the incredibly stylish, 'self-locking'
Revolution range of microphone stands, internal-cable mic stands,       complete CIE-Group
keyboard/mixer mounts, music stands and seating.
                                                                        Audio Visual product
                                                                        range, call our product
                                                                        advisors today on:
                                                                        T. 0115 9770075.

'Product innovations for audio visual hire & installation'

T: 0115 9770075 F: 0115 9770081 E: W:
CIE-Group Widdowson Close Blenheim Industrial Estate Bulwell Nottingham NG6 8WB
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                                                                                  integrated system s   lutions

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