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									2009 - Winter Holidays In Sunny Lanzarote
Sunshine island Tenerife is a popular holiday destination for Europeans, with both the summer and winter climates drawing people for their annual
holidays and a winter sunshine break. Low cost airlines have seen the number of British tourists taking a Tenerife holiday winter time increase in
winter years. And good news is coming to Tenerife's neighbouring Canary island, Lanzarote, as the low cost airlines add her to their list of
destinations. Airlines like easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, Hapag-Lloyd Express, Niki and Sterling promise to provide more flights at lower cost to the Canary
Islands. Lanzarote already deos well in the winter, but could do even better as budget conscious tourists have a choice between Tenerife and
Lanzarote. Last March saw the beginning of the new flight schedules and this will be the first winter with the extra flights. Gatwick airport near London
for example now offers three flights to Lanzarote on Thursdays and one each on Tuesdays and Sundays. Previously, some of the lower-priced airlines
had refused flights to Lanzarote, claiming the four-hour flight time wasn't compatible with their business model. Upon closer examination, it would be
beneficial to the airlines, as well as businesses on the island, to have lower-cost travel options. Lanzarote offers many great attractions for visitors of
all ages. The Guinate Tropical Park and Penguin Paradise near Haria offers a very unique array of wildlife. The penguin enclosure, Penguin Paradise
is a spectacle in itself. The underwater viewing pool gives visitors the unique experience of seeing the behavior of penguins while under water. It is
simply amazing to see how these incredible birds behave in their natural habitat. Penguins are only one species of wildlife featured at the park.
Several species of birds, animals, fish and reptiles call Guinate Tropical Park and Penguin Paradise home. In addition to the wildlife enclosures, the
park offers a children's play area and parrot show. After visiting the park, be sure to visit nearby Famara Cliffs. From the cliffs, which are 400 meters
above sea level, you'll have a spectacular view of Alegranza, Montana Clara and La Graciosa. Low cost airlines will allow even more tourists to visit
Lanzarote and view all of its wonders. Lanzarote is an island filled with culture, lore and legend. Her rugged inland landscapes provide a stark contrast
against the outer beaches and coves. Lanzarote sees about 300 days of sunshine per year according to many a Lanzarote blog - making it a perfect
sunny getaway at any time of the year. Cheaper airfares only add to the appeal of jetting off to Lanzarote for a weekend visit. The Cave of Los Verdes
is one of the most famous caves on the island. It is part of the Atlantida cave system. The caves were formed about 3,000 years ago during the
eruptions of the Corona Volcano. The cave's tunnel is over 6 km long with another almost 2 km under the sea. It is the longest volcanic tunnel in the
world. The lowest part of the cave is used as a concert hall, a very impressive sight to behold. An inexpensive flight to Lanzarote just to catch a
concert in The Cave of Los Verdes would be time and money well-spent. And while you're there, enjoy some relaxation on the beaches as well.
Although more inexpensive and frequent flights are offered to Lanzarote, Tenerife has opended the largest water park in Europe. Siam Park is a Thai
themed water park that costs more than 52 million euros to build. Aside from several water based rides, the park offers roller coasters for adrenaline
junkies and a children's area for the younger visitors. Europeans who like a winter holiday might well want to consider Lanzarote this year though if
they haven't visited before or for a while.

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