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Becoming a Member: Complete a Membership Application form (see below), a CSA
Engagement form and write a 2 page testimony including what God is doing in your life
today and why you believe He wants you involved in CS. Submit these with the $20
membership fee (cheques payable to Christian Surfers).
Renewing Membership (must be done in Jan. every year): Complete a Membership
Renewal form (see below) and include a brief summary overleaf of what God is doing in your
life and in CSA. Include your $20 renewal fee (cheques payable to CSA). You do NOT have
to resubmit the engagement form or rewrite your testimony or officially apply for
membership, these are one off initial requirements.

Name:                                                                                                Home Ph.

Address:                                                                                             Email:

What involvement do you have in your church?

What previous involvement have you had with CSA?

Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of?
"I seek to be a member of Christian Surfers Australia Inc. and I will do my best to maintain
my growth in Christ, my relationships with my fellow members and in my ministry with the
community we are seeking to reach. I believe in the statement of faith laid out by CS and I
will abide by the principles and guidelines of this Association and its leadership."
Signature of Applicant:                                                             Date:

Proposer “I, ______________________________________(name), a member of CSA inc.
second the nomination of the applicant, who is personally known to me, for membership of
the Association.”

Signature of Proposer:                                                                                          Date:
                                        Pastor’s/Minister’s section
Christian Surfers appreciates your assistance in completing this section. You are asked to seriously consider if this person is
suitable for this ministry and we would ask for your commitment to prayerfully support them in this. Your approval is vital in our
assessment of this person’s application.

Your Name:                                                                                Church Name:

Church Address                                                                            Church Phone:

How long have you known the applicant?                                                    Is he/she Church member?

Pastoral comment:

Pastoral approval "I, __________________________________ believe that the
applicant is suitable to serve in Christian Surfers and I give the approval of our
church. I will set aside this person to work in Christian Surfers and I will support
them with prayer. I’m aware that I may be called upon to assist in the unlikely event
of any necessary disciplinary action.."

Signature of Pastor/Minister:                                                                              Date: