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paint shop pro frames


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									     Tutorial Apply a digital frame

                                                                                                                                    [ Your guide ]

 Get creative with frames
     Info                  Make your photographs stand out from the crowd with the simple
                           use of a digital frame

     [ ■■■■■ ]                         elcome to the wonderful world of digital frames;    for their art. The choice is virtually endless with options for
       TIME TAKEN                      the perfect playground for those who are looking    both the type of frame you can add, as well as the colour, size,
       Up to you!                      to improve the appearance of their images before    positioning and more.
                           adding them to a website, or for anyone who is interested in       Digital frames aren’t just a visual accessory, they have lots
     LEARN                 digital scrapbooking.                                           of practical uses too. If you’re a fan of uploading your images
     HOW TO…                  Opinions can be divided when it comes to adding a digital    onto gallery-based websites for others to view, then your frame
     ✓ Apply digital       frame to your images. While some people believe they enhance    can be customised to display your signature, acting as a sign of
     frames to photos
                           and individualise a photo, there are others who see them as     copyright for others to see. You can also use frames to enhance
     ✓ Allow for borders   simply a tacky afterthought.                                    the look of your photograph, by adding a complementary or
                              While the latter may have been true in days gone by, Paint   contrasting colour, for example.
         ON THE CD         Shop Pro Photo X2 offers users a variety of choices so that        If you become a fan of the frame, then don’t forget you can
     ✓ Original photo      kids have the opportunity to add a fun frame to their photos,   download a wealth of free options via the Community section
                           but pro shooters can also choose a modest and simple design     of the Corel website (www.corel.com).

                                                                                                                                                                OFFICIAL MAGAZINE

          Choosing frames                                   It's just a matter of browsing and clicking

01 From camera to
   creative              One of the joys of
working with Paint Shop Pro Photo is you
can load up your RAW files from your camera
and start work on them immediately. Here          02         You’ve been framed                 Click on the Text and
                                                              Graphics section in the Learning Center and then go to
                                                                                                                             03 Decision time                      Choose a
                                                                                                                                        frame and then have a play around
                                                                                                                             with your options. You’ll probably stick to
we imported images in Nikon’s RAW format          Add Frames and Photo Edges. Right-click on the small arrow on the          PSP default settings here as some options,
(.NEF). Simply select Get Photos in the           right of the Picture Frame icon and when the frames pop-up window          like framing inside the picture, will cut into
Learning Center and PSP will do the rest.         appears, select Frames from the Category drop-down menu.                   your image. Click OK once you’re happy.

                                                                             The power of preview
                                                                             Plan for frame intrusions
                                                                             We have been working with a standard shape landscape image within this walkthrough.
                                                                             However, even when using a picture that has ‘normal’ dimensions, you could find that some
                                                                             frame options may still end up cutting into your image. In this example we’re looking at the
                                                                             frame style Film 03. The edging of it cuts into our image quite significantly, which makes
                                                                             our picture almost panoramic. While this might work for some shots, the image used in this
                                                                             example loses its main focus when placed in this frame. It completely ruins the composition
                                                                             and dilutes the power of the image. So heed our warning! Make sure that you double-check
                                                                             the preview before hitting the OK button. Don’t worry if you do make a mistake, though,
                                                                             simply go to Edit>Undo (Ctrl+Z).

04 Finishing flourishes                        If you’ve chosen a
          frame that contains transparent areas then you can opt to
keep these sections clear or substitute a colour in. To maintain the

transparency as it is, simply mark the Keep Transparent checkbox.

05 Better safe than sorry                       Once you’re back
          in the main Paint Shop Pro Photo interface, navigate to
File>Save As and call your newly framed image by a different file
name. This ensures you keep your original safe.

     Tutorial Apply a digital frame
                                                        do you
   Here's our pick of the best frames                  lET us sE
                                                       usE PsPP how you
   Paint Shop Pro Photo has to offer                  FRAMEs 's DigiTAl
                                                        iMAgEs sEnD youR
                                                         MAg ADD To ThE
 Frames Category

                    Black Torn            Film                Metal

                   Beige Mat      Mat Parchment           Mat Custom
 Photo edges

                   Edge Painted       Edge Round 03       Edge Brush 04
 Time Machine

                    Albumen            Cyanotype          Daguerreotype


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