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									Monika Stadler and her music
What Monika Stadler is striving for, and has succeeded in finding, is a way of playing freely without sheet music and without restrictions, of exploring the potential of the harp. The harp, more than any other instrument, is particularly well suited to evoking associations such as broadness, variety, boundlessness, but these are rarely elicited in the classical repertoire. Ten years ago she burst the boundaries of classical technique, which she masters perfectly, and started to extend her technique in an exploration of new worlds of sound. Monika Stadler´s music extends the range of what the harp can express by adding improvisation, jazz, emotional and virtuoso elements, and above all rhythms which are not typical for the harp. She not only brings a fresh sound to the harp, through elements from folk, world, classical and jazz music, but also arouses the feelings and emotions of her audience. “She breathes life into the harp.” “It is as if she were painting pictures with her music.” “During the concert, we had the feeling there was a multitude of instruments on the stage.” “She touched my innermost heart.”

Monika Stadler now lives in Vienna. Apart from giving international concerts, she also holds workshops for improvisation and jazz in Europe and America.

First prize Second prize Second prize ORF Talent Show Lyon & Healy Jazz & Pop Harpfest Lyon & Healy Jazz & Pop Harpfest Velden, Austria (1992) Chicago, USA (1993) Orlando, USA (1994)

Invitations and Concerts within the framework of:
Vienna, Austria (1989), Seattle, USA (1996), Prague, Czech Rep. (1999) American Harp Society Boston, USA (1998, 2000), Minneapolis, USA (1998, 2002), Jacksonville, USA (1998), L.A., USA (2003) European Harp Symposium Perugia, Italy (1998) United Kingdom Harp Association London, Great Britain (1999) Int. Harp Therapy Conference Richmond, USA (2001) Edinburgh Int. Harp Festival Edinburgh, Scotland (2002) Hárfafesztivál Gödöllöi Gödöllöi, Hungary (2002) Festival Harpe en Avesnois Avesnois, France (2004) Stamford, Great Britain (2004) 6th Stamford Harp Festival 3rd and 4th Harp Festival Belgrade Serbia (2004, 2005) Süddeutsches Harfentreffen Bavaria, Germany (2006) Lyon & Healy Jazz & Pop Harpfest Salt Lake City, USA (2007) World Harp Congresses

Curriculum Vitae
Monika Stadler started studying the harp at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz and under Annemarie Zangerle (Salzburg) when she was 13. At the age of 15, she went to the Music Grammar School in Linz. From 1982 to 1990 she studied concert harp at the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna under Prof. Adelheid Blovsky-Miller. During her studies she was a member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, participated in a number of productions at the Vienna State Opera, and was a member of the ensemble during the Carinthian Summer Festival. In 1990 she graduated with honours. Then she received a scholarship to study jazz under Dejan Pecenko at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz from 1991 to 1992. As it was not possible to study jazz harp in Europe, she went to America after being awarded further scholarships. There she studied under Deborah Henson-Conant (jazz harp), David Clark (bass) at the Berklee College of Music in Boston (Massachusetts), and under David Darling (free improvisation).

• International concerts throughout Europe (e.g. Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland,
Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Rumania, France, England), in Israel, Morocco and Algeria

• Annual tours throughout the USA and tours to Japan (2001, 2006), Canada (2007) • TV and Radio
ORF (Austria), MDR (Germany), Morocco, Algeria, Luxembourg, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Boston (USA), etc.

• Appearances with artists from the spheres of dance, painting, photography and literature: Erika Pluhar, Klaus-Jürgen Wussow, Elisabeth Orth, etc. • Projects with musicians covering a variety of musical styles
Jazz: Marianne Mendt (vocals), Richard Österreicher (mouth-organ), Jon Sass (tuba), Peter Ponger (piano), Adrianne Muttenthaler (piano), Wayne Darling (bass), Nikolas Simion (saxophon), Harald Petersdorfer (guitar), Jamey Hadded (percussion). Folk- and World Music: Peter Ratzenbeck (guitar), Franz Schmuck (percussion), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (bass), Daniel Tschida (didgeridoo, ethnic flutes).

Workshops “Jazz and Improvisation for Harp”
“My main goal is to enable the participants ot take their first steps in improvisation.” “Get away from sheet music and play your own melodies.” Using “learning by doing” on a one-on-one or teamwork basis (group improvisation), Monika teaches everything from simple tunes right up to blues and jazz standards, a basic knowledge of jazz and a variety of rhythmic possibilities (e.g. slap). The aim of the workshop is to extend the participants´ musical horizon and to stimulate their own creativity.

Monika Stadler
Harpist and composer

Workshop Highlights
• Academy of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria • National Association of Music Schools for Upper Austria and the Tyrol, Austria • • • • • • •
Advanced training for teachers Conservatory in Innsbruck and Conservatory in Klagenfurt, Austria Edinburgh Int. Harp Festival, Scotland American Harp Society Minneapolis, Boston, Richmond and L.A., USA National Music School in Baden-Württemberg, Germany Institute for Music Training in Brixen, Italy – Advanced training for teachers Harp Festival in Belgrade, Serbia Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

• • • • • • •
Two Ways Another World On the Water Song for the Earth Everything Will Be All Right My Imaginary Garden Between Earth, Sea & Sky

Sheet Music
• Another World • On the Water • Coming Home

Lots of further publications: see webpage

CDs and sheet music can be ordered from Monika Stadler, Extraplatte Musikvertrieb GmbH, Währingerstraße 46/II/12-13, 1090 Vienna, Austria, and Musikverlag Doblinger, 1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 10.

Contact Address
Monika Stadler Göschlgasse 5/28 1030 Vienna, Austria Phone/Fax: +43/(0)1/796 76 24 e-mail: webpage:

“I´m inviting the audience to go on an inner journey with me, to relax and to renew their energy.” Monika Stadler
Photo: Brigitte Pressler

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